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  1. mangopositive

    mangopositive Active Member

    Unfortunately, one of the cornerstones of business is that every year, you must take in more money than the previous year or you're a failure and stock prices go down. When they finally get us used to unlimited 4G LTE and pull the unlimited rug out from under us, your choice is to either stop using so much data (websites only, no streaming or downloads), accept the extra $50 to $100 on your bill, or go back down to dumb phones. There is no way they will differentiate for the cloud. They want our bills to go up. They don't really care where the money comes from. It will be interesting to see the backlash when people's bills go up. The minute they kick my wife and I off of unlimited is the minute my wife and I change carriers and cancel data all together, unless they can adjust their pricing model to the new realities of the cloud and 4G LTE. With just surfing the web, my wife and I ALWAYS get 2.5 to 3.4 GB of data usage every month with our OG Droids.

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  2. buyephesus

    buyephesus New Member

    thanks for post
  3. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member

    You can put your movies and music onto an external hard drive connected to your router via Pogoplug and not leave your PC on. Then you can stream your media via your Pogoplug app from your external drive to your phone. It is nice but does have some streaming glitches when watching movies. I have an older version though. Maybe the newest version of Pogoplug mobile works better than mine. :)
  4. I don't think they will take away unlimited data for those grandfathered. I mean the goal is always to get new customers since they are already making money off of you and your contract. It is the new customers that get hit the most with overages and what not. I think verizon and the other carriers know getting rid of the grandfathered data would cause a huge backlash and could cost them millions in lost customers, unless they restructure their data plan prices and be a little cheaper and offer more data than current tiers. I am the same way if they take away my unlimited data I will switch to another carrier or prepaid.
  5. pm1066

    pm1066 Well-Known Member

    Having just played with what passes for blur on the Bionic, it is light years ahead of what the DX had in the initial round of blur. If the Razr blur is that benign, I think it won't be an issue anymore.
  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    My external drive doesn't have an Ethernet connection, and my router doesn't have a USB port so THAT'S a come-and-go idea but thanks... unless you can explain anther way to do it without buy a new either one.
  7. shawn218

    shawn218 Well-Known Member

    i see that the free account is only 2 gigs. where does the other 17 come from? inviting a friend?
  8. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    LOL!! i've been saying all along that i'm not going to choose until i hold both devices in my hand. both have good points, and both have drawbacks. really undecided right now...

    1. screens. GNex has an advantage. but, i'll be using a tablet for movies and that kind of stuff. just a guess, but i'm betting the differences in the screens won't be significant, so GNex only gets a slight edge.

    2. processors. both are clocked at 1.2, but the difference is between 4430 and 4460. i haven't seen anything definitive, but it doesn't appear that the different processors is all that significant. slight edge to GNex.

    3. bootloader. Moto locked, and GNex unlocked. i've been flashing roms for a while now, and i'm starting to wind down - haven't flashed a new rom in over 2 months, and i used to do it about every couple days. just doesn't hold the same appeal now. plus, as was pointed out in Razr forum, once ICS comes to Razr, and the accompanying native ability of ICS to disable system apps, you will essentially be able to have an AOSP rom. plus, the Razr has been rooted, as well. but, i do have an inherent objection to Moto locking MY device, and the openness of the GNex (on VZW no less) may just be too much to pass up.

    4. build quality/aesthetics. i want to hold GNex to see how it feels. but, from what i've seen so far, Moto would win this battle pretty easily.

    5. call quality/LTE connection. Moto definitely has past performance on it's side on call quality. but, i think Sammy has started stepping up its game. probably edge to Moto, tho.

    6. NFC. yeah, i don't understand why Moto didn't include this. but, if the NFC chip comes in the battery, it doesn't seem like it would be hard to retrofit. i mean, we all know the battery in the Razr will have to be replaced at some point during the next 20 months.

    so, out of the box, i think GNex wins. but, it's "lead" is with respect to things upon which Moto could catch up pretty easily within a couple months. so, i'm gonna have to ask myself what's more important - call quality and build quality vs. getting updates a month or 2 earlier and flashing roms. at this point, i'm just not sure which way i'm leaning...
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  9. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Zumocast does a great job, but requires the PC or PCs being used to be on and the app running. In any case, people without unlimited data are basically screwed with storage clouds for media, unless relying on wifi for access points.

    Added: Since the recent update, the app rocks.
  10. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    Yup. I gained more space thanks to some kind af member using my link to sign up.
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  11. shawn218

    shawn218 Well-Known Member

    how do you do this? i just made my account, how do i give someone a link?
  12. CellRaven

    CellRaven Well-Known Member

    I don't like how nobody cares about anything anymore since the device was announced for Verizon. . .can we continue searching and questioning to see what if anything as of right now will happen with other carriers . . T-Mobile, ATT, Sprint ? ? ?

    I don't care at all about VZW, but I stayed on top and looked everywhere I could for information that had no effect on me whatsoever, but simply for the fact that it effected YOU guys.

    So can we please not just give up on everything and maybe still have some people trying to look into this device and other carriers the same way we did for VZW.

    You don't have to, but I'm just saying.
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  13. kokiangel

    kokiangel Well-Known Member


    You don't need a usb port on your router or an ethernet connection on your external drive. You just need Pogoplug. I have this one which connects to my router then I connect my external drive to the pogoplug device. There is another version which connects the pogoplug device to your PC but I didn't like that one. Sorry for the confusion. I am terrible at explaining things.:eek:
  14. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Some reasons I believe this will be a groundbreaking phone:

    1) This phone is going to be the phone the N1 was supposed to be.
    2) It will have the customer base that the N1 didn't have.
    3) Will have a discounted contract price.
    4) Has cutting edge software and hardware
    5) Because it will have many users, I believe the dev community will support it for at least a year and a half or more.
    6) Because this is a google phone it will have the latest and quickest updates.

    Therefore, I believe this phone will be future-proof until the next contract comes up.
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  15. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    I know it's not the cheapest investment, but I highly recommend Windows Home Server. I have a low power WHS box that's on all the time. Up to 16GB storage right now, and have some room to expand. It backs up every computer in the house. For all movies, I have it set to copy them into a mobile format. Has DLNA server, so I can stream to my phone, TV, or Xbox.

    It also has a built in domain (or you can link to your own registration), so not only do I have access to all my files on the wifi network, I have access to them anywhere from the internet.
  16. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    At least it says something about "streaming" media to Android so we're on the right track... :) Thanks
  17. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    When you sign up you'll get a link either in the email they send you or if you go to the dropbox page in your browser and sign in you can find it there. Then you can harass your friends by sending emails or put it in your signature on forums
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  18. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    Not to sound too snarky, but did you read what a pogoplug is? It is a small computer that runs off of a marvel (I think) ARM chip. It is basically a media server. It has both an ethernet and USB port, so it plugs into your router and from that connection serves the media on whatever is connected to the USB port.

  19. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

    I wish we could help, and I think we’re all doing the best we can.

    When we were “searching for info” on the Verizon SGN, I would constantly be checking the major tech sites for news, and would post a link if I found something worthwhile. I’m continuing to do that. But everything has been really quiet. I did post a link a couple thousand posts back about Sprint getting it, and also about how the sign up page for the SGN included all major carriers, and how that was a hope.

    Other than that, I don’t see what else we can do. And really, what did we do for the Verizon version, other than run around screaming like idiots and trying to beat back constant negativity? I did have the idea to follow teamandIRC’s lead on the grassroots campaign, and I suppose you can do that for other carriers (although I’d check with the Mods first).

    What else can we do? :confused:
  20. BabyBlues

    BabyBlues Trouble Just Finds Me! VIP Member

    I have googled it quite a few times to see if there is news of other carriers. I hope it's not exclusive, or if it is that it's only a limited time, I want to beam with whoever I can, not just verizon people. (especially since I know not many of my friends are leaning towards this phone)
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  21. burntorangefan

    burntorangefan Well-Known Member

    All good points. But at the end of the day for me, it comes down to having an open platform for development (on VZ) that can be updated when they're available. I DO think the screen will be better, but the RAZR is probably no slouch. I'm with you on flashing ROMs, but just because I don't do it as much anymore (especially on the T-bolt) doesn't mean I might not get the hankering down the road. And to be honest, I think the NFC thing is being downplayed a little in both forums. I don't know if NFC is as simple as a retro battery, I'm not sophisticated enough to understand those issues. Having said that, if it's not available on RAZR I think it would be a big deal for me because I do think that it's the future in the US (similar to Asia now). Either way, like you I plan on holding both and then making a decision. But it's gonna take a lot to get me to go the other way!
  22. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    I understand your concern, but there's barely any information right now on the Verizon release. Plus it has rumored exclusivity for a bit. So most people, myself included, don't think it's going to be on any other companies radar for at least a few months.

    I said it before, I don't have any info that would believe me to think that this will ever make it to Sprint. There is no CDMA/WiMax version announced. AT&T and possibly T-mobile make the most sense. As for the information on that model, you already have more than we do regarding the Verizon model. We don't know the thickness of the Verizon model (officially). The GSM version already passed through FCC.

    In summary, we do already know more about the GSM version than the LTE version. We don't know if it's coming to other carriers, or what date, but that's also probably a few months away. But at the same time, we still don't have confirmation of the exact date of the Verizon release either.
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  23. nhindian

    nhindian Well-Known Member

    Huh? The things you gave credit to Nexus for can't just be fixed with software. Screen (which I don't think is a 'slight advantage'), processor, non-fixed battery.

    Call quality is a complete unknown, so from what you listed, the only 'definite' advantage that the RAZR has (which isn't exactly definite either) is build quality.

    Add in Android 4.0 out of the box and unlocked bootloader and I don't see how it's a slam dunk.

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  24. HanSolo

    HanSolo Guest

  25. jaydotelloh

    jaydotelloh Well-Known Member

    Hmm, i left a message on the Samsung Mobile facebook page a few days ago "Pushing" them for release info. Now I'm not allowed to post on their wall anymore (went on my gf's and she can). Not only can i not post on their wall, but my previous post was deleted...

    Hmm, think i hit a nerve...
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