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Odin (Return phone to Stock/Factory)

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  1. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    We created some Odin recovery images for those who have a phone that wont boot


    1. Download and unzip the file.
    2. Install the Samsung USB drivers (if you dont have them already)
    3. From a powered off phone, put phone in Download Mode by holding Vol down, Camera Button, and Power button until the Yellow Downloading message appears
    4. Plug phone into USB port
    5. Open Odin (included in zip file), you should see a yellow box with a com number
    6. Select SPHM820.ops file and the PHONE.tar, and PDA.tar in the appropriate Boxes
    7. Click Start

    When Odin says reset and the phone reboots the process is done, you do not have to wait for Odin to say pass, that does not work

    You need to select the phone.tar if you want to flash your baseband verion
    You should not have to flash the BOOT.tar, unless your phone is really messed up


    unplug sdcard
    try again
    unplug battery
    try again
    try different USB port
    try again
    try different USB cable
    try again
    try different computer
    try again

    If I have helped you, and you like my work, please click on the Thanks Button and give my thread a rating by clicking on the stars above.

    If you would like to buy me a beer cofee, you can click on the PayPal button


    DOWNLOAD FF19 Gingerbread Rooted by Koumajutsu

    DOWNLOAD FF19 Gingerbread Stock Image by Koumajutsu

    DOWNLOAD FE16 Gingerbread Rooted Image with CWM5 by Koumajutsu

    DOWNLOAD FE16 Gingerbread Stock Image by Koumajutsu

    DOWNLOAD FA19 Gingerbread Rooted Image with CWM5 by Koumajutsu
    PREVAIL_M820_FA19_Rooted_CWM MD5Sum: 97b46a074e228b9daeca95a2c80715b4

    DOWNLOAD FA19 Gingerbread Stock Image

    DOWNLOAD EJ06 Gingerbread Rooted Image with CWM5 made by Chin Checka

    DOWNLOAD EJ06 Gingerbread Stock Image made by Koumajutsu






    If you would like to make your own Odin backups of your phone Koumajutsu has made a script that make the process nice and easy.


    Thanks go to MurderousOne for making the awesome video on how to do this.

    ‪Samsung Galaxy Prevail ODIN Recovery To Stock ED13 Rooted & Unrooted (HD)‬‏ - YouTube

  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    what is this ops file? and how did you get it to flash?


    most excellent ;) thanks you very much for this
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  3. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    Same as
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  4. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I spent alot of time on this, I bricked a phone, so I went and bought another one, rooted it, and copied all the bml and stl files from it and created the odins tar files from them
  5. moses166

    moses166 Well-Known Member

    so is this a custom recovery? and also is there a benefit to installing this if you have a working phone?
  6. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    No Prob, I had fun doing it, and I hope it helps people,

    I am going to try to make one that is not rooted and is basically factory condition, may need you help on that one
  7. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    bah im not used to all these new fangle samsung things, for teh epic all we needed was:

    and then the PIT file if you wanted to repartition.... so forgive me on my ignorance

    sure editing the rfs files is actually easy once you get used to it.. have you tested this to make sure it flashes? i know with previous odin we couldnt get the files to write
  8. blue2107

    blue2107 Well-Known Member

    Yes I would also like to know what the ops file is and what version of Odin did you use?

    If anyone does try this I would appreciate it if you posted your results. Because this is a very interesting topic and the success of this would be beneficial for all.
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  9. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    This is mainly for people whos phone wont boot, this will basically make your phone stock, with root, efs file explorer and adv task killer

    No Benefit if your phone is working, but if you wanted to go back to ED13 this is an option.
  10. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I did this on two different phones no prob, I was hoping people with bricked phones could test it
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  11. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    nioce alright guys. anyone that wont boot.. download and follow instructions to get a working phone again

    odin is the alpha and omega when comes to flashing samsung phones... if your phone turns on odin can fix it.. lemme just put it that way.. so MITCH if your still with us.. welcome back :)

    OP mind giving me a bml/stl partition mapping?

    i know boot is 9 and recovery is 10 and system is 12, but after that it gets fuzzy

    edit on a side note they dont need boot if they got messed up playing with system files, just the pda tar as that will cover everything.
  12. moses166

    moses166 Well-Known Member

    aw ok so its a glorified factory restore
  13. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    yes, I want to make a true factory restore.

    I did this because I bricked my phone trying to unroot it,
  14. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    no its so much more then that.. this will allow for custom kernel flashing, in other words.. this may very well lead to bigger and brighter things. first things first however... need to make shabbymod into odin flashable ;)
  15. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    do you want me to make one, if I do should I remove the advamced task killer and efs file explorer

    or should I explain how I made this
  16. moses166

    moses166 Well-Known Member

    ok now I'm excited about it now!:D
  17. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    nah its cool, im already working on it :) but thanks for the offer.

    i would like your help on understanding this a bit more tho. did you just do a dd of the modem?

    and could you tell me how you figured out what files were what etc, as id like to let the replenish guys know what they need to, for them to get an odin tar of their own
  18. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    I will do a write up for this phone
  19. analu8055

    analu8055 New Member

    I did the safe modem update on my .6 shabbymod and the battery and signal was worst! So i did the unroot and bricked my phone. Tried this method a minute ago and now I have a working phone again. Its a froyo ED13 build number and baseband is still at EE14! Thanks you so much hroark13 you mad my paper weight a phone again!!!:)
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  20. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    you owe me a beer
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  21. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    ok yea sounds like modem wont flash, without the actual modem.bin in there.. glad to your your back on your feet tho :)

    shame there there is still no way to return the modem back to ed13 however :(
  22. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    How to make an Odin backup of your SPHM820 phone
    Your phone must be rooted, have usb debugging enable, and have a copy of adb

    adb shell
    dd if=/dev/bml1 of=/sdcard/mibib
    dd if=/dev/bml2 of=/sdcard/qcsbl
    dd if=/dev/bml3 of=/sdcard/oemsbl
    dd if=/dev/bml4 of=/sdcard/amss
    dd if=/dev/bml8 of=/sdcard/arm11boot
    dd if=/dev/bml9 of=/sdcard/boot.img
    dd if=/dev/bml10 of=/sdcard/recovery.img
    dd if=/dev/stl12 of=/sdcard/system.rfs
    dd if=/dev/stl13 of=/sdcard/data.rfs

    copy files from sdcard to cygwin or linux and tar them

    tar -H ustar -c amss > phone.tar
    tar -H ustar -c mibib qcsbl oemsbl arm11boot > boot.tar
    tar -H ustar -c boot.img system.rfs data.rfs recovery.img > pda.tar
  23. hroark13

    hroark13 Well-Known Member Developer

    flash phone tar should do it
  24. blue2107

    blue2107 Well-Known Member

    LOL. I would love to donate for all your great effort. This is just what the prevail community needed thank you soooo much.
  25. blue2107

    blue2107 Well-Known Member

    That would be great because the new modem trash my battery too

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