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  1. Jmurillo27

    Jmurillo27 Member

    I'm new to this and have been hearing alot of different dates for metros ascend. Is there an official date yet. And also. How will this update affectt the phone?

  2. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to the Forum. If you want to know what's going on the best way to find out is to read the first post and then a few of the latest posts. :)
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  3. Anduiril

    Anduiril Well-Known Member

    Hello. I just got my phone and joined this great forum this week. I'm really hoping I get woke up to a text saying "Go here for your update" (I'm a light sleeper anyway). I can't wait to get SU (aka root) access but have been holding off in case the upgrade DOES come tomorrow. Either way I'm doing it when I wake up. It's my day off and mostly dedicated to starting to get the most out of this phone. Thank you to everyone who has already added to my knowledge (I've spent as much time as I could reading the various threads here)!
  4. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum Anduiril and I am new here also, they are great and very knowledgeable here, would have been lost without them
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  5. thecoo1est

    thecoo1est Member

    angry birds has always worked on ascend, you just need to know how to make it, open angry birds app, wait a few seconds for screen to change, hit the power button to go into standby, when screens cuts off, wait then hit power again and unlock phone, this give angry birds priority for some reason and it works great, should start right up, it didnt work on my first try so if it doesnt for you try again, theres a little timing involved, if you dont believe me search the trick does work, ive played angry birds on my cricket 2.1 ascend so I know it works

  6. I'm running a 2.2 rom that was posted on myascend and angry birds loads right up on it no problems. Hopefully when the official rom comes it will work the same way and not require work arounds to get it to work.
  7. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys! This is a thread devoted to the 2.2 Froyo upgrade for the Huawei Ascend. Here is the link to the Angry Birds discussion topic here:


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  8. Jmurillo27

    Jmurillo27 Member

    What's up with the update for the metro ascend? That guy said he saw an official email saying it would happen today.. Was he lieing
  9. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    I think I saw on another thread where he posted that he felt he had been deceived. Anyway...it was just another rumour.
  10. -Lulu

    -Lulu Well-Known Member

    So we can confirm that the huawei ascend will recieve the 2.2update and be allowed to use froyo soon? Correct?
  11. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    Nothing can be confirmed until it is actually out there to be obtained. There have been rumors flying around about Froyo on the Ascend for at least 3 months now, so unless you see it, don't believe it. Any other question is moot until the day an update is officially in our midst.
  12. starr1048

    starr1048 Well-Known Member

    i went to the merto store where i got my phone
    and ask about 2.2 update
    she's the mgr of the store and havent heard anything about update
  13. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what I mean. All kinds of stories from all kinds of places, including whoever it was that posted here swearing up and down that he saw a MetroPCS manager's company email saying Froyo would be released about now. I believe in having faith, but for things like this, I would rather see it first. Otherwise I'm getting my hopes up for nothing.
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  14. RJFait

    RJFait Well-Known Member

    He claimed HE had been deceived? He said he saw an inter-office email and was told by at least 2 or 3 different stores over the phone. He was the only one doing any deceiving.
    I was really glad to see the post yesterday from you Jazziette. There are a few of you on here who's posts are actually informational and never ego driven. For somebody fairly new to this, like myself, That is extremely nice to see.
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  15. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    I agree completely. They should just make Jazziette a forum moderator.
  16. fredrick1213

    fredrick1213 Well-Known Member

    I've been doing a lot of reading concerning this topic and I've seen numerous people say that they were told that we would receive the update on March 16. Just thought I should share this with you all ;)
  17. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Awwwwww Blast! I'm blushing and the Mods are rolling on the floor laffing! hahaha

    Thanks my friend! :)

    It would be so nice if you guys would post LINKS to your SOURCES!!!


    We tend to grasp at straws around here. ;)

    But regardless of heresay....nothing is confirmed until it's confirmed. And that means when the fat lady (huawei) sings!

  18. CRUMBsnatcher

    CRUMBsnatcher Well-Known Member

    I heard from a friend, who heard from another friend, who heard from their cousin, who's boyfriend is a janitor at Huawei's headquarters, that we're getting the 2.2 update sometime within the next few years.

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  19. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Were those light years? LOL

    Crumb you are such a funny chicken. LOL


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  20. fredrick1213

    fredrick1213 Well-Known Member

    Sorry about that. I will certainly post the link if I come across it again :D
  21. Jazziette

    Jazziette Well-Known Member

    Still no official word on the Ascend 2.2 upgrade but I did see on the Cricket Wireless Facebook page this mornnig that it is official that the Kyocera Zio will definitely be getting the 2.2 upgrade this coming week. The users there are about to lynch the poor guy who posts for Cricket there. LOL

    When Ascend users there ask about the 2.2 upgrade they still get the standard answer that Cricket doesn't have any info at this time. So there ya have it! ;)
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  22. DirntFiend

    DirntFiend New Member

    Does anyone have a link for the official MetroPCS Facebook page???
  23. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

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  24. kaput450

    kaput450 New Member

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