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  1. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    I did the same thing when I got my DInc 2, and people really liked it. So I decided to do the same thing here: Post up what you are coming from, and any fond moments with it. For some, this is either your first Android, and for others, you've been waiting since the Original for this. In the tech world nowadays, that's an ETERNITY. So pay your last respects to the phone that the D4 is replacing! I'll start:

    RIP: HTC Droid Incredible 2
    April 28, 2011-February 10, 2012
    Non-Rooted, but got modded by LP, ADW, and Widget Locker
    Replaced by: Motorola DROID 4

    This was one of the most SOLID phones I've ever owned. Nothing slowed it down! HTC was at the top of their game with this design. To this day, if you're not out for the absolute newest phone, I recommend this one to the right people. If I didn't need a QWERTY (being an avid texter/emailer), I would have had no problem hanging on to this phone for 2+ years.

    Now keep it going!

  2. BigE723

    BigE723 New Member

    RIP: Samsung Alias 2 (Aug 2009 to Feb 15, 2012)

    Great phone while it lasted. Loved the flip, was a "normal" sized phone when open. Landscape with the e-ink for texting was great. Poor camera. Better txt storage (250 msg) than the Alias 1 (50 msgs) but still limited.

    Looking forward to becoming a pro at my first Smartphone. :D
  3. Bodycount

    Bodycount Well-Known Member

    Ordering a Droid 4 for my wife tonight

    She has a LG enV Touch which has a cracked front screen thanks to my 2 year old son walking on it.
  4. LadyHottShott

    LadyHottShott New Member

    Goodbye my good friend, Samsung Alias 2! We had great memories with your cool dual-flip abilities and your magical e-ink keys! Sadly after almost 3 years of loyalty, your keys just weren't working great and every time I opened you, you would go to my voicemail automatically - on speaker phone mind you - and begin shouting out my voice mails no matter where I was opening you - work, public bathroom, etc lol Always the most embarrassing times ofc! :rolleyes:

    Me and my new Droid 4 are now best friends. I love it! It has been super easy to figure out and I am in physical keyboard heaven. Smart actions are amazing. I can get it to do (almost) anything I want it to do. It even texts my husband when I'm pulling in my driveway to let him know I got home safely from work late at night!

    I am having fun with the voice search feature too, haha.

    My first smart phone and I am so glad I made the jump, even though said I never would, lol.
  5. gremor

    gremor Member

    Goodbye my Droid (original) aka "the tank"

    Hope my Droid 4 can take the abuse!
  6. RideZeLitenin

    RideZeLitenin Well-Known Member

    lol I like the idea for this thread!

    RIP: LG Ally
    Rooted, stable OC 721MHz 24/7, Multiple Brilliant Roms throughout it's life (Velocity, Stormdroid, Bionic Ally).
    {Many roms are still being developed for it too!}
    December 23, 2010 - February 10, 2012.

    What kept this 600MHz beast alive and well was the fantastic Custom Rom support over in the Ally root community. Boy would I love if the D4 had the same support.

    Right now the only thing I miss about it is the custom rom community and the 8-way D-Pad (very useful for games/emulators!).
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  7. AvaABC123

    AvaABC123 New Member

    RIP: Original Droid
    (May 2010 - February 10, 2012)
    Replaced by Droid4

    Loving the Droid 4 so far, especially the keyboard. This keyboard is so much better than the keyboard on the Original Droid. Prior to the Original Droid, I had the LG Voyager, and that was the best phone for texting, it had the most awesome keyboard.

    Only complaint was how the salesperson messed up the set up for mine and my husband's Droid 4s. She put my SIM in his phone and his SIM in mine - and somehow all of our contacts were merged together, on both phones. Additionally we have issues with the syncing of the Back Up Assistant (again, I think he has my PIN and I have his PIN), as we didn't think we needed that since all of our contacts are in our Gmail accounts...

    But otherwise, love the Droid4 so far!
  8. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    What were these SIMs used for if you just came from an Original Droid? I don't remember there being a SIM in that phone.

    As for the backup assistant, I never really touch the stuff. Specifically for this reason. I find google's account backups for contacts, calendars and email much more reliable. Consider it if you'd like!

    Glad you like the phone. While my last phone wasn't the OG, I did own one previously, and I LOVE being back with a QWERTY, and this thing just fits my daily needs perfectly.
  9. myfishbear

    myfishbear Well-Known Member

    prob a had a milestone which is a gsm droid 1:D
    Motorola Milestone is GSM Droid | Android Atlas - CNET Blogs

    anyway for me it was first an lg ally which i smashed cuz it had a crappy cpu and was bad at decoding anything
    second was an og droid i got on ebay which is still functional, loved it
    now i got my d4 and i like that as well, just trying to get a aosp phone and contacts workin still
  10. Wazoo

    Wazoo Well-Known Member

    RIP: OG Droid
    December, 2009-February 10, 2012
    Over-clocked to 800 mHz, no ROMs, but used a variety of home replacements like 91 Panda Home, ADW Launcher, GO Launcher Ex, etc.
    She lasted a solid 18-20 months before I started to notice it was going down hill and slowing down on all facets. But it treated me well during its time. I wanted to put a ROM on it, but I was very skeptical about wiping data and all that, so I never pulled the trigger. I may just do it now that I have nothing to worry about.
    Replaced by: Droid 4
  11. kbeefy

    kbeefy Member

    Retired a Nexus One, was/is still an awesome phone! Rooted and running a cyanogen rom since 2009, only reason I upgraded was for the QWERTY and 4g. Starting to miss the trackball, didn't think about it when I upgraded.

    Previous (and first) smartphone was a G1 from Google, also rooted and running custom roms from day 1. Still have it, still works fine.
  12. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    I like the voice search feature of this device.
  13. odbo255

    odbo255 Active Member

    RIP: LG Ally
  14. Linux4ever

    Linux4ever New Member

    RIP: Droid 2

    I had a good time with Droid 2 but I find Droid 4 much better and faster on some applications I use.
  15. Zero5295

    Zero5295 Active Member

    Dude u and I are (almost) in the same boat! I'm running Velocity 1.2.1 on my Lg Ally, hope to upgrade to the big bad Droid 4 in April/May :)
  16. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    I love it! It has been super easy to figure out and I am in physical keyboard heaven. Smart actions are amazing.
  17. corbinator

    corbinator Well-Known Member

    Well I finally retired my OG droid :s:. She has a place of honnor on my mantle, for all the abuse I put her through. I still will use her at home on my wifi, but I needed a little better productivity. I still wish that the D4 was more like my OG, but oh well. I'll live with her stock for a while but will eventually root and put her right. Hopefully the comunity will remember the D4, since I've noticed that both CWM and Cyanogen still don't support it. Makes me a little sad. :(
  18. Cuda13

    Cuda13 Well-Known Member

    Ordered the Droid 4 for my wife today. She will be retiring my OG Droid which I gave her after she dropped hers in a small body of water.:eek:

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