OEM charger is 2amps..but how much current can Note 2 draw?General

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  1. RL in Florida

    RL in Florida Member

    Just got my Note 2 yesterday (upgraded from an Epic), and noticed that the OEM charger is 2amps.

    Does anyone know how much current the Note can draw?

    The reason I am asking is, I have a lot of older car chargers and plug in chargers that push out lower amps (ranging from 0.4 amps to 0.7 amps). My old phone could draw 0.7amps on a charging cable, and only 0.5 amps on a regular usb cable.

    If the Note can draw higher amps, I think I will have to upgrade my chargers. I could see the giant battery needing a long time to charge .

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. jalan94

    jalan94 Well-Known Member

    I don't know the specific answer to your question, but in practice, anything less than 1A is too low IF you are using your phone in the car while charging. If I use maps or navigation so that the GPS is always on, any charger at 0.5 or 0.7 A will not keep up with the drain caused by the use, especially if the phone is in the sun and the battery is hot. I'd get something at 1.5A or even 2.1A made for the iPad.
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  3. Elantric

    Elantric Well-Known Member

    There is another missing piece of info:

    If want your new Note 2 to re-charge in the shortest time - either in a car or home:

    * I recommend a 2 Amp Charger , as it takes a lot a juice to charge that 3100mA Battery


    * There are specific Micro USB "Charge ONLY" cables which are not capable of being used for data sync. (These have the USB data pins internally shorted - which tells the Note 2's circuitry to charge at the faster "AC Charger" rate.

    If you use normal Micro USB data sync cables with your 2Amp charger - you only get the lower current "USB Charge" rate - which requires extended time to charge the phone.

    I ordered a couple of these:
    Amazon.com: Naztech Micro USB Charging Cable - BlackBerry, Cal-Comp, HTC, LG, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Read the review:

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  4. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    With the supplied charger you'll see your phone charge rapidly. I love not waiting hours to go from 20% to 100. The one I have in my car also charges very fast but I've had that one for a while and don't remember where it came from.
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  5. RL in Florida

    RL in Florida Member

    I ordered the OEM product and it just arrived today:

    Galaxy Note

    the charger is rated for 0.7amps output...I am a little disappointed of course, since everyone is indicating 1amp or better would be desirable.

    so I think I will look for a higher amp micro usb charger, and make sure that the Data cables are shorted out so I can get more than 0.5 amps
  6. menmyjeep

    menmyjeep Well-Known Member

    That item you purchased is a SPARE battery charger so the 0.7amps is ideal to "trickle" charge the battery back to full. You don't really need anything else stronger. The charger cord that came with the battery charger system is rated at 0.7amps like you said but if you read the specs on the back of the charging unit itself, you will notice that it is capable of accepting a much higher charge than the 0.7amps. So if you really need to charge your spare battery faster, the charging unit itself is good, you just need to upgrade the charging cable to a cable that has output larger than 0.7amps.
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  7. PhilsGN2

    PhilsGN2 New Member

    Ive been dealing with slow charge for the last couple weeks your post was very helpful thanks much.
    ATT sent me a none 2.0 cable back in November I will now be charging my device with.

    As far as slow charge with original hardware.
    Ive replaced Original charger block , Battery , Cable and USB connector ribbon.
    Issue still occurred so what could be going wrong ? Main board or Software ?
    I'm thinking main board , many reporting this issue are 3 + month GN2 owners
  8. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

    Charging 101 :)

    Charging speed depends on 4 factors: the capacity of your battery (in mAh), the output of your charger (in A), the charging speed of your phone (in A), and the usb charging cable you are using.

    For example with Note 2. Stock battery is 3100 mAh (3.1Ah - charging capacity of 3.1A per hour), stock wall charger is 2A (it will supply 2A per hour at 5V which is standard usb interface voltage), Note 2 charging speed is 2A (it can take advantage of full 2A per hour charging speed), and stock usb cable is a thick cable with thicker power wires (creates less resistance so there is no loss at full charging speed).

    So in ideal situation of you charging Note 2 with all stock equipment you will get 3.1Ah / 2A = 1.55 hours to charge battery from empty. Since external charger connects to the phone through usb port (5V) and the battery is actually 3.7V, there is internal conversion of voltage inside of the phone which results in additional losses due to efficiency. So even with 2A external charger (wall or car) you are getting more like 1.6-1.7A of current. So realistically we are talking about 3.1Ah / 1.6A ~ 2 hours of charging. This is IDEAL situation.

    Now, if you are using a wall or a car charger that is rated at 0.7A - it will take even longer because you have about 20% loss due to usb port conversion and then you have to substitute 1.6A in the above equation with whatever 0.5A you have left. PLUS, if you are using a cheap or regular PC usb cable (those are intended for 500 mA current, pc usb port standard) - thin wires will create more loss. Or, if you have an extended 6200 mAh battery or 9300 mAh battery, you are changing numbers in equation again to make charging even longer.

    Basically all these 4 factors will affect the charging speed. Also, keep in mind, if for example you are using 2A wall charger but your phone can only charger at 1A rate - your device will NOT draw more than 1A per hour from the charger. But if you are using 2A device with 0.7A charger, you only be drawing 0.7A per hour to charger your device.

    Last but not least, someone made an app for Samsung phones which tells you the average current you are drawing during charging: Galaxy Charging Current . Only works with Samsung phones and perfect for our Note 2!!!
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  9. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    When charging from the stock charger, it draws 1698 mA.

    You are correct. When I charge from a USB port on my laptop; or when I use wireless charging (optional kit), it draws a mere 466 mA and it takes much longer to reach full charge.
  10. PhilsGN2

    PhilsGN2 New Member

    The problem occurs with stock charging hardware device doesn't charge as spec in your excellent posting.
    Sometimes AC wall charge displays USB charge ,This can be seen by viewing battery settings info.
    I Unplug charger . plug back in and AC charge displays with varying charge current values 700 , 1000 , 1200 etc and if I'm lucky 1800.
    I can rule out Charger Block , USB cable , Battery & USB board ribbon because Ive replaced them with new OEM.

    This charge issue is all over the web tons of complaints.
    I'm betting main board being the culprit seeing I factory restored 4.0.1 & still having slow charge issue.

    Using a generic none 2.0 cable I'm getting 1800 on every charge
  11. zmorrow

    zmorrow New Member

    Very long story short.

    Do not underestimate the cable.

    I have 1.0 chargers that will put out 1400mA current to my Galaxy note 2 just by changing the cable.

    The factory charger and cable would not keep up with the current draw while using navigation, I am thinking the cable was defective.

    I started using an app in the google play store called "Galaxy Charging Current" and it shows me how much current i'm getting on my charger.

    My current car setup was putting out 700mA, I swapped the cable and it went to 1.2mA, I started using a 1800mA Kindle Fire charger (wall only, not usb) and got 1800mA. My phone never charged faster.

    I then read an article where you can modify a USB/Data cable to just a Charge cable by shorting out the data wires inside the cable. I tried it on an old usb cable and it actually worked. I went from 800mA on that cable to 1200mA just with the modification.

    Fast forward to today, I purchased a 2.1A charger at Best buy yesterday (RF-AC1U2N) and got 1800mA with it. The cable itself increased the mA I get on all my other 1.0A chargers oddly enough. 1200-1400 on average from a 1.0amp charger.

    So in short. Do not under estimate the cable. It makes a HUGE difference.

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