Official HTC Inspire Gingerbread Update Rumor Thread

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  1. tobyornottoby

    tobyornottoby Member

    I've prepped my phone and will do the update first thing in the morning after doing a last minute backup.

    BTW, there is a new version of HTC Sync (HTC Sync v 3.0.5557 | 08.04.2011 Download (144 MB)) on their website. Maybe it's necessary/preferred/enhanced for syncing with Gingerbread ?!

    Curious what the HTC specific features are.

  2. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    i also seen the HTC sync update. so maybe it is preparation for GB.

    so far the changes i have seen are:
    -quick settings in the notification bar
    -download manager app
    -quicker way to manage running apps
    -revamped app drawer w/ frequently used apps section & downloaded apps section

    i'm pretty sure there are UI enhancements but i haven't noticed those yet...
    i'll try to look for more :)
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  3. KenG10

    KenG10 Well-Known Member

    Awesome. I think I'll try the manual update later on tonight. I could use a "fresh start"
  4. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    Worked for me, thanks!

    I did a complete wipe of my phone last night still hoping for an ota since I couldn't get it from the htc page like some of you all did. no ota this morning either, then I saw you had it posted here.

    After my wipe last night I didn't setup my google account so it was like froyo straight from the ATT store no apps contacts or anything.

    After installing gingerbread today and signing in to google I was kind of amazed at how 90% of my android settings I wanted to change and documented a few days ago, were already done for me by the google backup stuff!
  5. stipe1965

    stipe1965 New Member

    Didn't see anyone else reply to this, but yes the rumor is true. The GB update does come with "unknown sources" enabled. I downloaded the Amazon App store and have been enjoying my newly found freedom.....
  6. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    I data wiped my stock froyo last night and after that was left without an unknown sources option (I had it before) was weird. It never came back until this morning when I did the gb update.
  7. J_Droid23

    J_Droid23 Well-Known Member

    Phew, I was so worried when I did the manual update a few days ago before it was released. I just compared the file you have and the one I downloaded when it was leaked and it is in fact the exact same thing. Praise da LAWD! lol

    GB update is amazing, now I love my phone even more.
  8. AvengerBB

    AvengerBB Well-Known Member

    I noticed this as well. If you allow google to backup your settings to the cloud, it will put just about everything back on there after you wipe. Really the only thing I needed to reconfigure was my widgets and bluetooth pairings. It did take a couple hours after I wiped to have everything magically show up though.
  9. Arual

    Arual Well-Known Member

    I had to wipe my phone last night as well (to rid my new phone of the kiddos doings... he put HIS gmail/google account... it was the only way to rid the phone of it... ugh!) and like you, I lost my 'unknown sources'. I'm not worried though as I'm a brand spanking new user and hadn't even attempted to download from amazon or anywhere else for that matter, as yet. So I'll either do another quick chat with ATT to get it back (hope the chat is as smooth and fast as the other day!) or I'll patiently wait for GB. lol
  10. payne.jeremy82

    payne.jeremy82 New Member

    " Beginning 08/04/11, HTC will offer the Android
  11. Arual

    Arual Well-Known Member

    I was just told by 4 ATT reps that the GB update has been pulled.. it was pulled immediatly after release, they dont know why it was or when it will be pushed to everyone.
  12. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    I did the manual upgrade to GB. Not impressed with it.
  13. Arual

    Arual Well-Known Member

    Maybe thats why they pulled it... justttt kidding... lol :)

    I had to chat with them to get them to re push my side loading.... this time did NOT go as smoothly as the first time (a couple days ago)! They kept transferring me around, the ONLY thing they all could agree on is that GB is delayed as per an email they received. One of the reps said she thought an email also went out to customers but she wasn't positive about that. But she said the update was pulled almost immediatly after it was released.

    Oh well, I have my side loading back... I'll be patient for the unimpressive GB! LOL
  14. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    I've still got sideloading. Notification pull down bar menu is a little different, apps menu scrolls by page now instead of continuous, there is a downloads app now and the menu icon changed. So far , that's all I can tell.
  15. KenG10

    KenG10 Well-Known Member

    Well, they took it down for some reason right? I dont want to install it if it was pulled. I guess I will wait.... :(
  16. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    They did the same thing with the froyo update for the aria. Not a big deal.
    Google and Sync restored everything quickly after GB install. Took less than 10 min start to finish.
  17. tobyornottoby

    tobyornottoby Member

    Wouldn't surprise me if they pulled it because they forgot to include an IMPORTANT piece of bloatware! lol
  18. Arual

    Arual Well-Known Member

    Apparently sideloading is part of the GB update. I lost my side loading because I had to do a reset on my phone in order to get my teenagers google/gmail account off of it. He was playing/helping me set things up the other night after I got my new phone, he figured on the long drive home he'd have it all ready for me by the time we reached home. Yup, it was ready alright, ready with all HIS info! ahaha! When I tried to delete it, the device told me I could only do that by resetting the device. To me, that is so dumb. I should be able to delete whatever I want... well, thats how I see it, in my own little world. LOL
  19. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    GPS doesn't work now. Shit
  20. Arual

    Arual Well-Known Member

  21. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    It turns on. Just won't locate. Tried nav, maps and gps test.
  22. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    I just tried gps test and gps status inside a big office building with little tiny windows. I'm showing some signal from 4-6 satellites but it didn't lock the few minutes free I had to stand by a window.

    I don't know if it would normally get a lock by a window here or not I've never tried. I know before gb update it would get a decent lock in the middle of my house.

    I'll try outside in a couple hours.

    edit: I just got an 80-foot accuracy lock by the window with gps test.

    Shorepatrol maybe new agps data would help? gps status does gps assistance data downloading automatically gps test does not afaik, its in there to manually do though: menu-settings-clear agps then refresh agps.
  23. n8frogg

    n8frogg New Member

    I used tobyornottoby's file to update my phone. Pretty smooth update process. It is just like a factory reset. For some reason android market didn't update all my apps. Other than that inconvenience, seems pretty good. I thought I had heard that swype was coming with Gingerbread?
  24. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    Tried it outside and it works fine. Before the update it worked in the house. Weird
  25. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    Just tried mine outside and got a 6-foot accuracy lock in gps test. I think that's the best I've ever seen by far, I think it was always 15-20' before for me.

    Only problem I'm having is my launcher pro nexus-like 3d app drawer is way way laggy in scrolling, it never was before. But I don't think it was laggy earlier today before I hid all the ATT apps from the drawer, maybe hiding makes it lag, didn't on froyo, maybe a reboot.

    edit: nope, still laggy scrolling after a reboot with nothing hid.

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