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***Official HTC Incredible Thread***General

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  1. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    Apple appears to me like they are getting paranoid.. The see how fast the competition is catching up and there is no doubt they see Google/Android as a real threat.

    Not to mention the new windows stuff at the end of this year. This leads me to believe that maybe they don't have quite the big upgrades coming that analysists and all the apple fanboy's are predicting. They realize the iPhone isn't the only phone out there with touchscreen and applications.

    Remember the razr when it launched. "Everyone" *hit their pants over it and had to get it (me included). What happened? There was a huge increase in slim style phones and phones designed like it.

    Then came the iPhone. Again, "everyone" *hit their pants over it (and some still are). What has happened? There has been a huge increase in slim, touch screen phones (smartphones) and applications.

    There will be the next big thing "everyone" has to have at some point, but maybe Apple doesn't know what it will be (I know I don't) and is afraid they won't offer it first. So what are they gonna do? Go after the competition and try to take them down. They want complete control of the market and want to do it the cheapest way possible. Steve Jobs is a control freak. I really feel he thinks he can get every cell phone user in the world to purchase an iPhone. Well maybe not VZW users cause he won't bring it to VZW lol.

  2. BradGfromBoo

    BradGfromBoo Well-Known Member

    People get scared and become desperate. Technology patents, especially those that are software related, are very difficult to enforce. If you ask me, there should be no such thing as software patents. They drive competition and force all parties to up the ante and continuously improve their product.

    Take Microsoft Office and Open Office for example. Do you see Bill Gates crying to the press that they cant sit around and let people steal their idea?? Nope. Nothing can be done. You cannot truly patent an idea. No one from HTC went over to Apple and stole their code. What they have created is in fact their own creation. I am very curious too see how this plays out. I would have to put my money on HTC. At least for all the software related issues that Apple is crying about. If it were ruled that nobody can have an unlock screen due to Apples patent then I would be more than shocked. It simply wont happen.
  3. pcfirefly

    pcfirefly New Member

    when..when...when.. will this be up and running....am very much excited I can't wait Its already March

  4. droidoholic

    droidoholic Well-Known Member

    This is the understatement of the millennium. We are foaming at the mouth around here. Any tidbits you can throw our way would be awesome. Welcome by the way.
  5. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Close. They're actually Ozzy Osbourne's from the album "Blizzard Of Ozz". :D
  6. Kaelin

    Kaelin Well-Known Member

    Apple should be paranoid. I'm sure Jobs is having flashbacks of when a small company called Microsoft took a few of his ideas and made them much better.
  7. vzw+google+htc=:)

    vzw+google+htc=:) Well-Known Member

    Listen google get a patent on the android os for multitasking, then when Apple adds it to the Icrap then you can sue them.
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  8. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    If any of this comes to pass, then I agree with some of the other folks here that Google should block gmail access to iPhone users. Take that, Apple!
  9. jrob007

    jrob007 Well-Known Member

    That will only really hurt the users. And it would violate the "Don't be evil" policy.
  10. axel_2078

    axel_2078 Well-Known Member

    True, true. Still, I disagree with what Apple is doing and I'm hoping they see the error of their ways once this plays out. I understand wanting to protect your ideas, but this is going overboard.
  11. burner79

    burner79 Well-Known Member

    Apple is only screwing themselves. Because of this suit I no longer have an iphone on my radar. iphone? what phone? But seriously I know a few people that we're going out to buy some Mac's today and now refuse to buy an apple product. I'm sure the locals here are not alone being Anti-Apple.
    If your product is on the verge of being dethroned and you have no idea how to make your product stay on top, sue the hell out of the other guy. Have to love apples new strategy...
    AT&T is crap everywhere here in the south east vs I never have a dead zone on my VZW phone.
  12. kevinbakon

    kevinbakon Well-Known Member

  13. DieselBDC

    DieselBDC Well-Known Member

    Is Apple doing this to phones all over the world like the desire, or just wanting to ef phones coming to the US?
  14. hth715

    hth715 Well-Known Member

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  15. micromack

    micromack Well-Known Member

    Don't be fooled, what Apple is doing, is not about protecting ideas, it's about 1 thing, Money! At the rate Android is exploding onto the scene, they stand to lose a nifty piece of their market share. They're not going to sit back and let a better product take their share without fighting to slow it's pace.

    Apple got lazy over the last few years, iphone really hasn't changed much since it's first version, they got fat and lazy, and someone who was hungrier, now has something better and they're panicing. So what do they do? File a lawsuite against a small company like HTC to try to make a statement, make no mistake, they're real target is Android, but they're picking on HTC because unless google/microsoft back HTC, HTC will not be able to afford a long drawn out court battle. This is Apple's best chance of winning and they know it.

    I don't think their intent is to stop Android in it's tracks, I think they know, software patents are hard to enforce, and no court will enforce software monopoly (Look at how courts ruled against Microsoft and the IE Explorer being part of the os), in the end they'll get what they really want, Money, from Android/HTC, that's about it. No doubt they'll settle once they get the right price for their patents.
  16. Evolved

    Evolved Well-Known Member

    i for one won't be getting another iphone anyway just because ever since i've had android i love the customization i can do with it and just how much less bloated it seems than the iphone. still wish there was a way to put the apps on the sd card though or maybe delete some of the stock apps.

    like the guy before me Apple is just getting paranoid at the speed that Android is catching up to them. I mean realistically aside from the G1 its taken less than 6 months for Android to really get its name out there and make Apple nervous about the future of the iphone. Fear not Apple there are plenty of douchebag elitists that will always HAVE to have the newest and best iphone so your market share will stay intact.
  17. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    I totally agree. When my contract was up in January and I really started researching smartphones and the best ones and the ones I thought I would like I totally considered an iPhone. Now, not nearly as much and it'd have to be on VZW's network. Apple is getting so Nazi, its insane. Besides, started looking into Android and found this site and now I am pretty confident the Incredible will be my next phone.
  18. vzw+google+htc=:)

    vzw+google+htc=:) Well-Known Member

    Apple has caused their own problem by being stuck with AT&T in the states. Android came out to several phone makers and carriers now. Look what Android did to Microsoft. Microsoft went out and is making a better mobile OS with zune. Like you said Apple got lazy and now they are getting burned by Android then Microsoft. I think Apple was waiting on LTE and got burned or more concerned with taking out Kindle with Ipad.
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  19. Gattaca714

    Gattaca714 Well-Known Member

    I like Apple products, but this seems really low. If the Iphone was on Verizon from the start I would have probably gone with them, now that I see what Android can do, it is clearly the better option. Apple got greedy with AT&T, and now it seems that it will come back to bite them in the butt.
  20. joehero

    joehero Active Member

    Also, let's not forget something: Google's Android OS is free and open source to manufacturers. Thus, they are not making money off the "Apple Patents". HTC on the other hand is selling handsets directly due to the use of Android. So the lawsuit targets HTC because they are essentially the commercial arm of Google's mobile platform.

    The goal here is to prevent manufacturers from using Android, not to eliminate android. I could build and code my own iPhone in my garage and be fine, but if I sold it to one of you, I would get sued to kingdom come.
  21. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    Like was said before. If anything, this lawsuit is hurting Apple. It is upsetting a lot of potential iPhone buyers and really making Apple look bad. Granted, if someone was using Apple's technology that would be wrong. But in this case the stuff is so lame and universal it is obvious Apple is trying way too hard with this suit. It appears to be a real long shot.
  22. wordweaver27

    wordweaver27 Well-Known Member

    Oops. My bad. Still love that kook though.
  23. micromack

    micromack Well-Known Member

    Agreed, but also understand, they're not picking on HTC because they're 'the commerial arm of Googles mobile platform'. It's because in terms of financial footprint, they're small, and can be pushed around. Apple could have just as easily named Morotola in the Suit for the MotoDroid, which uses Android, but they didn't because Motorola has more bucks to put up a bigger fight.

    When Apple started this whole thing, they had a list of companies on the White Board, and they Narrow'd it down to the one they had the best chance of muscling around, and that's HTC.
  24. FunkyBoss

    FunkyBoss Well-Known Member

    HTC also seems to have the most 'promising' lineup of fancy new Android phones coming out. Stopping, or even slowing them down is a big advantage for Apple.
  25. joehero

    joehero Active Member

    You are correct, and I didn't mean to imply HTC was just part of Google. Only that they are essentially the ones selling a Google product for profit.
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