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OFFICIAL Android Feature Wishlist Thread

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  1. Mamahnita

    Mamahnita Well-Known Member

    1) 2.08 for the hero
    2) Htc evo
    3) a hologram program that would work with both phones.
    4) last but not least 2yrs of free service Yay!

    :eek:Well you said Wish List:eek:

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  2. rachelm920

    rachelm920 Active Member

    Use the delicous bookmarks extension for Firefox tag all of your favorite sites (i.e. I have "finance" for my banking, and 401k and "school" for my college's website and APA guidelines etc.)
    Then download beelicious from the market on your phone, it puts all of your saved tags then you click on it and it shows you all of the saved sites for that tag. I love delicious, if someone tells me about a website at work, I save it then I can view it at home or on my phone.

    I wish I could have background stationery for my phone's e-mail, I tried searching it, but I guess there's no apps for that... yet...I guess I am just a girly girl who likes everything fancy and decorated LOL.
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  3. Isthmus

    Isthmus Well-Known Member

    I have a feature I would love to see - SOLAR CELLS!!!

    Stick some solar cells along the periphery of the screen to supply the battery with supplemental power while the phone is in operation. this should extend the life of the battery considerably. The technology exists for embedding miniature cells in devices. For example, Citizen uses it in most of their watch line today (that's what eco-drive is).

    With all the demands put on smart phone batteries, I'm surprised that such a supplemental power system has not been tried. As I see it, this would be especially beneficial on Tablets.
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  4. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Well-Known Member

    A better battery system would be better as the battery's don't last that long on smart phones.
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  5. soulcancer

    soulcancer New Member

    The ability to play protected video formats like amazon.com and the digital copy versions that come with the dvds
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  6. fabler

    fabler Well-Known Member

    A good equalizer in music player.
    A notepad application pre-loaded with OS.
    3D gallery shows high resolution images blurry. Need to be fixed. Its very embarrassing that I cannot see high resolution images clear on the beautiful screen of my N1.
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  7. And opt-out of having contacts synched to Buzz, etc. Leave my contacts alone Google!!!

    It's in all the basics where Android drops the ball. Sure, the sky map is cool but I need the darn calendar, phone, timer, and alarm clock to be reliable workhorses not inflexible and not fully thought out as they are now.

    Yes!!! A single place to put the entire phone into silent mode. This is a cell phone first principle. In a meeting, concert, etc, I want to ensure the phone won't embarrass me but still want a discreet vibration to know a call came in.

    I do love all the new functionality, the GPS, etc, but the day-to-day bread-and-butter activities of using the calendar and phone are driving me nuts and making me want my Nokia back.

    The single worse thing that happens on a regular basis is that the "current call" screen will disappear with no way to get it back even though I'm still on the call. Switching to the dialer brings up the app just as if there is no call going on. The only place I can hang up from is the current call screen so there is now no way for me to hang up. The only way I've figured out how to get the current call screen back is to make a second call, hang up as soon as the call screen reappears and then hang up the first call. Sheesh!!!

    There are many other irritations and time wasters such as navigating to a contact, saving a contact w/o having to dial it, not having a decent repeating alarm sound for notifications, having the "back" button not exit from the calendar, poorly designed control over audio notifications and volume, and many more.

    It's still early days for Droid so I haven't given up on it but these things need to work much more usefully.
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  8. ptowsvc

    ptowsvc Member

    root for the hero with sprint 2.1!!!wish i rooted and used custom rom:confused:
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  9. pradeepv

    pradeepv New Member

    Awesome, this forum rocks :)

    One crucial feature that ought to be considered in the next version is to include an option for the user to be able to change the MTU size for the wifi access. Those of us who use broadband based on PPoE, usually have the MTU set to 1492. Since Android is defaulting to (I presume) 1500, many of the websites are inaccessible over wifi...
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  10. XXXdc5

    XXXdc5 Well-Known Member

    im gonna be THAT guy right now....

    1. Froyo for my HTC Incredible

    k thanks...lol
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  11. rubinscube

    rubinscube Well-Known Member

    an ip blocker for the droid wifi
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  12. dhinged

    dhinged Well-Known Member

    1. Music app option "Shuffle Playlist" when looking at a playlist. Shuffle artist or album too.
    2. Wired mic earbud music/phone control.
    3. Integrated music/podcast (audio & video)/streaming player.
    4. Ability to choose ringtones, notifications, and alarms from different folders.
    5. Ability to choose separate notification tones (startup, shutdown, etc).
    6. Unified inbox with designation for which inbox you're viewing.
    7. Add contact from a location in Google web search or map.
    8. "Business" designation for contacts and phone type (I don't work everywhere).
    9. Save map sections for offline access (such as hiking with a GPS).
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  13. overbyte

    overbyte New Member

    Hi - first time poster

    I REALLY want the ability to play the audio from a video file in the background - is this something that i can add to an app (just starting development for Android)?
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  14. fabler

    fabler Well-Known Member

    That would be cool.
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  15. jredenbaugh

    jredenbaugh Member

    Search contacts by company.... come on!
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  16. goldenu

    goldenu Member

    For the love of god, a decent media player! The last time I had to constantly re-encode video was 2006. My biggest regret from leaving windows mobile. Running Core player I could play just about anything I could throw at the phone and used to watch most TV shows on my phone.
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  17. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    I used MyBookmarks from the market, it added my bookmarks from chrome, and firefox (after exporting to my pc) to both the android browser and to dolphin browser on my htc EVO. worked very easily, and I wish I hadn't added both, because I originally added a folder in chrome with all my FF BM's, so I had a bunch of duplicates. small problem tho, app is good... has an addon for saving your bookmarks to SD also.
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  18. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    The phone dialer allows you to enter numeric or alphabetically anything in your contacts to get in android 2.1 don't know what youre running...
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  19. stainlessray

    stainlessray Well-Known Member

    Nice suggestion! I 2nd it!
  20. natyo12345

    natyo12345 New Member

    I already have most of these with my HTC Wildfire AND i can download google earth. Its on android 2.1 :)
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  21. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    K-9 mail (free in the market, or cheap) allows selecting multiple emails for deletion. It's a terrific application.
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  22. jajones20

    jajones20 Member

    Android needs support for DRM media files. I can borrow Adobe ePub books from my public library, as well as Overdrive WMA audiobooks, and Overdrive music and video files, but I can't use them on my Droid because these are all DRM protected.

    Fbreader reads ePub books (yes, I've found ineptepub to crack the DRM), but I'd rather be legal. There's an Overdrive app for Android, but it is limited to Overdrive MP3 audiobooks, and nothing else. My library has 1898 protected WMA audiobooks and only 198 unprotected MP3 audiobooks--so Android shuts me out of using most of the audiobooks.
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  23. Im hoping for a finger print recognition unlocking feature.
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  24. IrishBrewer

    IrishBrewer Member

    Some of these may have been mentioned already but here is my list of suggestions for the Google Maps App on Android:

    1) When accessed from the Maps application, the search function should always be map-centric. Sometimes when I do a search and find what I am looking for I select it and it sends me to the browser rather than to the map application so I can use the location as the destination within the Navigation feature. This shortcoming results in a lot of fumbling to get a destination into the map program and this is the last thing you want to do while driving a car so you end up trying to do it at a stoplight or after pulling over.

    2) Most good GPS units have a good way of storing and retrieving favorite map points so they can be easily searched/accessed within the navigation feature. To my knowledge, the google maps application does not do this. I did find a way to store an address in a folder but this is rather cumbersome and this feature should be readily accessible within the mapping application. Saved map points should be easy to back up externally or send to others. An option to import would be nice too. When you get a lot of saved points, the ability to group them into folders/categories becomes crucial.

    3) Along the same lines as the previous comment, most GPS programs store a history of recently accessed map points. Google Maps should have this feature as well.

    4) The web-based version of Google maps has a nice feature that lets you modify the originally selectd route to your liking by dragging a portion of a route to go through a given location (i.e., via points). When you email or send a link of the revised route to someone (or yourself) and access it from the web applicaiton, the revised route is saved. However, if you access this link from the phone and select the maps application, it reverts back to the default route without the selected via points. This is very annoying because you spend some time to get your route just right and all that effort is for nothing when you go to use it with your phone app.

    5) Option to have more data on the nav screen as others have suggested including current speed, distance to destination, bearing to destination, tracks, etc. Some may not want some of these so they should be individually selectable via checkboxes on a preferences/setup screen.
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  25. Kairosgrammy

    Kairosgrammy Well-Known Member

    This may be on the 2.1 os (which is being installed (cellular south is doing it) but my biggest criticism of my phone is that there is no task app inherent to the phone and you can get good task programs and even found astrid that would integrate with the calendar but it is strange how it does it. With my blackberry, I could put a task in my task program and it would automaticallly integrate to my calendar. Integrated note program would be great too.
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