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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**General

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  1. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member


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  2. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    You did not mis a thing.
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  3. Reborn58

    Reborn58 Well-Known Member

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  4. cggorman

    cggorman Well-Known Member

    Being micro-USB, wouldn't the car chargers most of us already own work with the GNex?
  5. longball10

    longball10 Well-Known Member

    price was 49.97
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  6. Reborn58

    Reborn58 Well-Known Member

    It's also been a legendary thread that's been around for over a year after it was closed. I'm sure a lot of us have re-read it or visited it for a laugh...
  7. ASC

    ASC I'm Shy VIP Member

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  8. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    I am sooooooooo happy these companies finally stopped making different chargers for every damn phone they made.
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  9. BlueBiker

    BlueBiker Well-Known Member

    Yes I do understand how eBay works. They'll get the PayPal and final value fees back -- if you agree to a mutual, which you didn't say -- but they're still out the original listing fee and the time that the original ad was running.

    As a seller, I wish people wouldn't buy things they aren't sure they want. But that's what the blocked-bidder list is for. ;)
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  10. cggorman

    cggorman Well-Known Member

    I give it another year before they quit shipping new phones with chargers. :-\
  11. CinLou

    CinLou Well-Known Member

    I found the Rezound very comfortable and not overly thick. The sales guy said the GNex would be a little thicker than the Razr! He also said the Rezound was just like the GNex:eek:except without the face recognition!
  12. skater57

    skater57 Well-Known Member

    I know I think it stopped when I got my voyager or maybe my env touch I'm not sure but what I am sure of is LG phones suck
  13. Rybnik

    Rybnik Well-Known Member

    Not saying Ducks will win, but they are fighting hard as they do typically in the second half. This is looking far uglier than the last game where Stanford just imploded in the second half...I think part of it is that USC still being bowl ineligible, just really wants to screw the Ducks out of the potential for the NC. Gotta say though, USC is in fine form tonight.
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  14. skater57

    skater57 Well-Known Member

    Things the rezound is lacking pure Android ICS updates straight from Google super amoled thingsgalaxy nexus is lacking for the most part is bloatware and soft key
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  15. cggorman

    cggorman Well-Known Member

    My kid's ENV3 has been great. Best phone I've owned since the old StarTAC.

    Maybe a toss-up with the OG Droid.
  16. salizai01

    salizai01 Active Member

    Been lurking for a week or two...

    I went to a Verizon corporate store (Columbia, MD) today. The CSR I spoke to said that they had no release date yet. They haven't had any training and have no advertising material. He said that they had training on the Razr about a month before its release, so he didn't think the GNex would be coming out in the next week. He was definitely pushing the Razr over the Rezound. I actually liked the look and feel of the Razr, but I'll hold out with my OG Droid until I can get my hands on my shiny new GNex!

    I'm not too tech savvy so I don't know if this next part makes any sense - the CSR said that the GNex was going to be released with a beta version of ICS and that the real version wasn't going to be released until 2012! Please, someone tell me what this means!!
  17. kegerino

    kegerino Member

    First, Star Wars is badass! My 3 year old was Darth Vader for Halloween.

    I just want to say that I am getting this phone just because it is a Nexus. That's it, I would be ok with hanging on to my DX for the foreseeable future. But, the idea of a phone updated when the update actually rolls out, well, that appeals to me. I was really wanting a Nexus 1, but I gave up hope on a Nexus after VZW passed it up (if that's how it went down). I didn't even bother looking for a Nexus S on VZW. I knew they wouldn't have it.

    The Nexus phones have the allure of the "pure Google experience", I hope that stays true. I'm not an uber-geek, but I have waited long for updates on my Droid Eris and then my Droid X (bought on ebay, btw) for long periods of time. Don't get me wrong, the phones still functioned well (at least the DX) , but I knew there was an update to android that I didn't have.

    Well, my heart actually sped up when I heard (read) that VZW was getting the Nexus. And an exclusive! That's pretty damn cool.

    I'm waiting. Hopefully it will be 11/21, but if not, I will wait for it. I don't need a phone. I don't even want a phone. But, I do want a Nexus.
  18. Puchkey

    Puchkey Well-Known Member

    Was it good? Or was it like "mehhh, we got this other phone too. Its not the Razr, but at least its on our network..."
  19. Interestingman

    Interestingman Well-Known Member

    So, I've been out of the loop for about 28 hours and I come back online to hear rumors that there may be no 32GB option any more (WHAT?) no flash (not that big of deal), and still no confirmation of a date? Brutal.
  20. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    it is actually pretty cool:

    HTC Rezound Official Commercial - YouTube

    although i personally don't find beats audio to be a selling point, i am sure there are those who do.
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  21. CinLou

    CinLou Well-Known Member

    Sounds delicious! Have fun!
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  22. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Welcome to the forums, salizai01! :)
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  23. halon

    halon hakuna matata VIP Member

    I refuse to get a Thunderbolt 2.
  24. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    The whole beats thing just makes me laugh and to be honest I never heard of it until seeing this phone.
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  25. soccerplaya2090

    soccerplaya2090 Well-Known Member

    its actually not too bad of a phone. its probably what i would get if the nexus wasnt coming out.
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