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  1. nexusprimepls

    nexusprimepls Well-Known Member

    I would like to see one in person, but am too afraid to go to the store and get SOLD! Come on G'Nex!

  2. tdub88

    tdub88 Well-Known Member

    Panorama means wide side to side? The w i d e image is probably compressed to fit the screen. If you were to print it out on larger paper or view it on a larger monitor it would be "thicker".

    I guess I don't understand your question.
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  3. matt999000

    matt999000 Well-Known Member

    hey at least your getting one day off just to play with the phone
  4. tdub88

    tdub88 Well-Known Member

    I'm still holding out hope for the 21st..........:eek:
  5. atrayn22

    atrayn22 Well-Known Member

    The panoramic mode requires taking multiple full size pictures (side by side by side), so in order to display it on the screen it has to be shrunk down. Make sense? You can always transfer it to a computer and you should be able to see it a lot better.
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  6. Cincybearcatfan

    Cincybearcatfan Well-Known Member

    No pity necessary here ya go! Executive Leadership
  7. nirvanayoda

    nirvanayoda Well-Known Member

    I really hope this is the case. I'm going to SFO on black Friday for the weekend to watch ND/Stanford and would like my phone to work at the game. In my experience, AT&T doesn't work at all in large crowds, whereas my girlfriend's Verizon phone works flawlessly. I really wanted to switch to Verizon before then, but I would feel very guilty if I just "rented" a phone.

    Long story short -- PLEASE release this phone before thanksgiving.
  8. Dixiebug

    Dixiebug Active Member

    Me too!!!!
  9. jdduncan11

    jdduncan11 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. That make ssense. It would need to be compressed to fit the wider image. Just wasn't thinking I guess :p
  10. CaptainRon

    CaptainRon Well-Known Member

    That's my fear! I'm going to play it safe and not go into a store until the GNex is there to examine.
  11. zx10droid

    zx10droid Well-Known Member

    a friend of mine came by tonight, and low and behold he has a new rezound. ill tell you this, IMO that is one heck of a phone. i loved the screen, and if the gnex has a higher ppi and better picture i will be MORE than happy to wait for it. its not nearly as thick as some people make it out to be and actually felt quite nice in the hand. he said the reason he went with the rezound over the razr was he thought the razr was so thin that it was actually awkward to hold and felt uncomfortable. this was the boost i needed to keep faith and hold on until the end for the gnex, because if ICS is as great as the build up is and the screen is a nice as we hope, it will be well worth the wait
  12. nirvanayoda

    nirvanayoda Well-Known Member

    I went by a local VZW store to check out the Rezound tonight, and I've seen the Razr before. I agree that the resolution on the Rezound looks great, but the colors didn't really pop. I preferred the colors on the Razr's screen. I also preferred the look of the Razr, but I like thin phones. The Rezound was much too thick for me...I'm hoping the Nexus is thinner.

    All that being said, both are great phones. I'd probably go Razr if the Nexus wasn't available.
  13. Grandmadroid

    Grandmadroid Well-Known Member

    True....but the lurking/sketchy/etc never caused us to lose our focus.....we weren't even TEMPTED to look at another phone...ha ha...good times!:p
  14. yorcadon

    yorcadon Well-Known Member

    I actually would like to try to get this Google+ idea up and running.

    I started a Google+ page called Android Forums Galaxy Nexus.

    Send a message to that page with your username and you'll be added to a circle. I'll keep sharing the circle when I add new people.

    The end goal? I'll get a list of everyone here that uses Google+ and in turn share that list with all the same people, so we can all know who the others are. Live chat, video hangouts, whatever we want.

    Just send a message to Android Forums Galaxy Nexus with your username (I'll keep a running list of user names vs real names so we know who is who) and you'll be added to my circle to be re-shared.

    Let's see who's interested.
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  15. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    The Gnex has a lower ppi than the Rezound.
  16. crt134

    crt134 Well-Known Member

    Finally took a stroll through the verizon store down the street (no worries, just wanted to handle the R phones after seeing so much about them), and I have to say I totally agree with people that the Razr just doesnt feel right at least in my hands. It feels/looks like something that used to be thicker but somebody smashed it thinner and the excess squirted out the sides. Just weird to hold.

    The um, HTC device was pretty mice though. Echoing so many on here, the thickness wasn't an issue. That being said the 28th really is looking like the day. All these other dates are hopeful but not likely, all these ppl hearing 28th in one day looks great.

    Ps im typing on a phone sorry for w/e typos got thrown in there!
  17. DSCR

    DSCR Well-Known Member

    I am sure I could find this out somewhere else or even earlier in this mega thread but, I'm agonna ask it here.

    Is it true that there will be a 16gb AND 32gb version of the SGN?

    I would think the 16gb would be at a price point of $299 with 2 year contract? Does anyone "know" the 32gb price with 2year contract? Ya think maybe $399 with 2 year contract?

    Cloud services have been great for me for mobile access. Dropbox put an end to my need for memory sticks, for example. I have been using google music beta for a while, Picasa and photobucket for pics, etc.
    I would think I would settle for the 16bg version. What do y'all think?
  18. jester6x

    jester6x Well-Known Member

    So you're saying there's a chance?? (yes I am quoting Dumb and Dumber :D )
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  19. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    Not to start anything but I hardly think the two other phones that are out are "settling" since all three phones have the same basic specs.
  20. ajdroidx

    ajdroidx Well-Known Member

    One more question...

    Upgrade at full price gives me a month to month now instead of a 2 year contract. I still have unlimited email and data but I take it, this would be the last of it after this phone... correct?
  21. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    I do think one of the Steven's quoted it best... Its a win-win-win for those of us on VZW.
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  22. eddieruko

    eddieruko Well-Known Member

    basically, it's gotta fit a really long picture on a 4-inch wide screen. if you want to fit the entire width of the pic on the screen, you gotta shrink it down keeping the aspect ratio intact.
  23. lennyk1313

    lennyk1313 Well-Known Member

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  24. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    For those of you who quoted my last post about what's out and what's best:

    I apologize.

    Steven is right. It's win-win-win. Everyone gets a great phone. Nexus may come out buggier than an insect collection... and that's why that original message isn't there anymore.

    Even I mess up and type stupid sometimes, and I'll own up to it. :)
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  25. daelite20

    daelite20 Well-Known Member

    you should of told her, " hopefully they sell fast, so they release the Gnex." LoL
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