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  1. Go check Droid life again there is an article about Aug 4.

  2. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Yea for me Aug is already pushing it. If it comes in Sept...I might as well just wait til next year.

    If the D3 was LTE I might have jumped on that already. I might still get it if the BOGO deal is still there and the Bionic comes out in Aug.
  3. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I am very happy with the D3, but am betting on the Bionic having less battery life and a hungry hungry hippo power eating LTE chip. If the Bionic has a more efficient chipset, I might lose my bet. Also betting that no 4g in the Lexington area until next year.

    None the less, the D3 rocks. :)
  4. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Someone sent me an email stating that the 2nd generation LTE radios would be coming out around the end of this year.

    I'm not elegible for a discounted upgrade until March of 2012. Verizon is supposed to be turning on LTE here in Honolulu on Thursday, 7/21/11. May have to breakdown and get a Bionic just to hold me over until next March. However, hard to see my cheapo self spending $700 on a phone....
  5. mills23

    mills23 Well-Known Member

    If your talking Lexington ky then imagine how I feel in Manchester!
  6. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    All I imagine is: Go Cats! :eek::);)

    Yep, there are a lot of more rural KY areas without 3G, let alone 4G.
  7. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    for what its' worth this was created last night. Not sure how legit it is. I know droid-life and P3 are following them i believe....and me too lol

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  8. ChiefIlliniwek5

    ChiefIlliniwek5 Well-Known Member

    Based on the fact that whoever is posting those messages is doing it every few hours, and that they sent some corny message to Motorola's tweet page, I'd say this is a fake.
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  9. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Yeah. I'm calling this a fake.
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  10. Sleek2G

    Sleek2G Well-Known Member

    MDB228 says the Boinic will have a locked bootloader. :)
  11. tehsusenoh

    tehsusenoh Well-Known Member

    Why on Earth are you smiling?
  12. Sleek2G

    Sleek2G Well-Known Member

    Because now I can get that SGSII I been looking at for the past month(as soon as Verizon get it) :p.

    Now if the bootloader on the Bionic comes like the Xoom, then I'll be back to the dark side. lol
  13. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

  14. 8-Bit-Soldier

    8-Bit-Soldier Well-Known Member

    Bionic is still the best for me. I can't keep on waiting or else I'll never buy anything. Come this Winter there will be a phone rumoured to be better than the Dinara and it will keep going.
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  15. jinwons

    jinwons Well-Known Member

  16. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Nothing, it will already be out still doing well, getting dev support and it will be fine. Just because another phone comes out doesn't really mean a thing, it sucks but if you keep on waiting for the next best thing you will never get a phone.

    The Bionic looks like a beast of a phone and should be great.
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  17. the dinara is for at&t check howard forums the testers who are using it stated that. Just saying.
  18. Agree probably the same person who made the story up about the bug. If it was through moto why would they tweet to moto saying what needs to be done?
  19. So you are sticking with a 3g phone? since all the testers and those in the know are saying the function(gs2) will not have lte.
  20. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Quote from UnWiredView article:

    "As for carriers that will sell it, there is a chance that the Dinara will end up on multiple carriers, but right now it’s being tested on Verizon. There’s no information yet on whether Big Red’s version will come with 4G LTE support, but it probably should."
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  21. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    Those specs are ridiculous; I can't see a phone screen being over 5 inches. Slap a 1280x720 display in a 5 inch screen, and you have one hell of an expensive screen. Not to mention the camera, which will likely suffer heavy noise from cramming so many MP into a small sensor. Megapixel myth. This might as well print money based on the specs this rumor is giving it.
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  22. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Well-Known Member

    Just curious, but where did you get that it has a 5in screen?

    Also, remember this is just rumored specs....
  23. drdoom

    drdoom Well-Known Member

    I just went with the max screen I have seen on a phone (Dell Streak). Any larger, and it would be in the tablet category. I couldn't take this phone seriously if they tried to stuff a 720p display in anything less than 5 inches.

    Edit: You ninjaed your post. Yeah I realize these are rumors, but I still enjoy taking a .50 cal machine gun to the hot air balloon this rumor is being held up in.
  24. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    Creative and frustrated hopeful Bionic user? Likely. Beginnings of a viral marketing campaign? Possibly. Personally, I'm hoping the Bionic has become sentient.
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  25. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    I'll def be paying close attention to it's development. I'll still have another upgrade after the Bionic and another to come in December or January.
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