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***Official HTC Incredible Thread***General

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  1. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    I'll believe it when I see it. There's ZERO information on our sites here. No manuals, no "Coming Soon", no training. Nothing. The only info I have shows an April/May launch...

    Don't get me wrong, I hope it's out sooner rather than later.

  2. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! Good to know and I think we're all in the same boat. SOONER than later!
  3. jfoey22

    jfoey22 Well-Known Member

    Did you ever state who you worked for? Can you divulge that information?
  4. greatchief1

    greatchief1 Well-Known Member

    If the recent delay on the Moto Droid 2.1 update is true, then I question whether buying the incredible with HTC Sense & lower price (Verizon subsidy) is worth it. I think this is the 3rd time that droid's update gets postponed. Anybody else thinking that the Nexus One from Google might be the best thing to do long term versus waiting for HTC & Verizon to send out OS updates?
  5. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Something has to be different in the screen assembly as the multi-touch issues are gone in the Incredible as reported here. Maybe its just the sensors. But if bad screens are in play why do they only show for the AT&T N1?
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  6. chral513

    chral513 Well-Known Member

  7. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

  8. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    No I can't.
  9. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    No. If the Droid, which runs stock Android, is having problems then another stock Android phone would not necessarily give you a better result. Your only hope is that its a hardware issue that is causing the Droid delay which it may not be. As far as I know Droid is the first to make the jump to 2.1 from a previous version. Am I wrong?
  10. pequeajim

    pequeajim Well-Known Member

    Starting to look like my wild guess of the release date being on the day of the NCAA final game might be right?

    It WAS a wild guess too! :D
  11. jfoey22

    jfoey22 Well-Known Member

    I am not trying to get you into trouble, but could you say whether or not you work for Verizon or HTC? Could you say if you are a programmer or exactly what your roll is as it relates?
  12. dragonflyr

    dragonflyr Well-Known Member

    looks like my 8 day old droid is headed back to the store. guess i'll sit on it for a coupla more weeks. but, first official announcement of the Incred and it's history. (although .. it is growing on me. i like everything about it except the keyboard.)
  13. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member

    No, I can't.
  14. burner79

    burner79 Well-Known Member

    I went by the local vzw store. Got the usual run around about new android phones. Then I decided to be blunt and tell them my plans to purchase a moto droid and return it within the 30days for the n1 or Incredible. You should have seen the look on her face. She then suggested I wait a "couple" of weeks to save us the trouble of a return.


    Take it for what it is, but obviously it's sooner rather than later. :p
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  15. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    Way to lay it out on the table :D
  16. onlyever

    onlyever Well-Known Member

    I had a LONG chat with an online VZW employee. Here's the text -- and it's long. (P.S. I'm a long time lurker since October :D) BTW, this is only about half!!!

    Jeff: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?
    You: Yes, I would like to place my order for the HTC Incredible. A sales rep at my store told me that it was only available online, but I'm not seeing it.
    Jeff: I've never heard o it.
    Jeff: Of*.
    Jeff: hang on.
    Aubrey: Okay, I'm hanging on. :D
    Jeff: I don't see any info on one yet.
    Aubrey: But the store sales rep had one and let me look it over first. They just told me they were only available online for now.
    Jeff: do yo umean the Imagio?
    Aubrey: No, the HTC Incredible runs Android 2.1 with HTC Sense.
    Jeff: I've not got anything in it.
    Aubrey: i guess they haven't opened that up yet because the Sales rep I talked to at the store had official materials on it, saying it would be released in the next two weeks hopefully, and to look out for advertisments. Something about the 23, 27th of this month and April 1& 6th?
    Jeff: Ok we will likely get info on Monday.
    Aubrey: Okay, but you're saying that it's not available online today? He also mentioned that something might be said tomorrow about it or next week at CTIA? ANd an official Verizon PR account Twittered about it....?
    Jeff: Not today.
    Aubrey: I understand you, but is there even the slightest possibility that it may be listed under another name? Do you know of ANY Verizon Android devices other than the DROID & Eris?
    Jeff: I will be right with you.
    Aubrey: Okay... :D
    Jeff: It is not listed any other way nothing has been added to the smartphones. The Moto Droid and HTC Eris are the only droids for now the new Motorola Devour is due next week, its a new droid.
    Aubrey: I'm more interested in the new HTC Sense-- the sales rep already showed me the Devour, but I don't have a tickling for Android 1.6 or MotoBlur, plus the small screen, etc. I think it's very strange how one haf seems to know, but one half doens't.
    Aubrey: : )
    Jeff: I am still trying to find nything on a new HTC model and have nothing coming up.
    Aubrey: Well, has their been any talk around your workplace of one? I mean, the internet is abuzz about this phone!

    Jeff: I am talking with about 12 people around me now,noen have heard of it, HTC Incredible Right?
    Aubrey: Yes. Android 2.1 w/Sense, 3.7 inch screen, optical trackpad...
    Aubrey: Would you like me to send you a link to a picture to see if anyone recognizes it?

    Jeff: Yes, I am not sure I will be able to go to it, but try anyways please.

    Aubrey: Okay, hold on.
    Jeff: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment.
    Aubrey: Exclusive HTC Incredible Photos (Update: Video)
    Jeff: Ok one second.
    Aubrey: Twitpic - Share photos on Twitter
    Jeff: That is the HD2 and is only available on T-Mobile.
    Aubrey: http://androidforums.com/426607-post4813.html
    Aubrey: HTC runs WM
    Aubrey: I mean HD2 runs WM
    Aubrey: those are Android button

    Jeff: Thats it, but it isnot ours.
    Aubrey: Its not The HD2
    Aubrey: It says Incredible onthe back
    Jeff: Scroll on down the first page.
    Aubrey: http://androidforums.com/426767-post4867.html Shows the Verizon logo
    Aubrey: http://androidforums.com/427220-post5011.html Defintiely not the HD2
    Jeff: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you.
    Jeff: I am on the actual HTC site and it has nothing about it at all.
    Aubrey: Yes, HTC has not announced but Verizon has its ogos on it & Verzion twitte accoutn confirmed it
    Aubrey: Twitter*
    Jeff: Ok but we still have no official word here.
    Aubrey: Were you able to access the last 4 or so links I sent to you, you can see the Verizon logo on the phone itself, and you can see that it is clearly not the HD2.
    Aubrey: I see...
    Jeff: I got to the first 2 but these I can't open, my server won't alow it.
    Aubrey: ...you're saying it may or may nto be there but you and your division have not been alerted yet as to be able to selling them.
    Aubrey: I can send you link to where the images of the phone aren't on a forum, which your server might allow...?
    Jeff: They are not online at all yet and we haven't been given training info for them, we normally get thet weeks in advance of any release with phones to use as well.
    Aubrey: Your division gets them? Because talking to some VZW employees, some major phones, even the DROID showed up two days for release and those to days were filled with mandatory training...?
    Jeff: We got the Droids three weeks before release to do our training, this is a call center, we are not affiliated with any store.
    Jeff: if we get the Incredible it will be before release date for oline sales.
    Aubrey: I see.
    Aubrey: So no one in your area has any knowledge of it?
    Jeff: No one here yet.

    Jeff: Would you like to put something incredible in your pocket? If so, you'll have a chance in just two weeks. DailyTech reports that the HTC Incredible will be coming to Verizon in just two weeks. Their info comes from sources inside Verizon.
    Jeff: The HTC Incredible has definitely earned its name. This smartphone packs a 1 Ghz Snapdragon processor, 512 MB of RAM, an 8 MP camera, and 6 GB of flash memory. It'll have a microSD card and FM tuner as well. The only downside of this device; the processor is underclocked to 768 MHz. You'll have to jailbreak this thing for the full 1 GHz.
    Jeff: I just found this, I cannot confirm it because it is on a Rumor site online.
    Jeff: we should get training next week if hthis is true.
    Aubrey: A number of VZW sources confirm, including the rep at my local store.
    Aubrey: You didn't answer my last question, though.
    Audrey: Do you have any information as to when Google will release the Verizon Nexus One?
    Jeff: Nothing on it yet.
    Aubrey: Okay.
    Aubrey: I still know that the Incredibel is coming soo.
    Aubrey: soon*
    Jeff: If the info is true it wil be here in a couple of weeks.
    Jeff: How else may I help you today?
    Aubrey: Um, I believe that is it. You were wonderful and thank you for your time!
    Jeff: Thank you for visiting Verizon Wireless, I look forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day!
    Aubrey: you too!

    BTW My real name is not Aubrey, i'm a dude. (& I lied about the rep! :D)

    Sadly, V employees can't visit out WONDERFUL foum from work. D:< Oh well. Please feel free to comment!

    I think it's pretty ironic how some VZW employees are getting their information from rumor sites, blogs, and customers! ;)
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  17. malcontent510

    malcontent510 Well-Known Member

    The above highlighted quote puts a bit of a taint on source for the rest of nathan_barstow's info. If it is to be believed that this VZW rep said all these things, he could pulling all of his info from the same orifice.

    <---- Except ... the release date.
  18. litleclay

    litleclay Active Member

    If you have a paid Yahoo account I'm pretty sure you have the ability to forward all incoming messages to another address. If this is true then forward them to your gmail and then it will be pushed to your device.

    Works in theory, yes? :)
  19. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Just to annoy you some more. Can you say whether you work in the NorthWest United states? If so do you work in the NW US?
  20. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Pretty much accurate.

    Speaking of the boob pic, it hasn't been mentioned since its posting, but consider this the official notification. Anyone posting another inappropriate body image will be banned permanently. Remember, alot of folks look at and reference this thread not only from our own forums but elsewhere on the net. This includes folks of all ages. Do not disrespect AF or any of its (female) members by posting such images.

    Carry on.

  21. NKT

    NKT Well-Known Member


    No. :cool:
  22. Sigmund Droid

    Sigmund Droid Well-Known Member

    Somebody please que up the Beastie Boys song by the same name. T'would be appropriate. :D
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  23. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Well-Known Member

    Assuming thats a "no" to the NW US then we can at least assume who you do not work for. Thanks.
  24. dragonflyr

    dragonflyr Well-Known Member

    yeah ... i did exactly the same thing one week ago. all i got was a "so, do want the bogo droid deal or just one droid?" :(

    anyway ... i will say that if it goes a few more weeks with nothing official, i guess i could live happily with the droid. it is a NICE phone... except for that friggin keyboard.
  25. Thanks. I'm only repeating what the guy told me. He said he was pretty excited about it. I find it odd as well, only time will tell.
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