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***Official Galaxy Nexus Pre-Release speculation thread**General

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  1. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    Not sure if you saw, but there was 1 quote from another forum a couple pages back, just look for the "Thanks". Other than that, nothing to even nibble on really except for the mind games Panda is playing.

  2. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    I will be watching the game on the tube. It was just a joke.

    Gotta go later...
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  3. Bonez

    Bonez Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm sticking to, and what could very well be likely. :)
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  4. pcriz

    pcriz Well-Known Member

    I don't get to go home for Thanksgiving and my only peace of mind was getting my greezy mits all over this phone for the 4 days I get out of work.

    Maybe taking some panoramic shots up in Orlando..

    Now I may just go out and get Skyrim and see what that is all about..
  5. DiegoKokomo

    DiegoKokomo Well-Known Member

    No way they release it the day before Thanksgiving. It's either tomorrow or Friday if it's this week.
  6. darejer

    darejer Well-Known Member

    Thanks... just saw it. The things that we put our hope into :)
  7. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    That makes me sad that you don't get to go home. Sorry big red may possibly add insult to injury.
  8. schwenger

    schwenger Well-Known Member

    Anyone read these tweets from panda/black_man_x?

    Sorry if these have been posted, take as you will.
  9. lickwidravr

    lickwidravr Well-Known Member

    lol, that would suck if i swapped days and then it comes out on wednesday :eek: lol
  10. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    My "Glass Half Full" self says web launch tomorrow, in stores 28th. That would mean you could get it tuesday or wednesday :)

    I'm thinking of grabbing assassin's creed today for a welcome distraction.
  11. mountainlover

    mountainlover Well-Known Member

    If I would have read this before I went to Verizon yesterday, I would have bought the Rezound. I really loved that phone.
  12. scottg96

    scottg96 Well-Known Member

    The first leaked Verizon doc said week of 11/21. 4-Day Websale ends on 11/21. Accessories, training, promo materials have all shown up in stores. Multiple VZ rep confirmations. The list goes on and on, and I'm feeling more and more confident it will be announced on Monday and released in stores after that.
  13. RkyMtnTiger

    RkyMtnTiger Active Member

    I see the date has changed from 12/8 to 11/19....what info is new to make everyone think this change?
  14. scottg96

    scottg96 Well-Known Member

    The "w/o = web only" thing has already been shot down, that's not what it stands for.
  15. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    Accessories, training, promo materials have all shown up in some stores, others have none of the above.
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  16. scottg96

    scottg96 Well-Known Member

    Nooo, the AndroidForums owner made an announcement on the 19th, it doesn't have to do with the release date. I think they should change the title to week of 11/21 because that is the most likely at this point.
  17. darejer

    darejer Well-Known Member

    Nothing... 11/19 has to do with a letter to VZW that the forum want sot write. Then they will really care (sarcasm)
  18. scottg96

    scottg96 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure all corporate stores have these. Not all resellers necessarily, but I think the priority will go to the corporate stores and then leftover shipments will go to resellers.
  19. orlando bull

    orlando bull Well-Known Member

    Or, the others are more tight lipped about it and haven't owned up to having those things. Maybe, they haven't opened the boxes marked "do not open until 11/21" that we heard about last week???
  20. pcriz

    pcriz Well-Known Member

    Don't feel too bad for me, the old lady and I conjured up an early Thanksgiving last month before I left.

    From nothing to Thanksgiving in less than 24 hours, usually I spend a week prepping for that one day.

    Reminds me of my old high school rule:
    Two week report - Start on day one, take two weeks to complete
    Start the night before turn in, take 5 hours. (trollogic)
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  21. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I feel like this is us lately
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  22. darejer

    darejer Well-Known Member

    My guess is that they are either nothing... or red Dinc2's
  23. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    There have been many many posts about people asking if their store had an accessories and being told no. Same with Training.
  24. scottg96

    scottg96 Well-Known Member

    Oooh when did we hear about "do not open until 11/21"? That pretty much sums up my confirmation of release next week right there!!! :D
  25. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    ...besides, CK ain't like that. he's just here to have fun, and talk Andy - nothing more. he's very much an enthusiast, but he's not vindictive or petty.

    p.s. teddy - good to see you around these parts!
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