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***Official HTC Incredible Thread***General

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  1. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Well-Known Member

    I thought the Droid was the flagship?

  2. CaptJager

    CaptJager Well-Known Member

    I know this is OT but anyone know a good video editor that I can use for when the incredible comes out so I can d/l the movies I take with the incredible edit them add Music and post them to youtube as the way I am doing this now sucks and not really thrilled with the quality. PM me so we can keep this thread clear
  3. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    DOES HTC still have another embargoed device lingering out there to unveil at CTIA? Or don't they? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. anBROid

    anBROid Active Member

    I felt very cold and alone reading that.... :eek:
  5. Tabster

    Tabster Active Member

    didn't NKT say it would be out April-May time. i am going to go about my everyday activities until then! much better than trying to find truth in rumors that are born here.
  6. Android&Dom

    Android&Dom Well-Known Member

    I can't find anything that lists HTC Embargoed device....
  7. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    The Droid was yesteryear's flagship. THAT phone rolled out to a huge amount of fanfare, didn't it?
  8. Sisaacs

    Sisaacs Well-Known Member

    Inquiring minds want to know. Didn't find it on the CTIA website:confused:
  9. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    Ok, got home went to gym and "frustrated" off 5 pounds. Hoped by some miracle, I'd come back to OMG they announced it. No such luck. Read the last few pages. Felt depressed. Then came to this realization. How does Verizon come away the big winner of CTIA.

    Announce a phone comparable to the Evo.
    But wait, it won't have 4G service so it's not going to win.


    Verizon doesn't say look at this cool new phone, and in a few months, you can have it. Verizon says hey look at what we got, and it's coming your way.......and SOON.

    So Verizon says, yeah Sprint's phone is nice, but look at our nifty phone, and look at its release date April 17th. Why wait till June, when you can have some HTC goodness in a couple weeks.

    Confidence restored. Go Big Red. (Seriously don't let me down this time though)
  10. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Well-Known Member

    Yesteryear?? I still see 3 or 4 commercials a day.

    You are thinking like a normal person, not like Verizon.
  11. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    LMAO @ your avatar!!
  12. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Well-Known Member

    I wanna say they do but even typing those words felt wrong....
  13. atmn77

    atmn77 Well-Known Member

    The embargoed device was just up for the "e-tech" awards. The awards will be presented tomorrow. I'm assuming it will be revealed as the EVO.

    International CTIA WIRELESS 2010
  14. JMKosmo

    JMKosmo Well-Known Member

    OR....they announce the Ipone will be available soon! That would take the wind out of everyone's sails.....wouldn't it?
    haticK likes this.
  15. phorts

    phorts Well-Known Member

    I REALLLLLLY hope that this thing isnt called the Incredible. I can't take hearing that name anymore.

    "HTC Cool Phone" would be better at this point.
  16. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  17. Sisaacs

    Sisaacs Well-Known Member

  18. sparkstsa

    sparkstsa Well-Known Member

    The evo isn't listed on the e-tech voting page.
  19. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    Frankly, the Droid was the exception to the rule.
    Montana Man likes this.
  20. JMKosmo

    JMKosmo Well-Known Member

    BINGO! Wasn't there some kind of mention of an award on HTC's homepage. The Incredible is Kaiser Soze.....
  21. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    As others have said, this also gives the EVO some spotlight time. Otherwise, every conversation would always go this way.

    "That incredible (Substitute Real Name) is awesome, but did you see the Evo. Yeah, the Evo's pretty cool, but I don't wanna wait that long when I can get just as good of phone months before the Evo."
  22. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Well-Known Member

  23. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    True, but Apple's Nazi attitude would really need to change if they were gonna, god forbid, let the carrier make any sort of announcements about the iPhone.
  24. atmn77

    atmn77 Well-Known Member

  25. Emoney53

    Emoney53 Well-Known Member

    i think it depends on the vote for best device if the embargoed device in there turns out to be the Evo then no they only have one.. i gathered from having two spots in their booth that said don't peek.. now i know that two Evos were put in those spots so now it doesn't look to good. the embargoed device being voted for best in the show. I thought it had to be the incredible since i believe sprint acknowledged the Evo/supersonic a longtime ago so would they really embargo it for the name? but my theory is getting less plausible by the minute :(
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