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  1. tombq

    tombq New Member

    is there a way to edit word documents and excel documents ? An app?

    Also, is there a way to see and disable running programs not necessary AND to free memory for maximum performaNCE? i USE IT ALOT FOR STREAMING VIDEO AND SKYPE (until Skype drops it's support for Droid like it did Windows Mobile!) oops caps

    good night :)!

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  2. Isthmus

    Isthmus Well-Known Member

    I have not seen an app that can do it, but google docs will and you can add that as a link to your desktop.

    You can do the same with google calendar's to-do function.

    Still the solution is not perfect as they both remain web based.
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  3. squint0241

    squint0241 Member

    Just one for now: ability to assign different tones to notifications, i.e. SMS, Email, etc. Basically, the way you assign a ring-tone to a specific contact now. A standard notifications sound for all incoming types of data is weak. Should be able to tailor specific sounds to each type of notification. Heck, they can add it to the contacts (edit) even to allow the specific sound from say an email/SMS from a specific person the same way as the ringtones.
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  4. First post and it's a rant I'm afraid. Had a Desire but returned it due to the the absence of the following items - all of which are basic features that we've enjoyed for years on dumb phones. Now returning my iP4 due to it's inherent crapness as a phone, which leaves me in a bit of a pickle...


    1. A battery that lasts from when I get up to when I go to bed
    The iPhone manages it so why the f*&( can't Android handsets do the same? And please, don't give me the BS about "... my Desire running for 36hrs so far and it's still on 40%...". Yeah, maybe if you don't actually use the damn thing. My iP3G with WiFi and bluetooth running all day, 1-2hrs of calls and 5 mail accts on IMAP, plus shed loads of data used to go the distance, as does my soon to be returned iP4. Am I missing something here?

    2. A decent screen
    AMOLED = great indoors, crap everywhere else. SAMOLED = rocking horse poo (Samsung, you tight bast@
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  5. sprtjnkie

    sprtjnkie Member

    Doesn't DocumentstoGo edit? Granted, it's $15 but if you really need it it's worth it. I know my wife has it for her iphone and it works great. I have seen it in the market but have not messed with it.

    Just a thought.
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  6. blundell

    blundell Well-Known Member

    Voice sending text messages that doesnt stop after 20 seconds!! annoying
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  7. psycho_housewife

    psycho_housewife New Member

    Although verizon navigator was a complete waste of money....When I had my Storm2 I at least had the comfort of knowing the navigator would continue running and not get me lost while the phone was doing other things.
    It would be nice if the navigator would continue running if the back button or other key is accidentally bumped.
    An audible warning is necessary when leaving a signal area and using navigation in an unfamiliar area.
    When your screen has gone dark and you are driving along, waiting for a voice to tell you when to turn... you can become quite lost before you realize your signal is gone.

    I do have a suggestion for an app though.
    I've seen apps that supposedly detect traffic cams, why no radar detector?
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  8. littlejess_xx

    littlejess_xx New Member

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  9. wierdo124

    wierdo124 New Member

    Is it really that hard to get us a native pop-up SMS option?
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  10. DROIDing

    DROIDing Well-Known Member

    Android WiFi Tether with INFRASTRUCTURE MODE for the Droid 2... so I can FINALLY get my PS3 and Wii online by masking the fact its an Ad Hoc connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  11. rat170

    rat170 New Member

    The only thing I hate about an android set is non smooth scrolling. whether it is in contacts, music playlist or web browser (in this case most visible). I wish it to be removed and then I may enjoy a smooth scroll like an iPhone.:D

    (I have a brand new Samsung Galaxy S with absolutely nothing in it, no apps, no songs, no videos, but still it seems slow).:confused:
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  12. Monima

    Monima Member

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  13. Lusant2

    Lusant2 New Member


    I have the samsung galaxy s vibrant with about 50 apps on it and its out performing my girls iphone 4 that only had like 4 apps and my scrolling is super smooth phone works super fast and is going to be even faster when get froyo next month...maybe yous is defective?
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  14. One basic requirement ....

    FIX THE HIDDEN SSID problem!
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  15. fabler

    fabler Well-Known Member

    Give option to select multiple contacts to delete..
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  16. ccaffee1

    ccaffee1 New Member

    PLEASE, PLEASE make a decent Android phone WITHOUT a camera. Those of us who work in high-security environments are prohibited from carrying a phone with a built-in camera.

    I would but one in a New York minute if it existed.
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  17. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid the majority of us wouldn't buy it so companies won't sell it
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  18. Android2230

    Android2230 Active Member

    Flash worked on 2.1 and it worked on ARM11 Processors with 600 MHZ.
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  19. sonofaresiii

    sonofaresiii Well-Known Member

    They've had the same problems with macbooks. I could never figure out why they didn't just release a version without a camera. It doesn't seem all that hard, and there's got to be SOME demand for them. Even if you have to special-order it through the company or something.
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  20. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree about making it a special order item. There is a small market for it.
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  21. Agree also here, though isn't there a way to get the camera deactivated?
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  22. JoeSchmoe007

    JoeSchmoe007 Well-Known Member

    Have buttons "Home", "Menu", "Back" and "Search" in the same order on all phones!!!

    I have 2 phones from the same manufacturer (HTC) - Droid Incredible and Nexus One. Released about at the same time (I think) and the order of buttons is different. Switching from one phone to another gives me a headache.

    I compared order to a couple coworker's phones (Samsung, Motorola), and the order is different too.
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  23. cds0699

    cds0699 Well-Known Member

    That makes it tougher to explain to security when you're entering a secure area. You'd have to go through a whole explanation process and show them it doesn't work, and even still they might not allow it, depending on how secure the area is.
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  24. janpetras

    janpetras Well-Known Member

    Exit buttons. Please give me exit buttons for my apps. I like to close them down myself and exit chats and etc whenever I feel like it. Often I find myself still online, without knowing.... that sucks.
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  25. Kairosgrammy

    Kairosgrammy Well-Known Member

    Download Advanced Task Killer. It's free and will close all apps at once.
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