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Official Android 2.1 upgrade for tattoo released!

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  1. SaabAero

    SaabAero Member

    Happy April Fools' Day :D

  2. pevans_om

    pevans_om Active Member

    Heh...good one!
  3. jporch316

    jporch316 Well-Known Member

  4. mobisat

    mobisat Member

    cooont, LOL, good un
  5. joti

    joti New Member

  6. sonikx

    sonikx New Member

    HI , could you concrete if you know something about the date for the update , I,m in spain , and everybody is expecting the update for the tattoo soon , anyway , if know something let me know please , thanks a lot.
  7. Pennywis3

    Pennywis3 Well-Known Member

    This topic isn't funny and its distracting for new phone owners and would be nice if its deleted.
  8. mensesneg

    mensesneg New Member

    yeah...thats good....i agree with you....its just scam....

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