Off to Virgin Mobile and EVO V 4GGeneral

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    May 16, 2011
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    Virgin Mobile is offering their EVO V 4G (which is identical to the EVO 3D) for $239.99 right now on By registering at and going to via them I was able to get a $22.50 rebate.

    This is an amazing deal, I think, and so I'm off to the $55/month unlimited Virgin Mobile USA plan and the Sprint network.

    A very, very special thanks to K0nane for everything he has done to make the entire Indulge experience better than it otherwise could have ever been. I really, really appreciate it all

    If anyone wants to buy a used, well cared for Samsung Indulge with extra batteries, charger, screen protectors, extended battery, etc. please PM me and make me an offer I can't refuse.

    I wish everyone all the best with their Indulge and could the last person out please shut off the lights.


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