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  1. Joeavery2

    Joeavery2 Member

    Printer App:
    With all the new Printers being capable of IP/Ethernet connection and/or WiFi I think some one needs a app that allows printing. Maybe even allows printing via windows printer shares, like Printer Share but it is lacking in the way it hooks into other apps. I don't know how you make a service global so that things like Doc's to go and the browser can use it. But that is a needed app for me. I know with windows you just create a new printer and use a TCP/ip port ect.

    For Browser:
    Someone needs to figure out how to have folders in the bookmarks, and make it so it remebers where you were when it crashes. Mozilla and saddly the Iphone both do this. My friends Iphone can make folders in the bookmarks and when you power down and reboot the pages that were open are still open. Oh and the darn thing doesn't need to refresh the page every time you turn on the back lite/ bring it out of sleep, That drives me nuts when your on a slow connection looking for something like directions and the phone goes to sleep and you wake it and it finished but now has to refresh to allow you to go to the next page.

    For the Maps:
    It needs a overlay that can be moved but is trasparent and mostly non-obstructive. In the overlay it needs to have the ability to add/remove these and more; Current Speed. Heading. Elevation. Distance to Destantation. Distance to next Waypoint (Turn).
    Also The new one has a nice Arrow head that tells you your direction but It only works if you are moving. it uses the GPS to determin your heading. That is fine but it takes a minute and requires GPS to have signal. I think that fiirst it should use the compass then switch to the more accurate GPS when it has a lock. It needs to allert you when you are near the next way point... like all other GPS units. Even VZnav does this. You should have auto-remap when you pass a turn. It needs to have the ablitly for a person to alter the rought given by the app. Maybe I don't want to take that highway....

    Oh and I saw another post about this and it is right on: The map should move with the arrow pointing north always. I am constantly having to rotate my phone or I end up turning left when it should be right because I'm heading south but the top of my map is north. This could be a option to turn on/off also...

    Folder/App lock, Password protect certain files/folders/apps.
    Improve the copy Text. it isn't bad now but using my finger to highlight tiny text on the screen I end up missing a bunch. maybe using the track ball and a key combo, like someone else said.

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  2. ForestLaw

    ForestLaw Member

    Bug Fixes
    - Facebook Sync with contacts is patched up and doesn't keep logging out every now and again.
    - Program icons to remain in folders after changing to and from scenes. (HTC Sense)

    - An easier ability to group text (like, drop down then tick the contacts)
    - Contact pictures next to names in All Messages menu

    PC Sync
    There should be some software which makes it easier to add video, music, pictures and other files. I have the HTC sync program for my Hero but it only adds contacts and events from Windows. A file manager would be nice.
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  3. theman

    theman Member

    have an android phone on t-mobile germany
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  4. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    google needs to release an official rooted build (or several) even if we have to pay for it
    we need phones with gigs of storage and more than enough ram to the phones capabilities
    playback for ALL video and audio formats and rates
    with all of the above...a bittorrent client for the phone
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  5. Yorkshireman

    Yorkshireman Member

    The one wish that really stands out to me at 03:20 on a Friday morning is Mac support. Rather than having to use separate third party apps to synchronise my music and whatnot from my MacBook Pro to my HTC Hero (and vice-versa), I'd like the same support as a Windows user has.

    Unfortunately, my guess is that HTC is assuming if you are a Mac user you'll get the iPhone, and well, HTC, we all know what happens when you ass|u|me.
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  6. gkatsanos

    gkatsanos New Member

    Improved Contacts Manager
    (list showing Image of the person and small icons showing available information) (eg: icon for telephone, email, workmail, blabla)
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  7. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    I've posted these in other places, but figured this would be a good place.

    Some of these are "novelties" for a phone, but now that Android netbooks and tablets are coming out (especially the Entourage eDGe, which looks amazing), they're more important:

    0) A full (non-mobile) Browser option. Some of these others are a result of
    the Android browser only accessing mobile pages (like the mobile versions
    of Google Apps) and not the "full/real" versions of Google Apps. This is
    especially important on a netbook or tablet. Extra bonus if this other
    "non-mobile" browser has full flash support.

    1) Full Gmail (send/reply as one of my other gmail personalities, create/edit
    filters, create/edit labels, see full details of the message, see the
    original message, edit the quoted message in a reply (to trim it down,
    focus on a particular passage, etc.))

    2) Full Google Reader (keyboard shortcuts, add/edit tags)

    3) Full Google Docs (read/write, all formats, view Gmail attachments)

    4) Full IM (more than 1 identity per service, more than 1 service
    active at a time, more than one identity at a time active with each
    service, more jabber servers that just google talk, more than
    one Google Talk account, logging conversations to SD card/storage).
    So, basically, all at once, I should be able to do 3 Yahoo accounts, 3
    AIM accounts, 2 MSN accounts, 2 Google Talk accounts, and 2
    Livejournal (Jabber) accounts.

    5) Better VNC viewer support, and better integration with ConnectBot
    (not so much Google's fault, but still something that's necessary
    for me on a netbook; must be able to do BOTH ssh tunneling through
    ConnectBot AND vnc password on the same connection; the VNC
    viewer that I know about doesn't seem to be able to do that).

    6) Tethering (Wifi +++, BT-DUN ++, BT-PAN +, USB)
    phone: act as the server/access point/modem for those
    netbook: act as the client for those, in addition to _options_ for
    built-in/internal 3G.

    7) Bluetooth HID, Bluetooth FTP, Bluetooth BIP.

    8) SyncML client for Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, and Notes.
    (Funambol only does Contacts)

    And, for my pipe-dream (it'll never happen; 0-8 are, IMO, reasonable requests ... this next one is one that I doubt many people would take seriously)):
    Android Pro: sort of like a mix of Android and Maemo -- add a "me" account at the command line, with a local terminal, for unix/linux pro's who want to have local unix access ... complete with gnu bin-utils, perl, full python, apt-get, apt-cahce, maybe even a light weight X server (that runs on TOP of the Android graphical environment) for porting other linux tools and applications. This would mainly be for netbooks, as I think most phones wouldn't have the CPU and RAM to really support it (at least, with an X server they wouldn't; they might be able to support just the command line version).
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  8. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    how about the ability to change the source of contacts and appts. Say something gets added as a google contact (the default for pulling things from the web or another program), and I don't use google contacts. I should be able to hit edit and choose that entry to belong to Outlook, Exchange or whatever. If I set up an appt that should be work or public to others or what not and would like to put it under exchange, I'd like to not have to redo the whole entry under Exchange.

    I'd also like to see separate user fields in contacts like Palm, Yahoo, Outlook and BB have.

    The ability to sort contacts by last name? Seems so basic, and I'm tired of hearing people tell me to search when it's only the advent of google contacts and the dumbing down of PIM's to work with google that caused this non last name trend.

    How about a shortcut in email to toggle to different accounts instead of having to choose from a drop down menu.

    Did someone mention a standalaone video player and native file explorer?

    True silent or vibration mode. The separation of different types of sounds (system, media and so on) is just dumb when the phone should be in silent or vibe mode. Or you should at least have the ability to customize the various profiles to include or exclude certain sounds, functions or what not.

    Ability to listen to visual voicemail over BT (could be just a Hero thing)

    This is just off the top of my head after the first week.
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  9. billyhimself

    billyhimself New Member

    i just picked up a new HTC Hero from sprint a week ago. Came from a Samsung Instinct so you can imagine how much I love the Hero and Android. The only thing that I truly wish Android had was the ability to run Windows Live Search. I used to use Live Search all the time and I loved how it integrated seamlessly into the telenav program. I'd search for a business, click the drive icon and BOOM...the GPS was guiding me there. Hopefully the new Google SatNav will have that ability when Eclair comes out. I tried the "Where" program, but it's not even close IMHO.
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  10. Jmersh

    Jmersh New Member

    YES! on both.

    I would also like some sort of spy cam-esque app... Leave your phone somewhere and log into live cam from another computer....
    (I swear it's not for changing rooms)
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  11. butterfras

    butterfras New Member

    I would like to be able to search contacts using the dial pad.
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  12. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    I'd like that native as well. In the meantime, you can check out "acontacts" in the app store.
    * Contact search by group
    * T9 search (Eng,Russian,German,Hebrew,Swedish,Czech,Romanian,Polish)
    * Search in any fields
    * Grouping phone contacts
    * Custom ringtones
    * Advanced call log
    * Callback reminders
    * Speed dial

  13. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    If you are using ver 1.6 then using the google voice search just simply say the persons first or last name and the search will pull up all the matching references ..
  14. Mixednutt

    Mixednutt Member

    Give me animated .Gif support. Come on, guys. At least tell me its on the way. We gotta have that.
  15. KCaudell

    KCaudell Member

    First off, I'm a Newbie, SO, if this capability exists you won't insult me by providing information. BUT, I can't find it if it's there. With my iPhone, I could delete multiple emails by tagging them and then issuing a single delete command. I can't seem to find this in Android. HELP!!

    Also, I'd like to delete some of my call log entries. I can do this on my corporate Blackberry.

    These items seem to be pretty basic.

  16. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    If you're using the Android Gmail client (I don't know if it can be done in the Email client, I only use the Gmail client):

    1) in the message list, at the left side, there is a check box -- press the check box for each email you want to select

    2) after you press the first check box, you'll see a group of 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen: "Archive", "Labels", "Delete". After you've selected all of the messages you want to delete, press the delete button.
  17. butterfras

    butterfras New Member

    1. Multiple Native Keyboards - IE compact qwerty (2 letters per key).
    2. Option to have a different keyboard in portrait and landscape (like the storm) or for a specific app - ie use t9 keyboard in contacts
    3. Option to easily re-assign buttons
    4. Native option to change number of home screens (I'm using GDE so that works but it should be in the OS)
    5. Quit button in menu for every app. It should kill the app when you press it, not just take it out of the foreground.
    6. Landscape call screen. I use my phone in a car dock a lot and I hate having to look at it sideways.

    Don't get me wrong, I love android so far and I won't be going back to WinMo, or moving to Blackberry, but these are just my wishes.:)
  18. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Maybe its wishful thinking, but something tells me that HTC and Google will be making a dual CDMA/GSM phone. It will have live sync to both pcs and mac, and most of the features in this thread.

    And if its on the Sprint Network, would be both 3g/4g capable.

    TS out (wishing some more)
  19. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    They should just make a 5" multi-touch tilt-screen device with a side-slide 5-row qwerty keyboard, d-pad and android buttons on the face, and a PCI Express Mini slot (for CDMA/EVDO, GSM/UMTS, LTE, or WiMax data cards, so they don't have to make multiple models), and fully integrated Google Voice support (along with 2 USB Host/OTG ports, mini-DVI-I port, mini-USB client for data/charging, 2 full size SDHC slots, 3.5mm headset, 1GB RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and GOBS of battery).

    IMO, they should partner it with Archos, for their media player support, clients for Hulu, Netflix, Rhapsody, and Tivo (for watching shows on your device), along with the existing Pandora client. Make a keyboard version like I said, and a keyboardless version (otherwise, exactly the same ... and both "chinless"). Wifi tethering, full bluetooth stack (BT DUN, BT PAN, BT FTP, BT HID, BT BIP, A2DC, and all of the other hands-free and headset profiles), and both the Android Mobile Browser and Chrome.

    I'd buy that (the "with keyboard" version). And if they made 7" and 9" tablet versions (no physical keyboard) with PixelQi hybrid displays (e-reader + slate tablet PC), I'd buy the 9" one.

    IMO, that would be the ultimate combination of mobile devices.
  20. KCaudell

    KCaudell Member

    Awesome, thanks!! That works for my gmail account but not for my hotmail nor corporate account. Is this the short sighted corporate decision that if you use ours you'll get full capability but if you don't we'll punish you?

    That mentaility only angers me, too many companies are thinking that it's a good tactic. Google.... IT SUCKS!!! Ahem... but, being a newb here, maybe I'm wrong.

    Any ideas?

  21. MattRussNC

    MattRussNC New Member

    Second number 4, with the video output. Wasn't looking to connect to tv but to a mini projector.

    oh and the video conf idea, would be great if a forward cam allowed for vid chats.
  22. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    To Android OS Developers:

    The ablility to set a specific custom ringtone PER contact.
    That means when my girl calls, I know its her calling without even having to look at my phone. Or when its the boss calling.

    Same for SMS/MMS. Custom Notification Tone PER Contact I receive a either one of these from my girl, and when I receive the message, I will already know who it is before I look at the phone.

    If I haven't set a personal custom ringer/notification for a contact in my phonebook, the phone will play whatever the DEFAULT ringer/notification.
    (Until it is SET by user)

    The Blackberry Storm1 can do this ALL day.

    More importantly, it can play notification sounds, ringers, or even WHOLE songs as notifications AND ringers FROM The SD CARD!!!!!!
  23. sazfdfgf

    sazfdfgf New Member

    thanks for coming, and enjoy your stay
    "Here is what I posted on another thread, most if not all is covered somewhere along the line already

    But I would also like to add something around Bookmark syncing. Opera and Opera mobile/mini can sync and utilise each others bookmarks via the opera website, I would like to see something similar between Android and The Chrome Browser or even Firefox if at all possible"
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  24. tachyon

    tachyon Member

    The biggest disappointment I have with my new ERIS (android 1.5) is the absolute lack of security: if my phone is stolen, anyone can access all of my email accounts, my web pages that require logins, my contacts, etc.

    I realize that to save battery life the phone has to shut down after a brief period of activity, and that users want a quick way to get back into their phone after it goes to sleep.

    So far google's "improvement" seems to have addressed "butt dialing" in the newest update (now takes a 2-finger swipe to unlock the screen).

    But there should be some kind of fingerprint recognition or password entry to unlock the screen, else anyone who gets their hands on your phone can read your email, maybe even see your bank account numbers if you have been really careless.:eek:

    This is on top of the problem that google has all of your contacts where they can mine them at will.
  25. rommer

    rommer New Member

    I ditto this 1000%. I'm almost ready to give this new Droid back and go back to my crackberry. I MUST have a separate notifier for my system alarm emails/SMS!

    Unfortunately a real deal breaker for me. And WTF is up with no voice dialing via bluetooth??????? Really sad.

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