Off-network Roaming/Changing PRL Concerns

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    Off-network Roaming/Changing PRL concerns

    For those members who wish to change the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) on their phone to allow the phone to roam on another network easier please be aware of Sprint's "Off-network Roaming" policy. While there is nothing preventing you from doing this in the contract Sprint does however include the following in the Terms of Service (ToS)

    ToS link

    So changing PRL to force roaming could easily cause you to exceed those limits without knowing. If you chose to change your PRL please be sure to monitor your off-network roaming use so you can avoid any issues caused by too much roaming. If you are affected by this the early termination fee is waived and you may get a warning letter from Sprint prior to the termination.

    Currently this policy is being enforced as you can see from the following threads:

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