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Official - Droid RAZR product reviews - consolidated thread of magazine/blog reviewsGeneral

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  1. TheSuper

    TheSuper Well-Known Member

    The phone has hit the shelves in Australia this week (before anywhere else!) and some proper reviews of the phone are now out.

    From Ausdroid (2nd Nov) - Motorola RAZR — Review | Ausdroid

    From Delmiter (4th Nov) - Motorola RAZR: Review | Delimiter

    From PC World Australia (3rd Nov) - http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/review/mobile_phones/motorola/razr/404631

    The reviews are very different from one another but all seem positive to a degree, apart from a couple of issues. So what do people think? Still getting one?

  2. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    One thing I have always hated about Samsung AMOLED and SAMOLED displays is the obnoxiously overblown colors due to Samsung's proprietary DNIe software. They use it for all their displays and its just downright annoying. I as hoping that Motorola would have more natural colors on their SAMOLED and it seems from the reviews that is the case. This makes me extremely happy and makes me want the RAZR even more.
  3. man moto loads the phone up with high end specs yet their blur makes it lag. What is new.
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Blur is fully removable.
  5. Only if you root. I shouldn't have to root a phone with 1gb ram and a dual core processor because it lags. Sorry no excuse for that, sgs2 does not lag with touchwiz.
  6. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    The only one that said it lagged clearly stated it was pre-production software. Also I have an SGS2 and it clearly lags at times. No Android phone running a skin is lag free yet.
  7. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    What exactly have you achieved with this post?

    I am not telling you to root, it is an android community and people in general like playing with their devices. If the only thing you are after speed of the UI only get an iPhone.
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  8. Speed of the UI isn't. What I am saying is you shouldn't be satisfied with a phone and lag. Sorry that offended you since this is the perfect phone and nobody else can voice their concerns with the phone. smh
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  9. Chi-TownTx

    Chi-TownTx Well-Known Member

    I dunno Redraider i can kinda see what Szadzik means. No offense but i hop around the boards as well and it seems that anything that isn't Samsung or the Nexus is crap lol. Hell the phones aren't even out yet.

    It could be Moto or the new HTC phones. Every single phone you comment on something is wrong with it unless it's a Samsung. I own a Charge and let me tell you what a pos that is lol.

    Not trying to attack you man and your right everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I am just saying i can see what Szadzik means because almost every post you make about any phone is negative unless it's the Nexus.
  10. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I am not saying do not voice your concerns, but at the same time, do not expect perfect devices to ever come out of the box. They do not exist and never will.

    If you want a perfect device, buy what is right for you and tweak it to make it perfect. That is why I have an Android phone and not an iPhone, because I CAN tweak it and adjust it and install home launchers, change appearance and everything else I want. If you are not willing to do that and expect perfection, prepare to always be disappointed - like I was with the GNex.
  11. I never said perfect phone. Like you said no phone is perfect and will never be out of the box.
  12. TheSuper

    TheSuper Well-Known Member

    Stop arguing guys.

    One of the reviews definetely was pre-production software, so you can't expect 100% fully working order can you? Hopefully there will be more reviews to come from Down Under.
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Actually, if the Razr does lag due to Blur, seems a fair perspective, but iPhone lags too, so not an improvement. ALL current phones lag in some form or fashion.
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  14. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    I see you are on verizon, so which SGSII do you have? I only saw videos but also had play with AT&T one at store, and man SGSII is really blast in UI speed and can't think any other phone close to it. I mean in UI speed and browser.

    Though his tone is somewhat argumentative, he has point on Blur causing some lag. Also I heard Razr has webtop like Bionic, so that might take up some resource too. So I think there is some room for Moto to refine it further.
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  15. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    I only posted that because RR1 seemed so concerned about the lag. I do not care about lag at all as all the reviews only showed the crappy Blur launcher and the first hing I will be doing will be installing LPP - which in no way compares to the stock.
  16. Great1

    Great1 Well-Known Member

    You guys want to talk about lag, try living with Droid Eris for the last two years. :(
    I dont know how I got thru it with that phone, cant wait for Friday so I can bury the Eris. Just like the scene from Office Space with the printer :)
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  17. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    FWIW as far as synthetic scores, the Droid 3 has the same chip at 1ghz and scores range from 2350 to 2460. Score seems low for 1.2ghz, but you never know with synthetic BMs. Then again, both devices have the same gpu clock so maybe Quadrant weighs more heavily.
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Good point. I like Blur on the D3, so makes me odd.... er, more odd than usual ;)
  19. I had an eris and that thing used to be terrible to use. You couldn't even send a text without it being 3-4 letters behind. I feel bad for you but less than a week;)
  20. Great1

    Great1 Well-Known Member

    Exactly! pathetic phone but now the wait is almost over! Unless of VZW runs out Razr on the first day. gulp
  21. Seems the reviews say it is too wide for anyone that got to hold one how did it feel in hand? Also I wonder why they couldn't have made it closer to the size of current 4.3 inch phones?
  22. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    International version. Its a good device don't get me wrong, it just has moments of lag just like any other skinned Android phone.
  23. FragDroidX

    FragDroidX Well-Known Member

    Its that wide to spread out internals to keep the thin profile.
  24. Gotcha. Think they could have made it a little thicker and not as wide but hey thats just me.
  25. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    Glad it's wide I cannot stand an oblong looking handset. Handset needs some width to give them balance.

    Aesthetics are of HUGE importance to me.

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