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  1. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    You vastly underestimate the importance of retaining or even gaining a slight market share by preempting an iPhone launch. This isn't about abandoned stores on launch day for the iPhone. Of course there will always be lines, but those folks also probably were in line a year ago for the iPhone 4. You're thinking in vague generalities. If the iPhone launch sales slide by a few %, that's a win, and you're NOT going to see that level of detail in the mass hysteria because those are the crazies that probably have 2 of everything with an apple on it in their homes.

  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    Roll Tide
  3. GoogleFanBoy

    GoogleFanBoy Well-Known Member

  4. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

    So what does this all mean? Armed Forces Day must mean Veteran's Day - 11/11/11. Sounds like a plausible release day to me.
  5. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

  6. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    I thought we were looking at 11/3. Then again, now that I look, the 3rd is a Monday. 11th is a Tues though. Shouldn't we be aiming for a Thurs?
  7. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

  8. daygo718

    daygo718 Well-Known Member

    Veteran's Day is Friday November 11th. Not sure how to interpret that poem.
  9. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    someone over at HoFo just made an interesting point. the guy who was able to play with the D4/Maserati a little said that the D4 might take the Droid HD name, and not the Spyder. so, this entry in the CelleBrite could signal the D4, and not the Spyder/Droid RAZR/?? This would also make some sense given that the model number in CelleBrite is listed as XT912, when the Spyder is supposedly the XT910.

    this doesn't have a whole lot to do with the Nexus Prime, other than to give an explanation as to how these pics may not be a complete hoax...
  10. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    October 3 is a Monday - November 3 is a Thurs.
  11. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Added cellebrite to the OP, thank you, Trophynuts. :)
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  12. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    I was confusing my months. So the 3rd sounds more reasonable, right?
  13. Don S

    Don S Well-Known Member

    Very well put. I agree completely.
  14. huskerkate

    huskerkate Well-Known Member

    that was the date hinted at by the Panda poem. it's as "reasonable" as anyone else's guess. :)
  15. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    I'm with you on this. Verification or fake? Too tough to call. I THINK the Vigor was actually verified as the Vigor recently but as fast as the info is moving, I may be all wet.

    Go Hawks.
  16. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    The name Nexus Prime ?????????????

    A very recent Twit from P3..............

    I know some do not like him but he does seem to have good info and is "connected" .............

    P3Droid P3Droid

    So who is getting the NP after seeing that application list? I know i will have one next to the bionic.
  17. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    I saw that tweet, but I don't understand what he means by it. Droid HD?
  18. Grandmadroid

    Grandmadroid Well-Known Member

    They have accessories for the "Vigor" on their site. ....and I read an article today that referred to OUR PRIME as "mythical ".....I was not amused.....
  19. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    Not sure either but when he writes "NP"............i get NEXUS PRIME from that?
  20. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Yeah, Lenny. That's what he means...at least that's how I'm reading it. :)
  21. vandyman

    vandyman Well-Known Member

    1.On Columbus day FCC will pass the nexus.(Oct.10th)
    2.Sammy and Google will release pictures and spes.(Oct.11th)
    3.On Veterans day, The Galaxy Nexus will be for sale at Verizon.(Nov.11th)

    The above is all rumors and myths, Or maybe not.;)
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  22. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    Interesting. Sounds as reasonable as anything so far.
  23. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    I do LOVE the render of the device from Slashgear. Icons, clock and Wallpaper look awesome together. Very nice looking handset.

    Manufacturers should hire these companies to render them some prototypes . I love the fit and finish on this thing.

    Source: SlashGear
  24. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    As much as everyone on this thread.................................

    not a damn thing lol
  25. cereal killer

    cereal killer Well-Known Member

    anybody notice these Fridays keep flying by and we still don't know jack? hahahahaha

    Another week of our lives spent speculating and trying to put together a 200 piece puzzle with 99% of the pieces missing LOL

    Tooooooo funny.

    We are not right. We should seek therapy. well not me I'm normal...but the rest of you.......
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