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  1. ASC

    ASC I'm Shy VIP Member

    I went to that site and found that that company: PCD - Personal Communications Devices has 5 items listed for a AND6300 Inedible & Incredible AND6300. All of which are "Out of Stock". I emailed them to ask when their PCD Extended Battery and Door P/N BTE6300VW would be in stock.

    I know its a long shot and it might just be wishful thinking, but, if they say it will be available on such and such a date we might expect the same time frame for the Incredible.

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  2. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    Supposedly the Nexus One is going to hit verizon before the end of next week according to a really credible verizon tipster who hasn't failed the website ever.

    I hope this is true, it will hold me off until the HTC Incredible comes and hopefully restocking fee and crap isn't too bad.
  3. fuzzypumpkins

    fuzzypumpkins New Member

    the only reason im not getting the droid or n1 if it comes out really soon is the 30/month data plan that i would have to get...if the inc comes out a month later, thats 30 lost.

    yeah im cheap.
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  4. DarbagDarbag

    DarbagDarbag Well-Known Member

    yeah i know what you mean
  5. Berner

    Berner Well-Known Member

    Well, its a source I suppose. The problem is that Verizon itself said otherwise at CTIA, and they have no reason to sandbag. Verizon (and AT&T) will already be second to the 4G table (behind Sprint) so there's no upside in underselling their timeline.

    So, on balance, I'm more inclined to believe the company itself, rather than an employee of a third-party hardware manufacture.

    My working assumptions for Verizon's LTE rollout:

    1. First rollout (small set of cities) in late 2010.
    2. First devices will be home, laptop and mobile hotspots (NO phones).
    3. Second wave of cities in summer 2011.
    4. First 4G phone summer 2011.
  6. DarbagDarbag

    DarbagDarbag Well-Known Member

    either way, theres no way in hell myself and others are gonna wait that long for the first lte handset (fall at the earliest)

    not saying everyone, but a lot of people won't wait
  7. CaptJager

    CaptJager Well-Known Member

    Ok so I have my Rom building kitchen all setup, all the Mods and Apps that I want in a folder. I have all the necessary stuff to Root all I need is THE FRICKING PHONE!!!!!!!!
  8. s34n1811

    s34n1811 Well-Known Member

    I feel you man. Me and the wife went to Verizon earlier and I was this close to just getting the DROID but might as well wait a little longer.
  9. Thrillhouse

    Thrillhouse Active Member

    I popped into a Verizon store today to give it another shot.

    Me: "Do you know when you guys will have the Nexus One?"
    Salesman: "You can actually buy them online already!"
    My brain: "Wow...while he is not entirely incorrect, it is clear from his vague and misdirecting response that I'm more informed than this guy. I will not be asking him about the Incredible, I guess."
    Me: "oh, thanks! Good day, sir."

    walks away disappointed.
  10. JohnKuczek

    JohnKuczek Well-Known Member

    I have to respectfully disagree. I earned commision at one time, and if you bought something from me, and later returned it and bought something else, I lost my commision or even had to pay it back, and whoever did the return and new purchase would get the sale. I was motivated to make sure I sold the customer something they would not return, so that my paycheck was a little more regular.
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  11. chral513

    chral513 Well-Known Member

    similar story... i called verizon customer service about the incred and nexus. the girl was like it's my understanding google sells them unlocked so you can buy one unlocked now and use it for any carrier. i didn't wanna argue so i just said "oh. cool." and i had her search for adr6300 and incredible and after nothing she dropped this beauty of a line on me, "well.... whats so incredible about it anyway?"
    in the end it's pretty sad how uninformed these people are. there are the occasional people on phone or in stores who are very interested and know thier stuff... b/c they're phone junkies too - but they're few and far between. CSR's and salespeople are more often then not the last to know anything important...
  12. powdbyrice

    powdbyrice Well-Known Member

    hardly sad. they're trained to sell stuff thats IN their showroom NOW. not some phantom device that could be released on monday or 100 mondays from now.
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  13. amihererightnow

    amihererightnow Well-Known Member

  14. CaptJager

    CaptJager Well-Known Member

    I can not go near a verizon store or i would be walking out with a droid so therefore I do not go anywhere near one. So I will not be posting about an experience at my local Verizon store.
    I will stay at home and look for neat things to do to the invisible...eerrr Incredible similar to how to the remove the clock in the upper right corner as it is not needed
  15. Thrillhouse

    Thrillhouse Active Member

    Yeah, you're right. In fact, that's the only reason that I even ask about the Nexus One. I throw it out as a "feeler" question. In the last couple weeks, my experience is that if they can at least give an interesting answer for the Nexus One question, then they may know something (no matter if it's just a rumor or not) about the Incredible.
  16. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    No kidding, but at the rate this thread goes, by the time one makes their post, you have pages (yes pages) when your post shows up and by then its basically moot.

    TS out (taking the speed reading class)
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  17. pewpewbangbang

    pewpewbangbang Well-Known Member

    The thread has been fairly dead for the past like couple hours. We are getting like one post every 30 minutes to an hour.
  18. Montana Man

    Montana Man Well-Known Member

    Yes, maybe so, but it IS the weekend after all - and a damn fine one here in Montana, I might add! :cool:
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  19. macdaddybuff

    macdaddybuff Well-Known Member

    Will you root it when you get it? maybe depends if I like the sense or not.

    What is the best thing you like about the phone as far as leaked specs? 8mp camera I hope it takes better low light pictures than the droid.

    What is your fav android app that will be put on the phone once you get it? I will have to go with Pandora. We use it all the time on my wife's droid.
  20. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    What ROM? As you said, the phone isn't out.
  21. Scrops

    Scrops Well-Known Member

    look back 10 or 20 pages.. there was a link to a leaked incredible ROM
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  22. CaptJager

    CaptJager Well-Known Member

    Exactly my point I need the phone.
  23. Ruben

    Ruben Well-Known Member

    ~I'm searching for the leaked ROM right now...HOW DID I MISS THIS?~
  24. chral513

    chral513 Well-Known Member

    so it's ok to tell customers to by an unlocked phone from google and that they'd be able to use it on verizon's network? c'mon.... you missed the point...
  25. sprke81

    sprke81 Member

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