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  1. Sanchez67

    Sanchez67 Member

    Well after using odin on my Samsung Galaxy indulge Metro pcs (SCH-R910) , My Setting are messed up. Can someone help me find the roms or bios or any other files i could use to set my phone back in order ?


    Hardware Version : Unknown
    Model Number: Sch-R910
    Firmware Version : 2.2.1
    Baseband Version : Unknown , LTE : SCH-R910.ED15
    Kernel Version :
    Build Number : SCH-R910.EE07

    And now my phone is in airplane mode alot. It keeps shutting off unless im running music or its on the charger. Can someone please help me fix the unknowns "MY hardware version , Baseband Version" and help me update my phone? Thx For reading and your help.

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    You misused Odin by flashing using the phone instead of the pda button.
    Basically, you erased your phone's modem files.
    To fix this, extract the tar from this and flash it in Odin, and make sure to stay in Pda next times you flash your phone.
    And please say thank you to k0nane, since those are his files.
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  3. softtech

    softtech Well-Known Member

    If this works would that allow me to upgrade my modems from EA29 and EA17???

    When I did a warranty exchange I got a phone that never got its modems upgraded!!!
  4. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Yes, although I don't notice any difference between the two performance-wise.
  5. Sanchez67

    Sanchez67 Member

    THX!! Fixed all my settings!
  6. stautvallen

    stautvallen New Member

    i completly lost ma phone settings.after i used odin and i suddenly closed odin btween its going on...now hen am swithcing the phone ..i can only see a pic of a phone and a pc and an "!" between them.plzz helpppppppppppp @tiede
  7. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    Your settings are long gone. But to get your phone back to normal, all you need to do is restart the process and let it finish this time. ;)
    If Odin does not want to work for you, use the heimdall package instead.

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