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  1. talzz2

    talzz2 Well-Known Member

    OUch you are right I assumed this!!!

  2. tluv00

    tluv00 Well-Known Member

    If I even attempted to "celebrate" with my wife due to the Incredible she would call me a loser and probably tell me to sleep on the sofa.
  3. Haelous

    Haelous Well-Known Member

  4. tluv00

    tluv00 Well-Known Member

  5. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    I already graduated foo :D
  6. kway64

    kway64 Well-Known Member

    anyone can change them. right next to them it says: "edit tags"
  7. tbone-ike

    tbone-ike Active Member

    This is all making me so uptight and upset than I feel like I'm going to launch my sweet onion chicken teriyaki sub from subway! Yet...Incredible or no Incredible, I'm going to miss this thread when it's over in some sick kind of way....:(

    I've just waited so long.....
  8. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    from here on out it's the kronic 2 :cool: :D
  9. absolution

    absolution Well-Known Member

    Anyone can change them. There is a button to edit tags. Oh gawd, what have we started...
  10. DobbsianYeti

    DobbsianYeti Well-Known Member

    "blood from stone"- lol that's what it feels like it's going to take
    "just get an iphone"- that's as desperate as they come...

    I propose they add- "when pigs fly" and "hell freezes over"
  11. absolution

    absolution Well-Known Member

    meat balls?

  12. dmb_droid41

    dmb_droid41 Active Member

    Yeah, they are all going to become lame now.

    Looks like incredible won't get any special announcement. Will just show up on the site I guess, like all the others.
  13. BMD

    BMD Member

    The EVO isn't even on the voting website...???
  14. AngryDeadHorse

    AngryDeadHorse Well-Known Member

    I have been lurking for god knows how long. I need a new phone and was ready to see the Incredible be announced this week.

    I was super bummed to not see anything so far but those tags have had me laughing out loud for 5 minutes.

    That is when I knew I needed to register.:eek:
  15. kway64

    kway64 Well-Known Member

    Has that fricking award been given out yet?
  16. JMKosmo

    JMKosmo Well-Known Member

    My meatballs made the tags........ha ha ha...my wife is away at the dentist and I am the parental supervision for our 3 year old (not allowed to say babysitting). I made meatball subs in the crock pot for dinner this morning for a quick meal! They are Delicious!
  17. wordweaver27

    wordweaver27 Well-Known Member

  18. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    lmao @ 1-800-suicide!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Blackleaf

    Blackleaf Well-Known Member

    Hey, where's the "Look at me I'm cool 'cause I edited the tags!" tag?
  20. kveld3

    kveld3 Well-Known Member

    How much do I have to PayPal you to have you overnight some to CA?
  21. Beo

    Beo Well-Known Member

    The mods are probably responsible for "just get an iphone."
  22. Saeten

    Saeten Well-Known Member

    from twitter:

    VZWPRDC @shawnaisaacs @twconrow No news yet on HTC Incredible ! stay tuned.
  23. Shamrock13

    Shamrock13 Well-Known Member

    Stop messing with the tags guys. :( Be sad our phone is never arriving soon! :(
  24. Ladera

    Ladera Well-Known Member

    Maybe it will be announced as the "HTC Eventually."
    Tyler and Twiz like this.
  25. Kappy

    Kappy Well-Known Member

    whats up with the awards ceremony? Wouldn't it be funny if the Incred. won the award and that's how they announced it? :cool:
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