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  1. Autosuggestion

    Autosuggestion Well-Known Member

    First post from my Incredible using skyfire.

    No problems with the keyboard so far.

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  2. phantom phenom

    phantom phenom Well-Known Member

    I have question about preorder, How long can i preorder EVO before lauch release date ?
  3. capthr

    capthr Well-Known Member

    At this point no one knows ANY dates for certain.
  4. Fandroidboy

    Fandroidboy Active Member

    Here are just some dates I pulled from Official Rules for the "Blaze Across America with 4G Contest" and other whispered dates. It just got me really excited to lay it all out and think how close we are!!! News should just start streaming in :)

    4/21 – Start of “Blaze Across America with 4G Contest” Entries
    5/9 – End of Entries
    5/12 – Sprint Event in NY (Possible news!!!)
    5/18 – Selection of Semi-finalists
    Semi-Finalists will be awarded one (1) HTC EVO 4G phone along with free service for one (1) year. Because the EVO is not currently for sale to the public, the final retail value has not been determined. Semi-Finalist will be provided with an approximate retail value upon delivery of the device.
    5/18 – Selection of Finalists
    BLOG BONUS. One (1) Finalist will be awarded the Blog Bonus of $4,000.00 cash (awarded in the form of a check).
    5/22 – Sprint Cup All-Star Race (Possible news/release I hope!!!)
    5/26 – Blog voting begins.
    6/6 – Possbile presale/best buy/release
    6/13 – Possible release.
    8/31 – Blog voting ends.
    8/31 – Blog Ends.
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  5. Obstruct

    Obstruct Member

    Good point... I was not thinking. The video about Skyfire 2.0 had some nice features and they claim it reduces battery consumption due to procesing on remote servers instead of your device... I will just have to do a comparision. Next on my list of apps was Swype, I wonder with that will be out of beta stages
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's the older version of Skyfire that consumed more battery, but everytime I've used Skyfire to stream something, my battery goes quickly!...LOL...Then again, maybe it's just this stupid Touch Pro that I want to get rid of once and for all and replace with an EVO!
  7. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    To everyone who thinks Sprint will not release the Evo early because they are "trying to make sure it is perfect before release." I say this. No matter how perfect the device is you are going to hear bad reviews and criticism. if the Evo is "up and running" Get it out ASAP and then dedicate yourselves to timely and plenty of ota updates. If I get the Evo mid May and it works great with a few glitches I am not going to give it up if I get an update THAT I AM TOLD ABOUT IN ADVANCE a day or week later. Then just keep them coming. If you get the phone out, keep the consumer well informed and keep the updates and accessories rolling out in a timely fashion you could dominate! COME ON! IT MAKES SENSE!
  8. cabbie

    cabbie Well-Known Member

    That's not true if they were still on the clock. Typically, a 'break' is some time off the job while still on the clock thus a representative of the company. However, if they were on 'lunch' and punched out they are on their own time. They must have been on the clock.
  9. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    i have just finished deleting over 112 posts mostly (more than usual) off-topic posts as well as unnecessary images, and quotes since me signing off last night. I am not amused folks. And that count doesn't include the ones that mods lekky and Slug also deleted. :mad:

    I am now going on my break since I have been at it (doing the above) since this morning. When I come back I will say a few words about the future status of this thread and the off topic situation.

    TS out (on his break)
  10. dcdttu

    dcdttu Well-Known Member

    Better battery life
    Functioning Widgets
    Amazingly faster speed (it's a different device with 2.1)
    Smart Keyboard on it is a dream come true

    Very similar to the manly, techie commercials for the original Droid. And no one can argue that they weren't successful. I like it, very Matrix-esque. And as for not showing the phone... It's kinda ugly so I think that's a good idea. ;-) (I'd still get one if I weren't Sprint Premier in line for an Evo!)

    Most rooting, at least ones involving updating the OS version from 1.x to 2.x, are only able to be done with leaked ROMs for the very phones they are working with. It makes sense, as Android has to be customized for each phone on a pretty basic level.

    That said, the Evo is in a hardware and software class of its own. You probably won't see a Froyo update until the 2.2 firmware for the Evo itself is leaked... but don't quote me!
  11. TREV21

    TREV21 Well-Known Member

  12. dcdttu

    dcdttu Well-Known Member

    I cannot stand landscape keyboards on a phone. The Droid's massive layout makes no sense, and if anyone has tried to type a sentence on the Droid and then on the Palm Pixi, you'd probably pick the Pixi hands down. I type about 10x faster on the Pixi, as does everyone else that I've heard try it.

    Hell, I prayed for a landscape option on the iPhone when I had one and when it came out, used it about 4 times and then never again.

    /end opinion lol
  13. Eguy

    Eguy Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure HTC said it was 30fps 720p.
  14. zaaye

    zaaye Well-Known Member

    I don't know that "fascination" really gets at the gist of my post.

    Maybe this will help.

    Let's say I show up at an event or party several hours late so to speak, where everyone seems to be having a great time and find that I don't like the fact that every sixth song or so is a rap song and I don't care for rap. So I become upset and decide to tell the DJ to stop playing the rap songs and I also insist that the guest stop dancing to to rap songs as well. I think in doing so that I may have over stepped my bounds and maybe..just maybe.. I'm exhibiting an inflated idea of my self importance. While I would have every "right" to make the comment, no one would be bound in any way to agree with me. If one of the other guest said "hey DJ keep doing what you have been doing" that would be his "right" as well.

    Lastly, I don't really have a "dog in this fight" and I apologize to any one of the valued members of this forum including yourself that I offended with my previous post. I am really a nice guy and love being here. I'm excited about the EVO!!!!:D
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  15. passivesf

    passivesf Well-Known Member

    The evo is awesome!!!
  16. keatre

    keatre Well-Known Member

    I think you're confusing rooting with custom ROMs. The root for the Evo will probably be out extremely quickly after launch, as its just modifying certain files to obtain the ROOT privileges of the phone...

    And when you root, you can just go ahead and start messing with all the stock ROMs options you want. The problem is gonna be waiting for the release of the kernel source so ROMs can be ported. Because the Evo is the first in a gen of 4G and there's no comparable device, it's gonna be a bit of a wrestling match.

    Having the kernel as a standard version that can be used in future and current ROMs with hardly anything to build off of, and working with AOSP is gonna be the problem.

    Now there's a lot smarter people that live on XDA than me, I'm just a lame cook, so there's no real telling if it'll be in 1-2 days you'll see ROMs up or in 1-2 months, never know.. I'm guessing with a popular device such as this though, it'll be quick.. I know I'll be playing with it as much as possible.

    EDIT: To clarify (I read my post again, and kinda confusing), what I mean to say is -- When the Evo ships, if its with 2.1, you'll probably see 2.1 ROMs out fairly quickly, as you did with the Hero (if anyone kept up with the Hero 1.5), as it's just a lot of customizing to run a lot smoother than stock - the trick would be to stay away from 4G stuff (or at least for me, I'm not to keen on the 4G coding yet).

    The problem is going to arise when you want 2.2 (or whatever FroYo is gonna be) on there before the official OTA. Because the kernel source wouldn't have been released yet, that's when you start running into problems.

    Sorry if this was confusing.
  17. drksilenc

    drksilenc Well-Known Member

    ehh keatre thats not entirely true as long as we get the 2.2 core we can build because the 4g antenna will have drivers build into the core and thats alot of the problem. the rest of it can be ported over from the incred. basically splicing the 2 together

    there ya go lol. im a hero guy on ppc and dont really post on xda but have been a member there for over 2 years lol just didnt want you confusing guys over the rom issue
  18. keatre

    keatre Well-Known Member

    Sorry, re-edited, my original post was a little confusing...
  19. ekt8750

    ekt8750 Well-Known Member

    Ewww there's an Incredible ad at the top of the page...
  20. billsmed

    billsmed Well-Known Member

    I'm not offended by anything you've said in this forum, zaaye. I'd like to take your music theory one step further; let's say before the party started that the majority voted and said they wanted to hear rap music. Now, after the party is half over, someone comes along and says that's not music and that's not what this party is all about. How much respect do you think that person would get from the people that were there and voted for rap music? Had he/she talked to people that were there in the beginning, he would have known that the majority voted for rap music and that was what they wanted.
  21. 22engine

    22engine Well-Known Member

  22. ashtx07

    ashtx07 Well-Known Member

    You guys talk too much...missed a couple days and have sooo many pgs to read through. Somebody wanna spare me reading through it all and catch me up?
  23. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Okay folks, grab some popcorn cause this is gonna be long.

    It seems that my stance of easing up on the off-topic posts has come back to bite me where the sun don't shine. I have said from the very beginning that I did not want this thread to be dis-organized and be just full of off-topic stuff. I surely did not want what happened in the Incredible thread to happen here, which is why I took such a hard stance in the first place. To be compared to or say that this thread is becoming like that thread is not only an insult to my organizational skills but also hurts. You all are not children (maybe some are teenagers but still), most are adults that know whats right and wrong. As such I try to treat you all like adults and expect the same not only to the staff here but also to your fellow member.

    The way i see this thread is much like any other being posted in Phandroid. A topic is first place on the site and discussions are then followed up thereafter. Some of those discussions are on the mark, others are off-topic. The same in the forums here. But one thing is for certain, it is moderated by staff to keep it on track and rid of inappropriate comments, flames, jabs and images. Not only as per the Community guidelines but also to any sticky individual guidelines set forth by the staff in the individual sections themselves.

    That being said, yes in a thread like this one where most if not all is speculation, one can say that every post is off-topic, but thats not to say that if the topic on hand is anything to do with the eventual specs and release of the EVO, that a image or video of Mike Tyson is okay to post. (just an example, not pointing out anyone) Or that talking solely about Wimax, EVP, etc should be allowed in the thread. Really it shouldn't. We have a big EVO section, and I have said in the past to utilize it. Not everything belongs in the Official EVO thread. With that sad, don't be surprised if you find your post edited or missing since last nights fiasco.

    Although I pride myself, along with billsmed in trying to keep this thread/section in order, we cannot do everything. There is no moderator that is assigned solely to a section. We do ALL sections. That means if a post is reported for whatever reason, any staff member can go in and do what they feel is appropriate at the time. Do not get upset when another moderator comes in just doing their duty when a post is reported. Sometimes, we mods go in not knowing the full story behind a thread and just delete posts on the spot. Usually we read the whole thread to get a feel of whats going on and then take appropriate action, whether it's to delete the post, infract the member or ban them. But with a thread as big as this one, to read all posts to get a feel of it, is futile and time consuming unless you have been here since the beginning. Therefore the staff member has to go on instinct and read just a page or two and then go by that feeling. This is why I say, as members and owners of this thread, you all have to do your part and make sure that whatever you write is appropriate and not off topic. Images of Steve Jobs, mickey mouse, etc although funny, really hampering the usefulness of the threads purpose. They should go in their own thread or in the lounge. Once there, you can post a link in here to point the members to see it, but discussing it in the EVO thread just bloats it and makes reading for good info fruitless.

    Now, like I mentioned a few days ago and quite a few pages back, one of the ideas both me and billsmed had was to split this thread into two. One just for Official info and the other for speculation and rumor or keeping it as is in one spot. But I really haven't decided yet. There are pros and cons to that either idea.
    Regardless what road i take, like I said, we need your help in keeping it on track, otherwise, all our efforts and expectations would be fruitless.

    As for member Techman and his decision to leave, I am sorry to hear that, and hopefully he will change his mind and you all welcome him back if he so chooses to come back. There is no need for what happen last night and hopefully it will be the last incident.

    You all should know me by now that I care for this community and love the friendships that have been built along the way toward the EVO's release, but I am also a hard ass and will set forth my wrath if it comes to a crossroad if rules are not followed. Lets work together and not against each other.

  24. Android 17

    Android 17 Well-Known Member

    Man, I'm excited to use Skyfire on the EVO, videos should look amazing on it.

    It seems to me that Skyfire may turn out to be a better choice amongst browsers even when Flash is released. The face that it runs videos off a server may cost more battery life (according to what some typed), but I would imagine it'd make for smoother videos since it wouldn't rely on the GPU as much.
  25. Eguy

    Eguy Well-Known Member

    Nothing really. When we get a release date and any more info, I am sure Bill will update the first post. I wouldn't expect anything until May 12th and 17th.
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