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  1. paxri01

    paxri01 Active Member

    I expect to see the embargoed HTC device listed there real soon :D

  2. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    There not even a subcategory for phone hardware, so good luck with that. :(
  3. JakRabbitSlim

    JakRabbitSlim Well-Known Member

    Can you imagine how many people's heads are going to explode when we go from having zero confirmed news, to literally dozens of reviews the minute the embargo ends?
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  4. Tyler

    Tyler Well-Known Member

    What if its the Nexus One? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
  5. NocturnalJazz

    NocturnalJazz Well-Known Member

    What's the Nexus One?

    Incredible for the WIN!
  6. grokr989

    grokr989 Well-Known Member

  7. JakRabbitSlim

    JakRabbitSlim Well-Known Member

    Why would HTC embargo information about a phone thats been out for months?
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  8. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

  9. anBROid

    anBROid Active Member

    Just a thought.. Has it been confirmed that they are in fact releasing it with the name 'Incredible'? Maybe VZW reps have seen an HTC device with a different name.
  10. s34n1811

    s34n1811 Well-Known Member

    I think it will be released as the Incredible because of the leaked inventory screen shots. IIRC, it was list as the ADR6300 model and description HTCINC ...
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  11. onlyever

    onlyever Well-Known Member

    Hello all, it's resident sleuth;) onlyever here with tons of JUICY confirmed information.

    I visited my local Verizon store, and talked to one of my friends who works there. The conversation was as follows:

    Me:"So, do you know of any new Android devices coming to Verizon?"
    Rep:"Yeah, we're getting an HTC model, and the Google phone!"
    Me: "So I know you're getting the Nexus One, and this HTC device---it's the HTC Incredible, with an 8 megapixel camera, Android 2.1 w/Sense."
    Rep: "Yes, we know about the phone."
    Me: "When can I expect to see it?"
    Rep: "They don't ever tell us any release dates..."
    Me: "Darn!"
    Rep: "We're also getting an Apple device!" [This perked me up real quick!"]
    Me: "You're getting an iPhone, iPad...?!?!!?!?!?"
    Rep: "It's essentially a mini version of the iPhone, we've already started testing... it won't be called the iPhone though."
    Me: "cool. So is it true that The End of life for the Eris is April 1?"
    Rep: "I haven't heard that, but I know we're about to send out the 2.1 update to it..."

    That was the substance of the conversation, as close to exact wording as possible.

    I totally belive him, because he's a good guy, and I'm not the kinda person you lie to! :cool:

  12. GeorgeH

    GeorgeH Well-Known Member

    My gut tells me they are going to announce the 720p recording capability when they make the official announcement. Can't wait for Tuesday even though I will not be able to spend a single minute online to check for any updates.
  13. agold51590

    agold51590 Member

    so just called my local verizon store, and asked for the htc incredible.
    Guy knew exactly what i was talking about, said he didn't have them in stock, and didn't know when exactly the new devices (oh yeah, thats "devices," as in plural) would be arriving. he did say "a couple of weeks".

    Hope this helps to tide ya'll over till CTIA
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  14. NocturnalJazz

    NocturnalJazz Well-Known Member

    Eris was listed as the Desire in the same system. So it probably will change.
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  15. s34n1811

    s34n1811 Well-Known Member

    Good point I wasn't aware of that.
  16. DarbagDarbag

    DarbagDarbag Well-Known Member

    that goes exactly with what my source said a while ago, who also said "the incredible would be the much better choice" between the two
  17. grokr989

    grokr989 Well-Known Member

  18. greggds

    greggds Well-Known Member

    Just a reminder that the ADR6200 that was captured in the VZW inventory in September of '09 as the "Desire" became the "Droid Eris" upon official release.

    Edit: Nocturnal beat me to it!
  19. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    I don't think that we are going to get any news until CTIA starts. I feel like we are just digging and digging and never reaching water :(
  20. s34n1811

    s34n1811 Well-Known Member

    So given that do you think the Eris was a special case because of the use of the Desire name by HTC's current device. I think HTC had more to do with the name change then VZW did. In any event we are very close to finding out something it just makes since.
  21. greggds

    greggds Well-Known Member

    Honestly, I wouldn't even know. I do know that the floodgates opened once we discovered "ADR6300" in the Inventory system. All of a sudden, our resident PI's were able to find pictures from HTC employees, BT certifications, schematics, etc. If "Incredible" does not in fact turn out to be its name, I wonder how much info we could have found - from overseas especially - if we had the actual name.
  22. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    That's the first thing that came to my mind too.
  23. GlowingMoose

    GlowingMoose Well-Known Member

    Just a thought. As we're trolling for info from our "sources". Let's make sure that they're not getting their info from us (AndroidForums.com). Like the supposed press release photo's. I think that we're creating enough waves that they might be reading our posts and repeating them to "us" as fact.

    Main point make your source's source isn't your internet alias. ;)
  24. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Thoughts: The mini iPhone was rumored for months. I am glad you mentioned it. I hate the big one, so why would I settle for a small one?

    Interesting that they are already testing it and that he knew of the Incredible. Good work.

    That stated, I don't trust Verizon CSR's. It not that I believe they are bad people, I just believe that they aren't well informed.
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  25. NocturnalJazz

    NocturnalJazz Well-Known Member

    The Incredible will have a 3'x5' plasma screen.

    ...Quick call your sources and see if they repeat this information to you.
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