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Official 2.3.3 Gingerbread released (India)

Last Updated:

  1. Changes (as per 25th August 2011):

    1. OS Information
      • Android Version 2.3.3 :)
      • Kernel Version lg-electronics@INFBA00091 #1
      • Build Number GRI40
      • Software Version LG-P500-V20b
    2. Got rid of some bloatware :), the only applications which still remains are
      • AG Indian Newspaper
      • Bollywoodji
      • Infant Vaccine Tracker
      • PNR Status
      • Thinkfree Office (updated)
      • NDrive
      • correct, no filemanager, no taskkiller, no edictionary, and many more no!
    3. Doesn't contain latest updates of :mad:
      • AG Indian Newspaper
      • Bollywoodji
      • Voice Search
      • Youtube
      • Google Maps
      • Gmail
      • Ndrive
      • Market
    4. The DivX VOD registration code has changed
    5. even after these changes, the internal memory left for user is 158MB :mad:
    6. Just Updating the stock apps will reduce ur memory to 120MB :eek:

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  2. wanderer16

    wanderer16 New Member

    I am using Froyo 2.2.2 and when I connect my phone through updater, it says my version is latest...
    Plz help
  3. varungnath

    varungnath Well-Known Member

    The update link seems to be broken for the time being. May be wait for a while and try again. See if you can find any official announcements anywhere.
  4. try updating your LG PC Suite first, make sure its latest. Then try checking for update.
  5. abhi29

    abhi29 Member

    Am using cm 6.5.7 and what is the procedure to install this update. I had backup the original 2.2.2 froyo with nandbackup, so how should i proceed...
    Is official GB is better or Cm7 rom??
    Plz some one reply
  6. kiransabarish

    kiransabarish New Member

    I'm trying to update for a long time from aftrnoon i only get the massage that your phone has the latest software. help!!!
  7. garry-ranchi

    garry-ranchi New Member

    tried to update through lg mobile uploader. downloaded the software. during updation step an error message showed that the connection is lost between pc and my mobile... from then my mobile shows "LG" only... what to do... help me..
  8. imrahul90

    imrahul90 New Member

    stock official GB file (indian version) available???
    can update to this by using KDZ method???
  9. Chidranveshi

    Chidranveshi New Member

    Yes, I did that today morning following the instructions here.
  10. mathi

    mathi Active Member

    After many tries finally I have upgraded in a service centre, chennai. The person there said that I could download applications and directly install them in the sd card after upgrade. But many apps like advance dictionary, NGPay, SBI freedom and swype key board cannot be moved to sd card. Any way to install the downloaded apps to sd card other than moving from app manager.
  11. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    I wrote this when someone asked how to send apps to SD by default. If you dont want that, you dont have to select auto link. You can always just link the apps you want to move individually.
  12. Kromastorm

    Kromastorm Active Member

    hi, I updated to gingerbread using the instructions in this link.. Its updated also.. But I have a confusion, as I had recently resetted my optimus one, i did not reset it this time... it did not have almost any other additional app except adw launcher..

    After the upgrade though, I was surprised to see that my complete setting were as it were before the upgrade. Though the look and feel of previous android have changed.. Is this how it is supposed to look like, with all the settings intact?

    Anyone else, who observed this behaviour in their android?
  13. abrol_mighty

    abrol_mighty New Member

    After official update to gingerbread, each time to enable data the network needs to be researched and reregistered.
  14. netyang

    netyang New Member

    I updated this rom and rooted. There are some bugs. No CDMA. cannot use 2G, only 3G works. Cannot find VOIP in this ROM. waiting next version.

  15. saurabh79

    saurabh79 Member

    i tried checking the software update, i currently have v10.. but when ever i connect to the lg pc suit, i get a message that you already have the latest version.. kindly guide on how to get the latest 2.3 version.
  16. mathi

    mathi Active Member

    I have upgraded three days back in the LG service centre after tried it in PC suite and LG official update tool. The best hassle free way to update is visiting nearby service centre.
  17. saurabh79

    saurabh79 Member

    now the lg pc suit is showing that there is a software update available for p500 whenever i connect my phone, the process starts, but when the lg mobile software update application launches to check, it says your phone already has latest version (V10)...

    lg are you listening.. kindly fix the software issue...

    this is in your interest, if you dont want unnecessary queues on your service center, kindly upload the software upgrade on the internet as a self service mechanism.
  18. raval_manoj

    raval_manoj New Member

    My LG P500 pc suit & LG Mobile update tool say that phone software update (V20) is available to download, but I want to clear few doubts before applying OS update.
    (1) As mentioned some pre installed applications will not be available after this Gingerbread update. Is there any way to remove some more pre-installed applications during this update or after this update? Because many of that are not of any use for me.
    (2) If anything goes wrong by this update, can I revert to my working Froyo v2.2.2?

    (3) What are the major advantages by this GB update?

    (4) Is it good to update at home through LG PC Suite? Because I don't faced any issue during my previous update (v2.2.1 to v2.2.2). In other words is there any difference between update via LG Service Center and update our self through pc suite?
  19. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

    You can install any of the preinstalled apps that they removed if you want from the market.

    To remove system apps/preinstalled apps, you first need to root your phone. There are several apps in the market that lets you uninstall system apps.

    Some system apps, like the messaging app, video player, music player etc. are part of the android OS (though most of them can be removed safely). Such apps will be available in the GB update. These apps cannot be installed through market or from any apk. They can however be flashed into your phone (in case you removed them and want them back).

    Be careful while uninstalling system apps, some of them are actually needed for your phone to work.

    You can. Just follow this thread:


    The android keyboard is updated and gives better predictions (though there are better keyboards available in the market). Some apps require that you have 2.3 installed. Its also supposed to be faster and have a better UI.

    However, many did report bugs in the official 2.3 firmware. You might want to search about it before updating.

    When I updated my phone at the service center (from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2), I lost all my apps, contacts, etc. But I think you wont loose any apps or data if you do it through PC Suite (not sure). Make sure you have a working UPS. Anyway, if anything does go wrong, just approach an LG service center.
  20. nousdementor

    nousdementor New Member

  21. brijeshpraveen

    brijeshpraveen New Member

    How can i root my LG P500 (Optimus One) with Gingerbread (2.3.3)?

    I am trying to install Link2SD. Can anyone help me?
  22. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

  23. Gremaldin

    Gremaldin Well-Known Member

  24. rockythebest1

    rockythebest1 New Member

    Guys, i got an official mail from LG India saying they have released a 2.3 for P500. Mail also has 2 attachments 1 explaining process for backing up phone and other steps to update OS.
  25. GreenAsJade

    GreenAsJade Member

    I'm hunting for a stock Gingerbread for the stock ROM.

    None of the links above work... any clues?



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