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Official 2.1 upgrade for TM Cliq's

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    May 19, 2010
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    CLIQ 2.1 Upgrade - T-Mobile Community

    11-09-2010 10:58 AM

    We're happy to invite CLIQ owners to go to this page to download and install Android 2.1 software for their CLIQ. This simple process guides you to download the software to your computer, move it onto your CLIQ's SD card using your USB cable, and then upgrade your phone.

    PLEASE NOTE: This update is for CLIQ on T-Mobile only. Do not attempt to use on CLIQ XT..

    Your CLIQ must be on Blur_Version.1.6.1.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US before you upgrade to Android 2.1. Go to Menu > Settings > About phone > to check your Blur version. If you are not on Blur_Version.1.6.1.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US go to Menu > Settings > About phone >System updates to update your CLIQ over the air. Then proceed to upgrade to 2.1 using the procedure provided.
    If you run into any issues with the installation of Android 2.1, please refer to this great FAQ that has tips and tricks for overcoming the issues we saw during pre-launch testing.

    Many thanks to all the forum members who helped us test this software.


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