OFFICIAL Android Feature Wishlist Thread

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  1. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    1. how about visual voicemail over BT
    2. the ability to move emails to folders so I can report spam and move things to saved folders if needed (not just in gmail and exchange)
    3. black print on a white background in email. the hero's email list looks so much crisper with black on white rather than white on dark gray like the Moment has. Maybe the option to choose our colors. Make that Ditto with SMS. Don't need a whole replacement program when having some simple options does the trick.
    4. more home screens without having to use a 3rd party replacement that only slows things down and introduces bugs.
    5. standard notes or memo sync.
    6. categories in the PIM in general (calendar, contacts, notes, tasks and so on). The ability to filter among them and such would be even better.
    7. T9 in the dialer so it will search contacts. aContacts and other replacements are a bit lackluster. And again, this should be standard.
    8. backgrounds that don't span the multiple home pages. I want the ability to create backgrounds that match the screen res or use the plethora of ones around the net that match the screen res. I don't need it stretched out since it isn't as sharp.
    and is there a reason why the number or bullet listing feature doesn't work? There should be a number before each point.

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  2. miltk

    miltk Well-Known Member

    Divx support
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  3. tachyon

    tachyon Member

    I am not sure what you want to do. But you can set a specific ringtone per contact, using files you downloaded to the SD card. You start the Music app, then select an mp3 file. Hit Menu, and one of the options is "Set as Ringtone". Then it asks you which contact you want to assign it to.

    You can also assign ringtones from the People app. You can assign any ringtone that appears in the list by selecting a contact, edit, select ringtone.
    But the files that I downloaded to the SD card don't all show up in the list.
    I don't know why. The safest way is to do it as I outlined in the previous paragraph.

    I don't know what you expect if you haven't assigned a contact-specific ringtone (last paragraph of your post)? :confused:
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  4. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    X the part about the different ringtones per contact. At the time my older brother who knows next to nothing was trying to figure it out on HIS Moto Droid. I do not live with him, we were talking through sMs.

    I made that post referring to the Moto Droid AND
    before I got my own Moto Droid.

    I am still after being able to have a Contact Specific Notification Sound/Alert,
    just like you can with the ringtones.
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  5. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    Android as an OS, is still early in age.
    Give it time. I know I am.
    I think being an OPEN based Platform, this is one of the BIGGEST +'s, besides reliability that Android has on the RIM OS's.
    Features, Fixes, upgrades, etc will and should come alot faster than on other platforms.

    (I Don't miss Battery pulls, or QuickPull) ;)

    Again, Hang in there.
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  6. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    I wish their was a way we could like all update at the same time so some people aren't left behind. i.e some are still running 1.5 and clear info is given when we will get the update. :)
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  7. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the Handcent app will let you set custom notifications. Download that. Plus, it's a much better sms/mms app than the built in one.
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  8. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    I do not plan on considering Handcent until the overall quality of this app improves.
    Users are reporting several problems/issues with this app.

    I was originally talking about Future Android Operating System features, my wants & wishes.

    Thank you for bringing the handcent app to my attention, unfortunately, I already gave the app a "NAY", as it brings too many problems to the Moto Droid.

    Won't be installing.

    I figure if blackberry can implement the functionalities/customizations into their Operating System that I am after,
    I along with the Android Programming Community know that this is only a matter of time where my request along with many others, will be met & made in future releases of the Android OS.
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  9. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    That's funny, because the ERIS already has a lot of these. Multitouch, flash, etc.
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  10. jedlane

    jedlane New Member

    10. Improve email app, allow for multiple message delete, empty trash, search mail

    Is anyone working on this. In a little over two weeks I have over 700 e-mails in the trash. I can't believe I have to tap each and everyone to delete them.

    While I'm here give us the ability to specify a time period of e-mails to pull form our servers. I leave the messages on the server for a few days for safety but I only want new e-mail to come to the mobile.
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  11. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    I've had my Droid for about 2 weeks, and these are the things that seem to be missing. Perhaps it is just my inability to find documentation. If there's a way to do any of these things, I'd love to know!

    1. Ability to shift from one open app to another without going through the
    Home screen and reopening the second app. If I have multiple Home pages, I'd like to be able to have the phone open in one home page and flick to another home page where I have the calendar open, etc.

    2. Make the "reduce/enlarge" button in the browser consistently appear
    without tapping, because some pages don't provide a free space on which to tap! Or make this a menu item.

    3. Make the browser STAY in enlarged mode once I've blown up the page. I
    shouldn't have to enlarge the page every time I go to a new link.

    4. Ability to delete an email from the list without reading it.

    5. Prevent programs (like Corporate Calendar) from opening.

    6. Flash embedded in browser.

    7. Ability to find my documents and manage them.

    8. Ability to find out how much memory I have available and how full my SD
    card is, without going to the desktop.

    9. Consistent change of orientation when I turn the phone. Some apps change, some don't.

    10. Ability to flick from one image to another in the gallery.

    11. Ability to make the "Next photo" arrows consistently appear when I am
    viewing the gallery. They don't always show up.
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  12. SpecialEd

    SpecialEd Well-Known Member

    Tap the home button once to get to your home screen if you are on another application. Tap home again to get to the middle home screen

    Hold the home screen and you can change to another application (of six recent)

    I just found the Steel browser and it does some really great things. Swipe to change tabs, automatic zoom on open, fullscreen. Check it out.

    Since it is linux on the background, processes swap fairly well and it should not kill your memory or speed (they say).

    There are filebrowser apps out there. I don't generally use them, as I manage my files by USP from a PC when I need to.

    As for me:

    Calendar needs lots of help! If you would like some changes, go to here and star my android developer requests, please.
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  13. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    Thank you so much! I occasionally encountered that small list of 6 icons, but I had no idea how I got to them. I suppose the thing Android most needs is DOCUMENTATION!
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  14. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    As I find out what works, I find I want more!
    Yes, I can delete mail without reading it, but how about a Select All button, so I can delete multiple emails at once? And another button to empty the Trash folder without AGAIN selecting all the emails one by one?
    But is this forum read by anyone who is writing Android updates, or are we just playing with our toes here?
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  15. MOS95B

    MOS95B Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this has been brought up, but as a new user I, would like (so far) one minor little feature...

    A "top 25", or something similar, in the Market place like the iPod App store has. It's nice having multiple online sources of "You need this app" or "You should try this app", but it would be nice to have it built into the marketplace as well...
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  16. jasnmb

    jasnmb Well-Known Member

    android 1.6 has "top paid" and "top free" filters. the 1.5 Market doesn't have that?
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  17. MOS95B

    MOS95B Well-Known Member

    Nope. It has "Featured Apps" across the top, that's it.

    At least I'll get my wish with the upgrade...
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  18. starkid2010

    starkid2010 New Member

    The majority of items I'd like have already been covered. The one I don't see?

    Ability to change font size everywhere. <the Blackberry allows this -- why not the DROID?>

    I'm one of the LASIX supported viewers that can see fine at 50-100 yards, but must have drugstore cheaters to read the screen. On my Blackberry I made everything 14 pt BOLD and it worked like a charm.

    I did find Handcent which helped with texting -- and learned that OpenHome will reset font sizes only on widgets. Nothing else seems to be available to change the overall fonts (other than the small, medium and large settings in the DROID -- large still isn't big enough for me to read without the cheaters)
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  19. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    This one occurred to me just the other day, as well. I may not need it NOW, but eventually, almost all of us will need it. And in some circumstances, it might still be useful even if you don't need it.

    Android should address that, and other accessibility, factors. But this one in particular seems like a mostly-easy one to start with.
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  20. redblur

    redblur Member

    well i just wish that

    1.Native App2sd !!
    2.Better copy paste interference (i dont like android copy paste intreference that pop up large windows just)
    3.Drag to select text to ease the copy paste
    4.Neon floating-point optimization support,so android phone have better gaming experience hehe..
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  21. BowdenWyatt

    BowdenWyatt Member

    I posted this in another thread, but I want an app for the radio show This American Life, like iPhone has.
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  22. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    Android needs to upgrade the email program to include two features:
    a "delete all" check box for the Inbox
    and an "Empty Trash" button.
    I have over 300 messages that I had to delete one by one from Inbox, which are now in my Trash folder, where I again must select one by one for deletion.
    I get it, I get it: you want us to use gmail. Mail to my gmail account doesn't have this problem. But I have other accounts, Android supports reading email from them, and it could do a MUCH better job.
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  23. LarryV

    LarryV New Member

    I currently have a Cliq and (generally) love it.
    There is one thing that I think would be really slick, though:

    A LASER. :eek: No just low powered :). Modulatable and detectable. That way it could be used for: Sending and/or receiving data; It could also be used (in conjunction with the level) as a laser level; It could also be used as a pointer (duh); possible a TV remote (if it contained both a visible AND IR laser); It could possibly be used as a distance measuring device (LADAR); etc.

    Another Android solution in search of problems.
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  24. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    The laser/ladar/etc. idea is interesting...

    but would that device come with a puppy?
    or a pony?
    what about a unicorn?
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  25. Eazail70x7

    Eazail70x7 Well-Known Member

    - 4 inch or larger screen
    - Super fast non laggy processor speeds
    - Super fast internet speeds (4G)
    - Nice hardware keyboard
    - Good hard/soft keys (IE - Home, Back, Menu, Search, End Call, Send Call, track pad) - TV and PC output
    - High resolution screen
    - Super clear call quality (I mean it is a phone right?)
    - JIT (Just In Time) built into the device natively
    - Super efficient multitasking

    Does it really get any better than this? Is this too much to ask for? lol
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