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  1. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    do you really think Google would debut ICS with it's less impressive device?? sorry, but that doesn't make sense to me.

  2. r4yN

    r4yN Well-Known Member

    i don't know... am i google? :D
  3. rastataoist

    rastataoist Member

    Well, the term stop-gap comes to mind. I'm sure if it were to happen that way (though I personally don't believe it) it wouldn't be the way Google had originally planned it.
  4. Thejungle

    Thejungle Well-Known Member

    They could, partially. I think it may have a phisical keyboard and lower specs, but just with less impressive specs. Nexus Prime may just hit the stores few weeks later. Nothing wrong or problematic with this.
  5. rrhartjr

    rrhartjr Well-Known Member

    May I remind you that there have been two separate model numbers..

    What if the OMAP4 version is the Verizon/LTE version.. since OMAP+LTE has been proved to work..

    And the Exynos version is the GSM/rest of world version..

    Just a thought!
  6. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    As far as buying it without subsidized pricing, P3Droid is now saying that he will do just that.

    I'm not thinking it's going to be sold without subsidizing. I think P3Droid is going to do that because he's not up for an upgrade. He is rocking the Bionic presently. I think he used his upgrade for that, because he was bitching about having to wait so long for it at Verizon on September 8.
  7. joltman

    joltman Member

    First post. I've been reading this thread since a page somewhere in the 40s. I own an iPhone 3GS now, and have been waiting on an AT&T renewal until I heard more about the new iPhone and the new ICS phones coming out. Android has always been interesting to me. I'm an Ubuntu user, so Linux is not out of my realm of knowledge. Anyway, all this speculation is fun/frustrating. But getting to my question. I have seen pretty much EVERY Android phone of late (last year or so?) come with HDMI output. I haven't seen ANYONE mention HDMI out on this phone. Am I the only one who thinks it's a great idea?

  8. VTarantino

    VTarantino Well-Known Member

    They launched Android 2.0 on the Motorola Droid in early November, then launched the Nexus One in early January of the next year, only two months later...
  9. r4yN

    r4yN Well-Known Member

    Don't copy my thoughts! :D

    I really hope it has miniHDMI again, i can't stand MHL.. you have to charge it while mirroring -.-'

    oh and welcome btw... (sry i forgot, shame on me :D)
  10. BlueBiker

    BlueBiker Well-Known Member

    Hey tbrindisi, I want to apologize here. Rather than getting caught up in challenging the comparison between the OMAP/Exynos chips, I should've said two things:

    1. Your point about one chip possibly being faster than another, even when it has a lower clock rate, is entirely correct. There are different manufacturers and designs and generations of chips, and you're right that you can't just look at clock speeds to see which is faster.
    2. Welcome to the forums! You have a lot to contribute, and I hope you'll keep at it.

    Yeah, that's a good way to look at it. The CPU runs the operating system and applications and is used to figure out what information to display on the screen. The GPU is the hardware that formats the pixels and moves them around when you scroll or have animations.

    Laptop CPUs these days often have the GPU on the same chip, and even budget desktop CPUs are moving in the same direction. It doesn't tend to give the highest performance, but it saves battery power, reduces the space taken up on the motherboard, and can be cheaper too.
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  11. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I don't think we've talked about it because we're assuming it's a given that it will have it.
  12. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

  13. joltman

    joltman Member

    I'm sorry, but since I don't have an Android, why is charging and mirroring bad? I would think I'd want my phone to charge while displaying on a big screen (like the Atrix and it's media dock).

    Are there extra/crazy adapters to do power and HDMI?
  14. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    i don't know - are you...???

    reminds me of A Few Good Men:

    "Markinson is a ghost - he could be anyone."

    "Are you Markinson?"


    "Well, I'm not Markinson - that's two down."

  15. Thejungle

    Thejungle Well-Known Member


    Interesting, but i'm afraid it's upside down..
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  16. joltman

    joltman Member

    Did the Nexus S (in any variety) have HDMI? Honestly, I don't know.
  17. r4yN

    r4yN Well-Known Member

    Yeah for Mirroring your screen to a tv over MHL u need to buy a special adapter...

    plug the adapter into you device and the hdmi-output into your tv... but to make it work u need to plug your charging-cable into the adapter...

    so if you want to mirror something you always have to carry 2 cables with you, instead of one... and you need a free socket...

    ps: these news make me kinda happy again...

    only 11 hours ago (Germany - other time-zone), i (think i) failed in my english examination... and english is one of my main courses...

    pls tell me... you do understand what im trying to say, though my english is so damn bad, don't you?
  18. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    Or is it?

    Something doesn't jive with these pictures. It appears that one must have been mirrored, since the three contact points are shown towards the hump, with the screen facing right, hump at top. The Samsung/Google promo shows the contact points again towards the hump, screen facing right, but the hump is now at the bottom. Perhaps there are contact points on both sides?
  19. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    i'm well aware of the dual model numbers. but the idea that Google would debut its new OS, and a vzw exclusive debut at that, with a lesser-spec'd device doesn't make sense to me. i may end up being wrong, but out of all the possible explanations, that seems to be fairly far down on the list...
  20. r4yN

    r4yN Well-Known Member

    yeah its upside down... and you cut off the camera :D
  21. joltman

    joltman Member

  22. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    your English is better than many Americans i have seen posting in forums (present company excluded, of course) :)
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  23. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    If it's upside down, then the contacts would then be on the far side of the phone, unless as I added, there are contacts on both sides......or the image has been mirrored, which unforunately is quite common practice for marketing.
  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    where did that picture even come from
  25. r4yN

    r4yN Well-Known Member

    it's just rotated by 45 degrees (but into the wrong direction)...the power button is always on the right side ;)
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