Official HTC Inspire Gingerbread Update Rumor Thread

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  1. smthrsd

    smthrsd New Member

    I did the update manually but lost the HUSPA upload speeds? Anyone know how to get that back? Also under check for updates it HTC update seems to be missing

  2. fun841

    fun841 Active Member

    The gingerbread update is supposed to take that wifi option out so you only are supposed to have the att default update checker. Although I don't understand why they took it off.
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  3. dmckilla77

    dmckilla77 Member

    I went ahead and used the leaked update and have had no problems that I've read everyone else having. My how works perfectly and I havnt had anything bug up for me. If anything the phone is A LOT smoother now. And the battery life I havnt been able to test yet but I've noticed a little more time before it dies. It came with the unknown sources option though which is a first for me (I had to root because my push update never showed up).

    I'm going to wait for the word on the OTA and if theirs anything fixed then i guess ill go with the OTA
  4. Chief714

    Chief714 Well-Known Member

    everything works for me except for one thing.
    My messages don't register who is in my contacts. It just shows the phone #. Never did this before. I talked to at&T and they just sound ******ed. Telling me that I have to go thru HTC? wtf....

    Any thoughts? My inspire was fine before this update...

    hmmm... isn't it always something with AT&T.... man... i'm irritated....
  5. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    I am liking that there's an option to NOT show texts on the lockscreen.

    Recap: only real problem I'm having is launcher pro app drawer acting weird.

    My dialer prob was LP dock shortcut related, I recreated shortcut and its fine now.

    Text messaging prob I had, (last word of text is copied to 1st word of another new unsent one) hasnt showed up again. I am using gingerbread keyboard from the market and not the HTC keyboard so maybe that had something to do with it.

    Gps is better than ever for me. It is locking inside my house and I can get a 6 foot accuracy lock outside. (this is with an otterbox on)

    and the thing about showing #s instead of names in sms app, I used to have that happen for 5 or 10 seconds sometimes back on froyo until the names populated but I haven't seen it after this update.

    I heard the option for "fast boot" has moved, I can't find it, anyone know? I don't like that. Edit: found it it's in power settings now.
  6. droidbaby

    droidbaby Well-Known Member

    so... i'm new so don't flame me please...

    how do you back up everything before i try the .exe GB file posted here?

    please help? my phone is acting weird for two days now. hanging, lagging, not connecting to wifi or att data, apps force closing... i figured what the heck and just to try the GB.

    please please help?
  7. muherd79

    muherd79 Member

    Thanks Toby...........I did the manual download from his post works great, like it says in his post download sync first. It's super easy I had no clue what I was doing, just follow his instructions. Thanks Again!
  8. muherd79

    muherd79 Member

    I forgot to will get an error screen when u first click on the download that says your phone doesn't support download, don't worry that's because its a new operating system, click it anyways.
  9. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    What do you have that you want to keep? pictures are on sd and wont be touched, if you're signed in with a google account on your phone it should have your contacts synced to gmail.

    Most of your market apps will come back (I was missing 3 or 4 and had to search them out in the market again)

    you'll probably lose progress/scores in most games

    you'll lose your sms messages (some people like to save these, I dont)

    Main time consuming thing you lose is just how you've setup your homescreens and internal settings for some apps.

    If you have some bad apps causing the force close problems though, those will come right back after the update likely when those apps get reinstalled.

    Maybe uninstall a lot of stuff beforehand that you dont use or is known to have problems. Make sure you have a network connection when doing that so the market knows you've uninstalled.
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  10. droidbaby

    droidbaby Well-Known Member

    Thanks... I was able to transfer my photos and video to my pc. Apps did come back, some didn't. I had to do a battery pull... It works so much better now. Thanks!
  11. dburf81

    dburf81 New Member

    Can I install the manual update from my phone? I've tried it from my pc with HTC sync several times and it keeps getting stuck on "Sending." Any help would be amazing.
  12. slamdunc5

    slamdunc5 New Member

    Hey so I'm confused, So does anybody know for that the update has been released. And if so is it 10,000 phones
    everyday or is an hourly thing.
  13. droidbaby

    droidbaby Well-Known Member

    Find the Toby link in this thread and use that thru your pc. It works. Everything seems to be working for me.
  14. droidbaby

    droidbaby Well-Known Member

    There's a link here for download, you can do the update from your pc yourself. Very easy, takes less than 10mins.
  15. fun841

    fun841 Active Member

    Also fair warning to anyone that doesn't know or hasn't bothered to read the previous posts, that if you do the manual update through your computer, your phone WILL be wiped of all data.
  16. dylando808

    dylando808 Well-Known Member

    i've had this same problem.
    there is a simple but quite annoying way to fix this. just go to that message and press the number and a menu should pop up that says "Verify the phone number"
    and the following options should come up
    -send message
    -open contact

    select open contact and then head back into the message, that contact should appear in place of the number.
  17. avdoubleu

    avdoubleu New Member

    Anyone know how to get free wifi after updating. Using that "add APN" function was my main source for internet and now that I've updated to gingerbread it no longer works.

    Any ideas??????
  18. jayvqz

    jayvqz New Member

    I. Also did the update and everything is running good ...I'm even getting better battery life
  19. michaelnel

    michaelnel Member

    I did the upgrade from the download link in this thread last night, and near as I can tell everything is working correctly.

    However, I periodically get a popup that says: "The application Google Services Framework (process has stopped unexpectedly, please try again.", with a "Force Close" button. I hit the "Force Close" and it goes away, but the whole thing reappears several times an hour.

    Guess I need to research this.
  20. costantini04

    costantini04 New Member

    still having gps issues i got it to lock in really fast yesterday for half the day then out of no where it wont lock in at all, searching all the time, checked satalites and there are 0. also tobys link says its 269 my computer downloads say 263
  21. John Redcorn

    John Redcorn Well-Known Member

    Try clearing and redownloading agps data using an app like gpstest or gps status if you haven't already.

    I got something kinda cool to report on battery life. Looks like idle use is WAY down from what I see.

    I use a thing called battery monitor widget. It's constantly looking/logging battery voltage and milliamp draw, it can compare this to past logs and give you time to empty estimates either based on your usage since you installed battery monitor, your usage since unplugged or your instant realtime usage.

    Now before the update there are times I'd go to work, phone fully charged up and be I'd be busy and not have a chance to play on the phone until luch or something. I'd look at battery monitor, it would say based on my non-usage, just idling for hours since unplug, the battery would last 2 days and several hours. this would be with wifi on, sync on gps on.

    I went to bed last night without putting it on the charger it was around 90%, I had charged it a few hours earlier, I wanted to give battery monitor some stats to work with that's why i didn't plug in. I had wifi, sync, gps on. I woke up this morning and it was 85% and battery monitor said based on my usage since unplug (10 hrs ago) the battery would go another 4 days 5 hours!
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  22. fun841

    fun841 Active Member

    Now that is improvement. I can't wait for GB now (waiting for OTA).
  23. shorepatrol

    shorepatrol Active Member

    As above, my battery life has increased significantly. Went to bed with it at 43% , woke up and it was at %40. Before the update it would have been close to %0 or dead.
  24. fun841

    fun841 Active Member

    Really can't wait for GB now. I really need a boost in battery life. I'm so tempted to get it I might just go ahead and do the manual update instead of waiting for OTA and hoping the bugs would be fixed in the OTA update. Also, has anyone noticed a speed increase (such as scrolling, switching between screens)?
  25. local2coastal

    local2coastal Member

    hello fellow inspire users...irtst things on my thire inspire in 3 months, 1st was coming off in the first two weeks....2nd one..BRICK! 7vibration code....this one is doing good(crossing fingers)...i will say that the only gripe that i have otherwise is battery life lake everyone else....I WANT GINGERBREAD! and i aint talkin cookies! att...please stop screwing with our emotions!i will not root my phone..cause if i would have...u do the math on how much i would have spent on new units...P.S. att...your reps dont know ish! please train them instead of letting them get info from mags or blogs!


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