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OEM ROM Download 4.1 for Galaxy S2 T-Mobile?General

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  1. dennis86

    dennis86 New Member

    Hello. My device developed an issue with "USB Device Not Recognized" and I am unable to connect to any PC to upgrade my S2 to ICS through Samsung Kies, NOTE it used to work when I first got the device so I'm positive it's not a driver issue. I've tried cleaning it, many different pcs, many different cables. What a piece of crap, it's hardware failure I figure.

    Can anyone direct me to a way to install the OEM ROM through a micro sd card?
    Download link anyone?? Thanks!

  2. Energyzed

    Energyzed Member

    A friend of mine is having the same issue. My suggestion, before getting into anything too extravagant, is to back up everything that you can on a SD Card and then go to Settings>Storage>Format USB Storage and then doing a factory reset. If you can get your phone to work by doing that then you can start installing ROMs from your PC.

    Is your phone already rooted?
  3. dennis86

    dennis86 New Member

    My phone is not rooted. Completely stock.
  4. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    IF nothing else has worked, I would try Energyzed's advice and do a factory reset.

    There may be a zip of the OEM rom somewhere that you could put on the sd card and install in recovery, but even if there is, you would have to be rooted to do that.
  5. Energyzed

    Energyzed Member

    This has actually fixed most of the issues I've been having. Except my lockscreen issue >_>

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