OFFICIAL Android Feature Wishlist Thread

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  1. sw20matt

    sw20matt Well-Known Member

    1.) I would like to have folders that dont show up in the pictures, for those personal pics or to be able to lock people out of my pics.

    2.)a video recorder

    3.)navigation (turn by turn)

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  2. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    Speed dialer... speed dialer... speed dialer...
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  3. theobstruction

    theobstruction New Member

    A file manager
    Ability to send attachments with Gmail (or any other) other than just pictures (which would need a file manager)

    I'm starting to think I made a mistake getting the G1, it seems like my old AT&T 8125 with WinMo 5 had a much better feature set built into it from the start.
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  4. turks

    turks New Member

    Would be excellent if there was an app that would [toggle wiFi only] so that when travelling abroad our phones would only connect to the internet where a Wifi spot was availble thus saving us 100's of pounds on roaming data charges.
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  5. chicojd

    chicojd Member

    WinMo has had YEARS to get the product right. I personally don't think it was right until WinMo 6.1 (I just loaded it onto my Shadow and it's great!). Android has the potential to KILL the iPhone... Jobs is nervous... That's why they are releasing a bargain basement iPhone later this year...
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  6. TonyinTX

    TonyinTX New Member

    PLEASE please PLEASE create MS Exchange support! IF the Iphone can do it, the G1 can!

    If anyone knows or hears of anything please email me @

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  7. schizophreud

    schizophreud Member

    Having tried Andnav2 I was wondering why the Google Maps application does not support the compass, rotating the map to show the direction you are facing, etc. I think would be extremely helpful as I often find myself trying to find a store and walking in the opposite direction until the GPS catches up with me.
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  8. rant13

    rant13 New Member

    I am with ya there. I am not always lost :) But I did like the compass function with GMAPS. The other issue I have is how the GPS location shows on in GMAPS. My location is like a half a mile from where I actually am, Now for some reason now I show up 2 miles away from my location!!! so basically my GPS is useless not even talking about street view. Aggravating when my brother with his iPhone is within 3 foot radius or less! I am not even going to talk about the memory :)
    I still like the phone and belive it has plenty of potential, but we need an upgrade soon or else it will be "remember that G1", a niche item.
    There are alot of creative people out there if you give them tools to work with. When I say tools I don't just mean an SDK, but features that are functional and reliable to build apps over. It's probably a limitation of the phone or T-mobiles network. But it's like going to an interview. If you present yourself as unapproachable then people won't get a chance to appreciate what you could offer. Sometime I feel that way about the G1. I like some of the features, the great potential, but its coming off as inapproachable to many (at least where I live).
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  9. climbhighvt

    climbhighvt New Member

    The #1 G1 flaw that should be fixed ASAP is that the phone rings and plays audio notifications at full volume (if that is what your ringtone is set at) when you are wearing the headphones.

    Why should this be priority #1?

    Because it will very likely cause hearing damage! I listen to my music at a fairly low volume, but I typically keep the ringtone on max. It is difficult to remember to change the ringtone volume every morning when I listen to music. Furthermore, it sort of defeats the purpose of Locale and affects the utility of Power Manager.

    This bug should be fixed before angry deaf people storm Google headquarters!!!

    A possible solution: My previous phone (Sony Ericsson w810i) would not ring when the headphones were plugged in. If you were listening to music, the music would simply be paused and then you would retrieve the call by pressing the headset button. I suggest a) the same method for handling calls and b) not playing notifications or playing an extremely low volume notification sound while one is wearing headphones.
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  10. ravens0ng

    ravens0ng Well-Known Member

    I would love to see more customization options. Too many of the default settings have me scratching my head. For example, why does the Green call key take you to the callers log? Either contacts, or dialer make more sense, but why not let us choose? Multiple icons to take you to different tabs of the same screen is DUMB AS HELL.

    Also why do we have to press the menu key twice to unlock the phone. This makes no sense and should definitely be adjustable or removed entirely.

    Functionality on the phone is pretty good, but there needs to be much more consistancy with the buttons. Menu does one thing in one app, and something else in another, as does the back key. I don't know if Google wants this thing to be a techy device or mainstream, but if they want to go mainstream, the U.I. just needs a TON of work.

    I would also like to see some different sorting options for media. To me, it makes much more sense for songs to be sorted by the artist name and THEN by song title, so all songs by an artist appear in the same area (When sorting by songs, of course).

    I would like to see nested folders, with the ability to assign icons to folders.

    I would LOVE to be able to modify whats in the app drawer also, perhaps even allowing us to add 2 more drawers to the right and left of the standard app drawer.
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  11. twflys

    twflys Well-Known Member

    really, all it would take to make me really happy would be.......

    ability to save/run from the sdcard

    support for powerpoint, word, and pdf files

    flash support

    that's it- as an added bonus would include, but not limited to;
    a kickass texas hold'em poker application
    auto flip screen
    more video files supported
    more music playback options

    i dont know why so many people complain about this phone- i just came over from a wing and absolutely love this machine!
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  12. ravens0ng

    ravens0ng Well-Known Member

    Android really needs video out. If not for this phone, they need to get it going for future models.
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  13. Ubuntu

    Ubuntu New Member

    Ability to turn of 3G (and internet connections all together)
    Synching with Google Reader (WITH notifications ofcourse)
    Synching with your youtube account so you get notifications when your channels post new video's
    Ability to edit your google documents
    Google Gears support, putting offline support for docs and gmail on the G1
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  14. akreppel

    akreppel New Member



    Also down loading attachments from non google email.
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  15. samuelleung83

    samuelleung83 New Member


    The iPhone can do it and oh-so-many workplace's, schools and everywhere else has it implemented. I've implemented it at my workplace with 1400 attendee's and none of them would be able to connect with Android. They can with their iPhone's though.
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  16. softwaretech

    softwaretech Member

    In addition to the other mapping request, if voice turn-by-turn will not be available, what about a popup turn-by-turn. The directional turns are listed but one has to hit an arrow. It'd be great to have each pop up as we are within XXX feet from the turn.
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  17. Matth3w

    Matth3w Active Member

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  18. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    Works for me ... Gives me a quick staus of phone without going further.

    Also, gives contact info in case phone is lost. but still remains locked ...
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  19. Matth3w

    Matth3w Active Member

    And including a ringtone with the phone that screams racist obscenities at full volume might work for some people, but that doesn't mean that should be the default ringtone with no option to change it.
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  20. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    You have such good ideas for you own phone maybe you should build your own ... write you OS code from scratch .. compile it, flash it to the phone and Viola your dream phone .
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  21. Matth3w

    Matth3w Active Member

    It's not like I'm the only one with this problem. There are people here, people on the other Android forums, people from random searches on Google complaining about this problem, and people on the Corvette forums where I belong complaining about this problem.

    It's annoying over time. And yet there are people like you that like this feature, and ******s that can't remember to lock their phone before putting it in their pocket that also like this feature. So it should be a choice...on or off. Quite simple I would imagine for anyone able to program any app or the developers of the G1.

    You go onto the market and all you see are stupid sound boards, farting applications, and themes every other one...90% of them are free and I'm guessing that at least 25% of them are more difficult to program than this. I am offering someone $50 to turn the autolock feature off.
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  22. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    I have been here since the phone was launched ... I dont recall people complaining about this...

    If there were so many people plus the thousands of people who write apps ... if they have a serious issue with this they would have written something by now ... A full 5 months have passed...

    You can download the SDK and go to the xda developers site ... learn to program and see if you can come up with a solution ...

    You may still get a bite on you offer of $50 ... give it some time ... things dont happen instantly ... Just ASK anyone here that is waiting on google to make more changes that are high on everyone's wish list ...
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  23. Matth3w

    Matth3w Active Member

    Well with a simple search, here are two people you missed:
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  24. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    The following is a different issue than you are having with not being a way to Manual Lock:
    However the same problem is that this is OS level feature that I dont believe is fixable much less desireable for more than one reason.
    The above post was from a guy just not knowing what he was doing with the phone... You will notice he hasn't made another post in this forum...
    Sure he change his settings and hopefully did a power off and reboot ....

    I had checked the entire forum for people describing the problem/desired feature you have described .... before I made my post ... so your pointing out two unrelated posts that I had already reviewed stills does not change the fact that no one before you has requested this feature here in this forum ...

    To bypass the OS pattern-locking feature a dev would have to:
    1.) write their own locking system and then make a toggle like you desire.
    2.) or maintain the pattern-locking system and programatically disabling/enabling it ... which is not likely ... because I think you might have to enter the pattern to make those changes... (could be wrong about this).

    If the dev of AutoLock can do a toggle On/Off that might work .. but even his program still uses the pattern-lock system (which seems to be your main hang-up).

    I dont think there is a solution to your exact needs... unless google adds and alternative locking system to choose from.... ???? don't hold your breath on that happening ...
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  25. Palthainon

    Palthainon Guest

    I'm about ready to give up on my G1. These threads are months old and most of these requests haven't even begun to be covered. Flash, video playing functionality, inter-operation between apps is all crap.

    The iPhone gets a lot of flack from open source geeks but it works a hell of a lot better than the BS we're getting from G1 developers at this point.
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