Official Droid Eris 2.1 OS coming very soon.General

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  1. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    Just thought I'd let you guys know, should be coming very soon, I don't have an exact date but, I currently am running a Verizon Official Software that I got from work . It is running a lot smoother, I don't have that google sign in error problem anymore, things seem to be even snappier. I have the file saved, when I get time I'll try to upload it, not quite sure how to tho so if anyone wants to, message me with how to do it. The only thing I compared that was different from the leaked one is the kernal version numbers are different. Battery life seems better as well.

  2. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    Pics or it didn't happen :D
  3. gruss

    gruss Well-Known Member

    This thread is worthless without pics.
    Or firmware version or gtfo
  4. Eris Lover

    Eris Lover Well-Known Member

  5. Chopstick2U

    Chopstick2U Well-Known Member

    OP, did you flash the new ROM and overwrite your old install? It always seems faster when it's a nice new, clean install.


  6. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    you guys and your pics... anyways, firmare obviously 2.1

    kernel version is 2.6.29-564a4a15 htc-kernel@and18-2#1

    that was different from what it was with the leaked one, I dont know how to take pictures of my screen, or else I would, but trust me.. its the official one.. I work for vzw. it was passed around where I work shared from sd card to sd card.

    I dont know why you guys always got to yell fake lol... I'd understand it if I was saying, OMG I have the only copy of 2.1, when everyone actually has a copy, all I'm saying is, as far as what I was told from the person who gave it to me, It is the official release. Again, It's snappier than the previously leaked version, battery life seems better, I haven't played around with it to see if anything is added. Get more HTC widgets link works now, again, I dont have to keep logging in to gmail.
  7. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    And yes, I flashed new rom over old rom, however, All my applications are installed, and its still just as fast..

    If anyone has questions as to does this work now, or any issues they are currently having with the leaked, I'll do my best to let you know if its solved or still an issue.
  8. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    Haha. We're skeptical because of all the false threads being posted lately. But see if you can upload it to megaupload and have someone else test it. And if it's the real thing, COOL BEANS!! lol.
  9. Georgehaze

    Georgehaze New Member

    So, how big is the file?
  10. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    108,819,939 bytes.

    Again, I'll try to upload it tomorrow.

    also noticed that sense loaded quicker than previous versions.
  11. Shnuddy

    Shnuddy Well-Known Member

    A camera works just fine to take pics ;)
  12. screennamie

    screennamie Well-Known Member

    I call BS until it actually happens. I got a piece of the brooklyn bridge to sell ya.. how much ya willing to pay?
  13. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    TOMORROW?!?!?! Well that just wont work will it? lol.
  14. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    that's cute, a T.I lyric..

    Listen fellas, I'll try and upload it right now, see what I can do.
  15. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    Is the radio fixed? Do you have more bars now?
  16. NPH-

    NPH- Well-Known Member

    It shouldn't be hard to take a picture of the version u have with a camera...

    The more I think about this the more I know its fake
  17. H2342

    H2342 Well-Known Member

    Please have some truthsies to this
  18. tee00max

    tee00max Well-Known Member

    lol....let the man clarify himself if its true then if its BS then say what you wanna but at least let him get a chance to prove himself...idc if its real or not im just gonna wit till I get the OTA notification.
  19. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    ill have to double check on the radio. I have 2 bars in my house right now, i usually had the one. ill check when i get to work tomorrow. I'm starting to think it might be just an issue with my phone and the 2.1 software is exploiting it now showing me my true signal strength. who knows. working on uploading it now
  20. emerica243

    emerica243 Well-Known Member

    Give the man some time...he could be doing the whole community a huge favor. Why dont you wait to crucify him.
  21. H2342

    H2342 Well-Known Member

    Pics or gtfo
  22. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    Kick ass! I tell you that I would buy you a beer?........:cool:
  23. zxphenomenalxz

    zxphenomenalxz Well-Known Member

    i might out of spite to everyone else, message you the file after i upload it to megaupload, since you were kindest....

    no but really, its uploading as it types, link in a few minutes.
  24. Jayse

    Jayse Well-Known Member

    Do some of us a favor too whilst uploading this gold....see if embedded pics show up in gmail. :D Please and thanks.
  25. SirSlayer

    SirSlayer Well-Known Member

    Hey! I offered a beer!!! thats nice! :-D right?
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