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  1. PsyberEMT

    PsyberEMT New Member

    Can someone take a look at their standard (not extended) battery and share the part number? Verizon sent me a Dinc4G as a replacement for my Razr but of course it didn't have a battery! They're sending me a free extended battery as they don't stock the standard battery (wtf?). I like how thin the phone is with the standard battery and having the option of the extended, so I'd like to pick up a standard on my own.


  2. today

    today Well-Known Member

    I just ordered a standard battery from them. Got it Monday. Just call them. I didn't need a part number. It's in my phone right now. Did not like the huge extended look.
  3. PsyberEMT

    PsyberEMT New Member

    Could you share the part number on your battery? I never buy anything directly from VZW, can always be found cheaper, usually on Amazon lol just want to make sure I order the correct battery.
  4. PsyberEMT

    PsyberEMT New Member

    In case anyone else is looking for the same thing in the future, the part number is BTR6410B, model # 35H00180-02M, $39.99 direct from HTC.

    These are hard to find online for some reason, only HTC direct and HTCPedia listed it for sale, $10 cheaper from HTCPedia at $29.99 price (out of stock). Will be picking up at local VZW store as they have them in stock and I can use my 25% accy discount.

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