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  1. I keep hearing may all the time. Everyone is stating mid to late may release.

    I think I know why. If they release it in June. Everyone know that apple will market it into a corner. Apple will flood and destroy. It is what apple does.

    Apple does only one thing very well, marketing. If the evo is released in june, it will have to take on apples marketing, and it will fail.

    The people that are already on sprint might stay. But after a 2 month wait, I doubt it.

    Sprint really knows how to be animosity against itself.

    I think most people want a may release because;
    1.) They know 2 months is too long to wait.
    2.) Apple will toss it around like a toy in june.

    If there are executives reading this thread. Reread this thread. Release it in June, watch it fail against apple, and never do it again.

    End of the day, apple will look alot like the Evo. Front facing camera, same memory, about the same user interface. Oh be it is apple. So there is about 1 million units sold to them and not you.

    Now this is just pointless, if the iphone is really a 4g phone. As in works on sprint and wimax. Then you want them to be released closely. To snag as much market share with two killer phones.

    But trust me sprint, if you release the evo against the iphone, and the iphone is on another carrier, you are going to get creamed.

  2. This phone will not fail if its released in June. ARE YOU MAD?! Just take a chill pill and some deep breaths. As long as it comes out before the iphone, which it is, it will be a success. And if you've seen those iphone HD leaks, the Evo is going to be an even bigger seller. You haven't even seen the real Evo yet....

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  3. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking if the EVO is not ready to be released in May, maybe they should wait until July or August (hey, that's still summer) when all the hoopla around the iPhone dies down. Then the EVO could makes it's big debut and suck some of the wind out of Apple's sails.
  4. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    I want the Evo Now please on you tube
  5. Capboomer

    Capboomer Active Member

    ^ Respectfully BOOOOOOOO...
  6. mogulust

    mogulust Well-Known Member

    Bill, I really hope that's a joke... That would be the worst idea ever. Worst. Idea. Ever!
  7. Self Praise

    Self Praise Guest

    From what I know, iPhone 4G doesn't have the same specs as the EVO, and it's not a 4G device. Spec for Spec, it's not even close. Realistically , if the iPhone 4G were to drop in August, it would outsell every phone that's out in the market. I'd rather this device surpass Droid numbers, before going after something big as in the iPhone. Apple could announce that their product is going from 3.5" to 3"7, with a 1GB processor, and millions will get that device. It's reality. Dan Hesse said it the best, "The iPhone is the Michael Jordan of cell phones, popularity wise." Hardware wise, the EVO is completed already. Software wise, it's not ready for mainstream yet, but close. That and more internal testing that won't get mentioned, June is more solid than late May. They still have a huge media blitz to carry out, and a few events to deliver. I know people are very excited for this device, but I think you would rather have a working device, then a gorgeous dud in your hands.

    I tell you one thing though, it's been a very long time since Sprint debuted a device that would cause thousands of people to defect from their carriers to yours. For those who stuck with Sprint, this is a very proud moment for you guys. Let them take their time with the device, so we could keep those people around for a long time. Peace.
  8. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    I really do think that Sprint is banking on the release and media publicity of the EVO. They made a big bash at CTIA 2010, there are numerous threads and blogs (like ours) reporting speculation and rumors, and the media blitz in May just adds to it.

    I feel that many people will stay with Sprint for the 4G service, when available to all, and for there prices (service). As for ATT and getting the next gen Iphone, I strongly believe that the EVO, heck the Incredible, can blow it out of the water. For starters the Iphone can't support Java out of the box.
  9. SprintFun

    SprintFun VIP Member VIP Member

    Suck some wind out of their sales after selling over 2 million phones? Not really doing much.

    Each day that passes post-Incredible launch without solid details will mean some people go with the Incredible.
    Each day closer to June 22nd (when the next iPhone is expected to be unveiled), its a missed opportunity because people will say "I'll just wait to see what the next iPhone is like"

    To me, Sprint needs to release the phone ASAP from a business standpoint. They really have a small window of opportunity to attract NEW customers who aren't tech-geeks and salivating over a spec sheet.
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  10. capthr

    capthr Well-Known Member

    You are correct. But, as Self Praise says the software is not ready, Sprint can't risk releasing the phone and having problems being reported from the first users. It is important that it be problem free right from day one.
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  11. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    I gotta agree with Self Praise and capthr, if there are problems out of the box then whats the point. I have seen computer games get great reviews and mass media coverage, being told it will be the next great game. Then what happens, the day of release the software company has a critical patch to fix errors so you can play it. Talk about bad publicity. I don't think Sprint wants that kind of attention.
  12. It will be released in early June like i have been saying. May is not happening. There is a 0% chance of this.
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  13. mogulust

    mogulust Well-Known Member

    I'm probably not the norm, but I'd be happy to pay to be a beta tester if Sprint sold the Evo before it was ready. Hell, my ppc-6800 still doesn't completely work how it should, and I bought it two and a half years ago, I can work around it.
  14. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    I second the beta testing, and I share the pain with you on the MOGUL. I have had it for 2 years, its my current phone, and I can't think of one day were it hasn't crapped out on me or had a brain fart. But I love it to dead.
  15. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    I search and could not find that post. Did you do a step by step?

    Man I have a lot to catch up reading, but I have to head for the city so I am sure when I come back there will be another 10 pages. :eek:

    TS out
  16. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    Hey also, I may be behind but, has anyone else noticed the Sprint advertisements for the EVO on the top of the page. It redirects to but its cool to see it.
  17. timmertc

    timmertc Well-Known Member

    It's nice to know many share my pain with the 6800. I've been suffering with a half-dead keyboard for 18 months because I didn't get the insurance, so I'm more than ready for the EVO. I don't care if it has bugs, it can't be worse than Windows Mobile, which is using the general public for constant Beta testing.
  18. stevbl01

    stevbl01 Well-Known Member

    I agree.. I am sure the EVO will be a success but if it comes out two weeks before the next iPhone and say it is on Sprint I am thinking some new EVO customers may return theirs to get the iPhone. I hate to say it put Sprint would be better off letting Apple play their hand first then give them a taste of their own medicine and market the hell out of the EVO!!!
  19. Lindseybp

    Lindseybp Well-Known Member

    I've got to say I agree. I'm one of those who is on a different carrier and is looking to switch and the longer it takes for the EVO to come out the greater the chance that I might end up getting an Incredible or wait for the new iPhone. I realize Sprint is trying to get this perfect but everybody and their brother has known Apple will release a new iPhone in June so they have had time to get things together and get the phone out prior to the new iPhone.

    I'm sure there have been things that take quite a while to work out that we aren't aware of and I'm sure that Sprint is going as fast as they can and hopefully we see it soon. Otherwise I do think they will miss out on pulling in some new subscribers. Just my opinion.
  20. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    Wow 18 months you got some serious patients. I went one day with a key not working and went ape $hit before I went to Sprint. I mean it was fixed, for the most part, after getting two phones. So really you have been touch screen training for the EVO for 18 months. Sounds fun. :)
  21. mogulust

    mogulust Well-Known Member

    The keyboard on my 6800 died also, it would either throw up like six q's when I press the key, or nothing at all. It was having some other hardware issues too. I didn't have insurance but a sprint store will give you a refurb replacement for $50 if you can demonstrate and prove the problem. I only paid $100 originally so I figured $150 total wasn't bad. At the time I considered switching over for the Droid because a friend got one and was showing it off, but I didn't like the extra wide aspect of the screen, and I had faith that htc and sprint had something better in the works and was willing to wait it out. Come on, I mean, htc vs. motorola??? I'll always put my bet on htc devices having the better design.
  22. travisr528

    travisr528 Well-Known Member

    As much as I want to disagree because
    A) I really want an Evo and
    B) I really hate Apple

    I would have to agree with you. Apple is in the top 5 largest companies and can and will do everything in it's power to destroy the Evo marketing blitz. For most consumers 4G and what we believe to be cheaper rates are not going to move mass herds of Iphone users and Iphone wanter's over to Sprint. Most companies offer 10%,15%, and up to 25% plan discounts with carrier's so those people are not going to be as likely to jump on the Evo band wagon. Also don't ever underestimate the loyalty these Iphone people have to apple. Have you ever argued with one of those people, I rather stab myself in the eye 3-4 times than listen to one of them.
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  23. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    i dont care if the evo doesnt sell more than the iphone. i just want it lol. as long as i have it, im fine.
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  24. captain008

    captain008 Well-Known Member

    Man you have no idea. I have a co worker with an Iphone and it just disgusts me when he talks about it.
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  25. dylan88

    dylan88 Well-Known Member

    my dad and cousin pray to steve jobs. its annoying.
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