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  1. TheSkiShow

    TheSkiShow Well-Known Member

  2. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    Those Brits get everything first! :(:mad::rolleyes:
  3. Incrediboy

    Incrediboy Well-Known Member

    Well, this will be my last post. I am sure I will get some "-1's", some ":rolleyes:'s", some will say "don't let the door hit you," and others will add that I have less than 20 posts. Fine.

    Not that I haven't had some good times - I mean, I got to make a neat avatar...that was fun...

    In short, I have been following this thread for a very long time (i.e. close to its inception). I just joined the other day because chatter surrounding the Incredible had reached a fever pitch. There are some very nice and helpful people on this thread. There are also some real jerks. I joined because I thought I might be able to come here, meet some cool people with similar interests, and make some new friends. Instead, it turns into a bunch of tech geeks (and I do not mean that in a derogatory sense, since I identify myself as one) yelling back and forth and fighting like a bunch of 12 year old schoolgirls (that I did mean in a derogatory sense). The end result is that one of the thread's most helpful and trusted members (MM) calls it quits. That sucks.

    The fighting I can deal with. What really chapped me was vido.ardes' post. WAY too condescending for my taste. At a time when the mods were asked for help, they threaten all of us with closing down the thread? No thanks. This was not the first mod post that came across this way to me, either. When the thread got closed the first time, I noted the same attitude. Then everyone thanks them for their benevolence when they decide to open it back up. I don't get it.

    Vido.ardes, you said "This morning, I have gone through and deleted about 100 posts. I may be deleting some more. I don't want any "where's my post gone?" posts, it was either off topic, or was referencing something else that was removed and now makes no sense. The thread needed tidying, I am afraid you will have to just deal with it." Are you seriously going to talk to us like a mother to her children? Will you make us tidy our rooms next? Get over yourself. As to your contention, vido.ardes, that you "shouldn't have to baby sit one thread" - you couldn't be more right. The fact that you see yourself in this role to begin with, I must say, disturbs me greatly. We are not your children, we are not your property, we are not your employees. You have been given special access to a website. Period. Get off your high horse. I don't appreciate your tone.

    You say, "Also the tags have been removed. Stop adding stupid tags or you will be removed." Threatening us? Really, Uncle Vido? For posting "Incredible Meatballs?" Seriously? Look, I was one who wanted the tag spamming to stop. But not all was spamming and there were some genuinely funny tags that should have been allowed to stay up. Certainly we should not have been forbidden to post fun tags all together.

    I understand you might not want to go through on a case-by-case basis and address the concerns of individual parties, trying to bring things to a mutually beneficial conclusion - but guess what, bad news, that is what MODERATORS do. BY DEFINITION! If you don't want to do your job, let someone else do it.

    In short, vido.ardes, my parents and my wife have earned the right to talk down to me. You, sir, have not.

    Thanks for all the helpful info from regular contributers. I would stay, but I can get the same info lurking in the shadows and I can avoid the drama.

    That's my piece.
  4. darkhelmet16

    darkhelmet16 Active Member

    UPDATE: The woman who posted all these videos that oneniner and I have posted doesn't list her employer on her Facebook, but she was accompanied on her business trip to Seattle by another woman (of similar age, also from Taiwan) who *DOES list her employer as HTC.* Doesn't affect our knowledge of the release date (or anything really, at this point), I'm just enjoying the detective work :)
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  5. woodraskam

    woodraskam Well-Known Member

    Damn pilgrims never should've left. I could've been getting a Desire;)
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  6. grokr989

    grokr989 Well-Known Member

    OK, but is she cute :)
  7. TheGoatLantern

    TheGoatLantern Well-Known Member

    I no longer come to this forum to learn anything incredible related, it'll be out when it's out and there's not a damn thing I can do to change that. I come here to read MM's and Steve's posts and to interject when I can. I think that's the stance the insiders have taken as well. it's my belief that the phone was scheduled to come out at month's end but something happened. Verizon is trying to strategize the best time to release the INC with maximum exposure and CTIA wasn't it. I think that was due to the hype around the EVO and I guess that's ok. I stand by the fact that the phone will be amazing and a huge seller but something is holding verizon back.
  8. Angel894

    Angel894 Well-Known Member

    A couple pages back, but thanks for posting anyway. Some people who are just tuning in may not have time to look back. Plus it is always good to post anything about the Incredible you are not sure has been posted. You never know.
  9. appsmgr

    appsmgr Well-Known Member

    it's been a bit of a tough week around here with the lack of announcement at CTIA, the mystery box expedition, and the resulting double-secret probations handed out :)

    let's all kick back this weekend, enjoy a frosty glass of your favorite beverage, and come back with renewed enthusiasm and positive outlooks :D

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  10. iBowToAndroid

    iBowToAndroid Well-Known Member

    Totally off topic here so I apologize, but HOW THE HECK DO YOU MAKE AN AVATAR?? All I'm trying to do is upload a pic of an Android but I keep getting stupid error msgs. It meets the size requirements, and is jpeg... Anyone??
    Thanks in advance..
  11. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

    You'll be back...they all come back! ;)
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  12. TheSkiShow

    TheSkiShow Well-Known Member

    Of the videos I have viewed that have the Incredible in them, at least it looks like the phone is completely finished... Anyone else have an opinion on this?
  13. miniSQ

    miniSQ Well-Known Member

    that's some first class creepin.....:D

    "Stalking" is such a negative word, I prefer the phrase keeping in touch! :)
  14. Gattaca714

    Gattaca714 Well-Known Member

    I cancelled my Verizon service yesterday. Called up and told them, and they asked why.

    I said, I got tired of waiting for a new phone to arrive, or at least be confirmed. Sprint, AT&T, and Tmobile all announce their phones in advance, and their customers appreciate that type of information. Verizon on the other hand follows a different model, and I'm over that now.

    See ya in maybe 2 years, I hope the Incredible is out by then.
  15. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH VIP Member

  16. appsmgr

    appsmgr Well-Known Member

    I seem to recall that you have to upload via a url only, not an attachment/upload. probably wrong, but that's what I went through...
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  17. grokr989

    grokr989 Well-Known Member

    Yeah their model is that I bet they are overstocked on the Droid and Eris and they need to unload them before any announcement. So, all the twitters to VZW bashing the Devour and promoting the Incredible aren't helping it get announced any sooner. If anything, we should be tweeting how great the current Droids are so everyone buys them faster :D
    Actually, how about we all go buy as many Droids as we can and plan to return them before 30 days :)
  18. IncrediBoyz

    IncrediBoyz Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm WAY behind. Just got back from my 3yo's parent-teacher conference (yeah, crazy, huh?). On my way, I drove past a Verizon store that I wasn't even sure was still open, and outside there was a van that had the VZW logo and it said EVO2 (as in squared). Anyone know anything about this??? Nevermind. Evo2inc.com I just looked into it. Just thought it was odd to have something else called the Evo but with VZW. Bummer. I got so excited for a minute. :(
  19. matt20971

    matt20971 Active Member

    Android 2.1 Delayed on the Motorola Droid, No Nexus One on Verizon - Mobile and Wireless from eWeek

    eWEEK asked when the carrier would have an "update" on the Nexus One situation. Remember, the March 23 date was an unconfirmed rumor. A Verizon spokesperson replied: "Update? We've never said we were selling the Nexus One. Nothing has changed."
    A reader correctly pointed out that Google is still touting the Nexus One on Verizon here.

    I don't know if that has been posted or not but found the article earlier. I posted part of the article under the link. Are we even sure Verizon is getting the Nexus One??
  20. appsmgr

    appsmgr Well-Known Member

  21. kveld3

    kveld3 Well-Known Member

    They AREN'T selling the Nexus One. Google.com/phone will be selling the Nexus One, it will just be available to use on Verizon's network.
  22. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    LOL! Yup... this place is like crack, 'til the Incredible comes out! :eek: Heck, I'm the Brett Favre of this thread! :p
  23. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Well-Known Member

    The only reason Vido closed the thread, temporarily, was to simply clean up the thread and address any disciplinary concerns that needed to be taken care of. He opened it back up right after that had been taken care of. I know you said that he is acting like a parent and like we're his kids. Well, haha, have you seen some of these posts? If you act like a child, you're going to be treated like a child. Regardless, sad you feel that way about the forum and it's moderators. They don't get paid to do this, and I'm sure it sucks for them to have to take care of these issues on a regular basis when I'm sure they have normal lives just like the rest of us. Goodbye and take care.
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  24. bone23

    bone23 Member

    Long time lurker.....best post to date lol
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  25. appsmgr

    appsmgr Well-Known Member

    This is the second time Verizon has responded in this manner. The last time it was a little more clear what I believe they meant. The comment basically stated "we never said we'll be selling the Nexus One", but that's because it will only be sold by Google online. Verizon is only selling cell service. They are being koy in their answers.

    One of the Verizon guys on this thread could probably provide more accurate info than I...
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