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What platform will you be purchasing for?

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  1. Bramsy

    Bramsy Well-Known Member

    question. what's the deal with squads. the 4 limit turned some of my friends off of this game. also we sometimes got put on different teams!!

    any word?

  2. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    It is (was) just the alpha, Dice encourages team play in Battlefield, so I'm sure it'll be remedied once the game is finished.
  3. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

    For you Alpha players, did they change the squad spawning system at all? I hated spawning on a squad member only to instantly get stabbed or be winning a gun fight then all of a sudden two more people magically spawn on him.

    I don't think it'd be that hard to change the code to prevent someone from spawning on someone in combat. But maybe it's the way they want it.
  4. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    Under the alpha NDA we aren't allowed to tell you. It may seem like I'm being "stuffy", but there could be legal implications if Dice happened to find out, and I'm sure nobody wants that.
  5. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Ill tell you because quire frankly I don't care as the likely hood of them finding out is miniscule. You tube videos are up all the time and I'm sure thats their focus. Squad spawning remains the same as bc2 currently.
  6. Momar99

    Momar99 Active Member

    I can't wait for this game, it's going to demolish MW3 in every way.
  7. ToastPwnz

    ToastPwnz Well-Known Member

    More news; MoH limited edition owners are getting access to the open beta 48 hours before everyone else.

    I'm laughing quite a bit at all the people who are upset they wasted $60 just to get the BF3 beta. They seem to think that it was a guaranteed closed beta (it wasn't) or that they would get it months ahead of others. Sucks for them.
  8. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

    If you pre-order off of Origin you get early access to the Beta too.

    I understand EA wants more money by using their own game browser, but it's just a hassle to have Origin and Steam. I'll wait two days extra and keep my Gamestop pre-order instead of running two game browsers.
  9. Vinter

    Vinter Well-Known Member

    rush is 16v16 , 4 man squads (pc)
    conquest is 32 v 32 , 6 man squads (pc)

    from what i've heard

    though the squad system in alpha, if is the normal squad system SUCKS, you were unable to move into a specific squad (alpha, bravo, charlie..etc)

    i don't play games to play with bad random gamers that are going to get me killed, so i hope things change
  10. Vinter

    Vinter Well-Known Member

    not true, and the squad system wasn't even the same as bc2.. it was more simplified for noob gamers

    squad leader can spawn on anyone in squad, squad members on the squad leader only
  11. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    They just ran a commercial for B3 during the Cowboys vs Redskins game...and boy did they take a shot at the Call Of Duty franchise. The last thing the commercial showed before going to the Battlefield 3 logo and that loud noise we all see & hear............

    Above And Beyond The Call

    Then the B3 logo and noise stuff.
  12. Gavisann

    Gavisann Well-Known Member

    Just got my Beta invite!! See you in-game!
  13. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

    Damn September flew by... This game is only a month away. Niiiiice.
  14. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    Got mine too, but gave it away since I won't have much time to play it.
  15. G0ingC0astal

    G0ingC0astal Member

    I played vietnam on my buddies acct back in the day i couldn't figure the game out, concluded that it was crap and didn't revisit the series till bfc2, big mistake on my part! Now i cannot wait for bf3! :)
  16. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    Vietnam was my favorite of the BF series until Bad Company (series) was released. There was nothing more fun than dropping some napalm on fools!
  17. Sylon

    Sylon Well-Known Member

    I got an early beta code for the 360, but switched over to the PS3 (my primary gaming system) when the beta went public. Been having a lot of fun with it, but also ran into several problems with the beta. Which is good, that is what a beta is for.

    Really looking forward to the full release!
  18. HeroBiX

    HeroBiX Member

    cool stuff! I have been working on that game, been doing some Motion Capture when I was working with Imagination Studios =)
  19. Vinter

    Vinter Well-Known Member

    Well BF3 beta was pretty fun overall, even with all the bugs and lost stats when the game crashed out I still managed to officially clock in about 21h of gaming (I'd probably say 30 with lost matches) over 2300 kills (lots of lost kills from crashes to add to the 2300), 2 + kdr, 1.5 ish w/l , 20 in a row for best recorded kill streak, a few jet kills (i suck at flying, always have) multiple 40,50 and 60 kill rush rounds..etc..etc..

    Now to wait to start at the beginning again in a few weeks @_@
  20. weiss27md

    weiss27md Well-Known Member

  21. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    For those who will be getting it for PC, Amazon has a deal for $41.99 digital download. Better jump on it!
  22. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    Where do you see this? It says $50.99 for me.
  23. NYCHitman1

    NYCHitman1 Gun for Hire Developer

    They must have jacked up the price after shortly after I ordered it :(

  24. VegasOnAcid

    VegasOnAcid Well-Known Member

    Under a week to go! I just found out today this had a full co-op story mode too.. Hopefully this game lives up to even half the hype.
  25. ParishL31

    ParishL31 Well-Known Member

    So for PC, is there a way not to use the Battlelog? The thing is garbage and I absolutely hate it. I really hope the full version has an in-game browser option or will eventually patch one in. Website server browser as the only option, worst idea ever.

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