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  1. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    the only time i would use a stylus is with fine motor skilled software. where the bigger the tip the less accurate the move is. games like jewels where even if you hit it dead center sometimes you grab another jewel by mistake

  2. Novoken

    Novoken Well-Known Member

    ok so I dont want to read 4 pages to catch up. Can someone recap lol
  3. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    taco's novoken taco's
  4. bemis23

    bemis23 Member

    No doubt about that. Attenuation can definitely be mitigated by increasing broadcast amplitude and receiver sensitivity, but in many cases it is often better (more efficient to be exact) to just add another tower to try and regain LOS between receiver and base/repeater. Obviously adding signal repeaters to buses (as mentioned before), or Wal-Mart buildings, etc.. (personally I'd like to see them added to streetlights and/or bus stops) increases signal density and reduces attenuation affects by reducing the likelihood that you are stuck with an inefficient signal path.

    I think the 6-10Mbps bandwidth sounds pretty reasonable for most of the areas where 4g is deployed. Based on the tower density at my residence I doubt I'll get much over 3Mbps - but the situation could improve by then anyway. Last I heard Sprint/Clear is still putting up something like 3 towers a day (totally unverified statement there) in DFW.

    tl;dr - Yeah
  5. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    - May 12, Sprint and Walt Disney to have a joint preview event of the HTC EVO 4G and the movie Prince of Persia. The "invite only" Event is supposedly in New York City.
    - Sprint and WalMart to go into partnership adding Wimax towers at the top of each WalMart location (per Jackson)

    Not sure what other "breaking" news there's been the past 4 pages.
  6. Novoken

    Novoken Well-Known Member

    wow sprint and Walt Disney?
  7. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Well-Known Member

  8. Novoken

    Novoken Well-Known Member


    TECHMAN Well-Known Member

    Thanks for information.

    Can you elaborate on clears old chipsets ? When did they stop using them and in what products?

    what about now? And do you have any info on chipsets in Evo?

    Ty sir.

  10. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Okay, its one thing to be our own Nostradamus in relaying good tidbits of info about the EVO, but now you are the Riddler from Batman.what the hell? lol Then you say "hope you all like the hardware cause thats the only thin you will recognize". You know some are going mis-interpret that as Sprint releasing the EVO on June 6th with FroYo. being that the outside is the same but the inside (the os) is not. Unless that is what you are saying. :eek:

    TS out (taking an aspirin since my head is spinning)
  11. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Well-Known Member

    Been celebrating 4/20 a bit much? ;)
  12. LatinP

    LatinP Well-Known Member

    Not everyone has a Walmart near them, in fact the entire city of NY doesn't. That's close to 15 million people. The reason NYC doesn't have a Walmart is because no one wanted one as it would kill small businesses in the city something I'm glade they did. The nearest Walmart here would be in NJ and well over 50+ miles from me but it really doesn't bother me NYC is a major market and won't go without WiMax either way, but I am still proud to not have a Walmart even remotely close to me, you should really read up on that company total scumbags run it and it seems they have at least a dozen employee related lawsuits every year.
  13. Autosuggestion

    Autosuggestion Well-Known Member

    I bought an Incredible today.

    It'll be nice to use for 30 days and then switch to Sprint!
  14. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    We were only commenting on them putting WiMAX towers on their buildings.
  15. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    That... That actually brought a tear to my eye.

    Make it so Danny boy.

    TS out (getting a tissue)
  16. hchristians

    hchristians Active Member

    do we have a nickname for Evo fans yet?
    i was thinking dEVOtees.
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  17. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    It looks like that will kick off the whole thing with a big splash.
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  18. dkotoric

    dkotoric Well-Known Member

    Ya I will probably buy one too on april 29th but will return it within my 30 days.
  19. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't worry too much about all of NYC not having Walmarts. I posted this on the last page, but re-posting, just in case some peeps didn't see it:

    Radio transmission image - WiMax at a thousand feet in the Big Apple (photos) - CNET News

    All the rumors about NYC being one of the first "major" markets to get WiMax look to be shaping up quite nicely if these work as they're supposed to. On top of that, if that Sprint event in NYC is truly legit, then that might be the debut date for WiMax in NYC.
  20. LatinP

    LatinP Well-Known Member

    Take care of those incredibles, don't drop them! If you don't I see a big fat red $350 etf in your future.
  21. Capboomer

    Capboomer Active Member

    Remember, Sprint also LOST BILLIONS last year. They need to make more revenue before they can invest more.
  22. LatinP

    LatinP Well-Known Member

    I know all about those stations, mainly the empire state building of which we have three antennas on at work. Five major broadcasters are on that roof CNN, ABC, FOX, NBC and WPIX they pay a pretty penny for that too we're talking seven zeros and higher.
  23. dkotoric

    dkotoric Well-Known Member

    hahaha, ya it will be my puppy for a month. LOL
  24. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    I see. Just wanted to make sure you saw the article, in case it got lost in the shuffle.

    Wow, 7 zeros is no joke :eek:
  25. Autosuggestion

    Autosuggestion Well-Known Member

    I baby my phones, like I'm carrying a baby.

    I've never broken any phone I have owned.
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