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***Official HTC Incredible Thread***General

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  1. jacobsen23

    jacobsen23 Active Member

    I heard that HTC is going to invent a new month and name it Febtober. The incredible will be released in Febtober. My VZW source told me.

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  2. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

  3. exterran

    exterran Active Member

    I'll start to worry more if he starts speaking in vague quatrains :p

    Would be good to know the source though. Wonder if VZW is having problems with 2.1. That could explain the delays on the N1 and the Incredible as well as the removal of the Droid 2.1 update. (of course, that's just speculation)
  4. v4npro

    v4npro Well-Known Member

    A Source, just like all the other people say in this thread. Sorry I couldn't tag a 3 paragraph story.
  5. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    But you could have made it fantastical and with a twist at the end which would have left you without anything to actually live up to.
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  6. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    Hmmm 5 posts.... can I buy a vowel? :rolleyes:
  7. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

  8. Dustinb

    Dustinb Well-Known Member

    I totally get that there's really no incentive for Verizon to issue a release date because it would only hurt the Droid/Eris/Devour numbers. I also believe there a number of people WAITING for the incredible that are using feature phones on a $15 data plan or no data plan at all.

    My question is how much revenue is being lost on these people who ARE waiting for a device rather than just jumping on the Droid/Eris now. Probably not even a drop in the Verizon revenue bucket... I know that if they had come out 2 months ago and said it would be available in June I would have just gone and gotten the Droid.

    Then again I'm SUPER impatient and the single month I've been looking into this phone has seemed like an eternity. I'd love to get the Droid to hold me over for a month but I don't know if that option is even available to me. I'm looking to upgrade with my Annual upgrade on a 2 year contract forfeiting the NE2 all together. Anyone know if I could still give the Droid a 30 day tryout?
  9. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    Would Verizon really care which one you buy? I mean 199 on a 2 year contract is 199 on a 2 year contract. Because once the Incredible comes out wont you have the same price points 199, 149, 100 (technically now is 80 with the Eris)?
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  10. v4npro

    v4npro Well-Known Member

    Their really waiting till Eris and Droid get's updated to 2.1.
  11. ShinP

    ShinP Active Member

    Good SNL Celebrity Jeopardy referance.:)
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  12. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    I had to hear a diatribe from my friend about how his Droid was already supposed to have been updated. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget when quarter 2 starts.
  13. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    Wheres your info........releasing it May would be extremely close to the Evo
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  14. Dustinb

    Dustinb Well-Known Member

    I agree, unless there is some sort of understanding between Verizon and Motorola... Maybe they think that if they announce the Incredible those people that are ready to buy a Droid will wait for the Incredible. And then suddenly change their minds in a month and go with a feature phone.
  15. markketch

    markketch Well-Known Member

    So why did you change your mind from CTIA? Just a few days/weeks ago you made these comments on AT&T's board:

    Verizon is also getting HTC Incredible, which will be announced at CTIA as well, which will be my next phone and carrier. - Source

    Even if AT&T will get a snapdragon htc phone, i'm still switching to Verizon in a few weeks for the INCREDIBLE. - Source


    There are a few people on here who have proven they have exposure to VZW/HTC. Mid-April to May seems the most plausible, but still no one really knows.
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  16. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    It would have to involve to amount of kickback motorola gives Verizon (they manufacturers do give kickbacks right?) and whether its greater then HTC. I would have to image that unless its like you say and Moto and Verizon have a different then normal agreement it shouldn't matter.
  17. v4npro

    v4npro Well-Known Member

    Doesn't matter. People who are with Verizon will stay with Verizon, people with other carriers will probably switch besides the diehard sprint users.
  18. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    Okay but still, where are you getting your info about a May release?
  19. Dustinb

    Dustinb Well-Known Member

    The sad thing is that even if it was announced tomorrow and released next week there would still be a lot of people who would buy the Droid simply because it's the one they saw on TV.
  20. v4npro

    v4npro Well-Known Member

    Perhaps Verizon did want to announce it at CTIA, have you thought of that? Maybe they changed their minds.
  21. Zaggs

    Zaggs Well-Known Member

    Does it honestly make a difference? If its in April, you'll get it in April and his or her source will not matter. If its it may, you'll get it in may (you know you will) and her or his source will not matter.
  22. ab187

    ab187 Active Member

    That's the situation I'm in right now. I figure if they are forcing me to pay for a data plan on a dumbphone I might as well pay the extra money a month for a phone where I will actually use data. I'm due for an upgrade on 4/10 and the battery on my Chocolate 3 is on the fritz. I might have to settle for a Droid if they don't release the Incredible around that date but fortunately it looks like that won't be that case. I can hold out for an few extra weeks if it means getting a superior device.
  23. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    lol so your just gonna flat out say its May because you feel like it?

    people have been calling VZW and getting an April release date and you guys are just gonna say May because "i feel like its may" with no info to back it up?

    It does matter, with no info or credibility why would anyone believe it's may.....when everyone else is saying April and VZW reps are saying april. This is a thread on finding out info about release dates, whats the purpose of finding out this info if we just wait until it's released to find out when it comes out.........
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  24. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    If it's not dropping in the next week, I'm actually pulling for a May release. If you do a little checking on the EVO subforum, you'll see that a past reliable source is indicating that Sprint is shooting for first week of June. On one hand, I think it's an absolute failure for Verizon to push the Incredible off until May, but on the other hand it makes it easy to wait just a few more weeks to evaluate the two before making my decision. Right now, I find the EVO much more enticing on a 12 month contract than settling for the Incredible after such a long wait. That would permit me to return to Verizon next summer when they expect to have LTE phones. But maybe the official Incredible spec sheet will keep me from defecting. I'm still curious about the secret bonus feature that someone (was it NKT?) mentioned awhile back.

    On the upside, gotta give Verizon props for saving me $24/month since last August with all the foot dragging they've been doing. From a net subscriber earnings standpoint, real dumb move on their part.
  25. Dustinb

    Dustinb Well-Known Member

    I would have LOVED to see it announced at CTIA but the Incredible WOULD have been overlooked after the Evo was released. For me PERSONALLY, the Incredible is a more desirable phone for the smaller form and increased app space (as well as a few other small things). But I think the overall consensus from everything I've seen from the "Media", the Evo is "Beast". I think a lot of sites believe that the Evo is the new standard in Android phones.

    The Incredible would have been covered slightly and then quickly passed over to talk about the Evo. Where as if they announce it in a week or 2 it will get more coverage from the Media. The comparisons are inevitable, and the Evo will still probably top most of the lists, but at least it'll get it's own feature.
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