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  1. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've gotten to the point where I'm checking my update status atleast once a day. I think I've decided on the Razr Maxx, but haven't ruled out the Rezound of Galaxy Nexus. 2 more weeks...

  2. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Dismember VIP Member

    Only shortly after starting this thread, I made the mistake of going to Verizon to check out the new Motorola Razr Maxx. They didn't have it in stock but that did not stop me. I had it Fed Exd to me the next day.

    I feel like I've cheated on my boyfriend.

    Shame on me. I'm a weak weak woman:

    Sharondippity: Motorola Razr Maxx- A Review
  3. today

    today Well-Known Member

    I was counting on you. Now what? I just bought another DINC on Ebay to tied me over till the next DINC-like jump in technology grabs my attention. Don't worry Sharon ill carry on for you. I'm still amazed with this incredible device and just don't see what I'm looking for yet. When I see it I'll know.
  4. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

    Still no interest in any phone available at Verizon right now. Will keep my Inc as it suits my needs perfectly...
  5. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    I'm still rocking my Dinc, it suits my needs perfectly. For me to upgrade I want a 4in screen and amazing internals for game perforance.
  6. flyinjoe13

    flyinjoe13 Well-Known Member

    I was basically given a Dinc2 by someone who thought it was broken. All I had to do was replace the power button. Don't ask me why they didn't take it too Verizon to replace the phone. I guess they didn't want to wait for a replacement so they just got a new one. Who knows....anywhoo....

    Now that i've gotten my hands on a phone that is 'bigger', it just reinforces my belief that the Dinc is as big as I want to go. I know it's only slightly bigger, but I was amazed at how much bigger the Dinc2 felt in my hands. I couldn't imagine how monstorous a phone with a screen larger than 4" would feel in my hands.

    On the plus side, I do have a decent second phone on hand as a backup if something were to ever happen to my Dinc, but I hope that isn't anytime soon. The Dinc is like my favorite shirt. It just fits me perfectly.
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  7. Grimlock_jvb

    Grimlock_jvb Member

    Mine is still running great and it was a release day purchase! Best. Phone. Ever. I am ready for a new phone, but as many of you have said, I'm waiting on the next wave.
  8. rok8man

    rok8man Well-Known Member

    I feel a tremor in the dark side for me as well. I am really tempted by the Razr Maxx. The biggest thing I didnt like about the Razr was the weird hump in the back which seems to have smoothed out a lot in the Razr Maxx. I can only hold out for so long.
  9. Chudman

    Chudman Active Member

    My 15 month old Dinc has been working great. I recently looked at the Dinc2 and the RAZR Max and couldn't see any advantages for me that justified the additional cost. (I'm a moderate data, text, and phone user).

    I'll stick with my Dinc for awhile.
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  10. DWasilew

    DWasilew Well-Known Member

    I've had my Incredible for around 17 months and have had a very good experience with it. After I rooted and flashed CM7 w/ increikernel on it, it feels like a brand new phone. It even ran ICS pretty well. It has very little lag and I think it can almost keep up with the new duelcore phones. Even now, when I look at it, I am still amazed at how good the AMOLED screen looks.

    Sadly, I am just tinkering with it until I am eligible for an upgrade.The GB update was a huge fiasco, and I am not a big fan of Sense. I will probably never buy a non-Nexus device again. Also, I think I have out grown the smaller screen size. Things are a lot easier to read on my girlfriends Incredible 2 and it's only a 4" screen. The Galaxy Nexus feels amazing in my hand, and its just a damn cool looking phone that runs amazing.

    I am think of using it as an mp3 player after I upgrade. My Zune is on its last legs; I don't like the iPod and HATE iTunes.
  11. BlueOwl

    BlueOwl Active Member

    I have my Incredible since release day, good deal through BB. She's naked, stock and as beautiful as day one. I've been lucky with updates, all have been flawless.

    Gingerbread has been great for battery life, and all apps have been smooth running. This was my first smartphone and all of you have helped me greatly with my learning curve (I'm 68 and love tech).

    I'm also hanging with my beloved ZuneHD 32gig and you can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

    Nothing out there (phones) has tempted me so far, but I keep checking in here to see what you wonderful & fun people have to say. Who knows, maybe I'll be tempted to root one of these days.

    Thank you all for helping me love my Incredible. :D
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  12. jaymz462

    jaymz462 Active Member

    I've had my Incredible since launch day, and was trolling these forums back during the Nexus-on-Verizon-nevermind-here's-the-Incredbile days. Still my favorite phone of all time and very reliable.

    The Galaxy Nexus looks nice, but I'm going to keep the Incredible until something more mind-blowing comes out. I put CM7 on the Incredible yesterday, so that should keep me satisfied until there's a good ICS ROM, which will keep me happy until a truly awesome phone comes out.
  13. Mungus

    Mungus Active Member

    25 months and counting with my DInc. GB has been great on my DInc. Seidio 3500 battery,with Active case fattened up my DInc and increased its life for awhile to come. It'll be keeping it until it goes limp
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  14. Kyuss

    Kyuss Well-Known Member

    Still have mine (got on release day) and have no intentions of changing that any time soon. In fact I was just thinking that it was 2 years ago that I was following the pre-release info on it, fun times lol (I still want to know what was in that box!! ;) ) Mine is rooted and tweaked and tbh I haven't changed anything in quite a few months, it just works without issue.

    It's still in excellent shape too surprisingly. I don't even run a screen protector anymore and the glass in fine. Only thing I have is the Verizon black silicone case and it's kept the phone in great shape.
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  15. DroID RaGE

    DroID RaGE Well-Known Member

    I used to have a screen protector too. Not any more. Just have that black silicone case as well. Got my Incredible on release day, and have been eligible for an upgrade since 12-28. Point is - I dont see anything worth upgrading to. I knew that this was "the" phone that I wanted when it came out (actually months before). And - for me - it still rocks. I am just going to play the waiting game too. .... what WAS in that box? .....
  16. Mahalo

    Mahalo Well-Known Member

    I have been using mine as my alarm clock/pandora/netflix on the bed stand since I bought my Gnexus. If the Gnex ever dies and is not in warranty I will go back to my Dinc in a heart beat. I miss nothing about this phone. In fact, I spent this morning with it getting it back to stock and letting it get the update to GB. Can't put her out to pasture yet!
  17. Triska

    Triska Well-Known Member

    Still loving mine except for the huge cracks on the screen. It had a foot and a half drop onto a carpeted surface, landed screen side up and still cracked, even in a Seidio case. I refuse to give it up though.
  18. TangledThorns

    TangledThorns Well-Known Member

    MWC is this week and HTC announced their new phones, nothing for Verizon it seems. Unless something is announced that'll blow me away I guess I'm sticking with my Inc.
  19. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

    Seriously, there were no new phones announced for Verizon? I love my Inc, but I was hoping HTC would come out with a new 4" (MAX) to replace the Inc and Inc2.. Where are these phones headed then... HTC announces trio of Ones, the X,S and V - Rethink Wireless
  20. jamala00

    jamala00 Well-Known Member

  21. question729

    question729 Well-Known Member

    Count me in as another launch day owner who hasn't upgraded yet. I still remember waiting for the iPhone or a Touch Pro2 replacement to come to Verizon and deciding that the Incredible had everything I needed except a hardware keyboard. Nothing on the horizon looks tempting. The phone still does what I need it to do, so I'm in no rush.
  22. Oakraidr

    Oakraidr Member

    I still have my phone. even the original cover i purchased the day after.

    I love 80% of the phone. but I am planning on updating soon.
  23. rok8man

    rok8man Well-Known Member

    I have jumped ship and ordered the Maxx. The battery life has been killing me. The other night the battery drained out completely and I was late for work. So I wait anxiously for the Maxx to be delivered today. The Verizon store Rep said my DiNC is worth $30 as trade in value. I have decided to keep it as backup. You never know when you will need another phone......
  24. ORRY?

    ORRY? Well-Known Member

    Other than having to get a replacement (original was overheating and cycling on and off throughout the day), and a few dust particles inside the bottom right of the screen, I've had the Incredible for 21 months and still going strong.

    What I noticed, though, is something happened with Power Widget. Before, I used to just hit the GPS button and it would turn on. Now, when I hit the button, it takes me to 'Location Setting' and I have to check 'VZW Location Services' and 'Standalone GPS Services'. Really annoying and inconvenient for what it's supposed to do.

    I've been running it completely nekkid; no screen protector (I prefer the smooth feel) or case since I'm running the OEM extended battery and the XWAY holder. It's got a few scratches on the screen here and there, but nothing major. Running OEM GB with the patch (I had to do a factory reset to do so, no biggie); not rooted, but running GoLauncher and Widgetlocker.

    With that said, I've been looking at the Nexus as I'm eligible for an upgrade, but I'm just way too comfortable with my Incredible. It's my very first smart phone, after all. That, and the 'extended battery' for the Nexus is a little pathetic. I can run my Incredible for 2 days on light to moderate use on a single charge.

    My sister and both my parents upgraded to iPhones already. No thanks, I love my free maps/navigation on mine :D I think I'm going to run this thing into the ground until, as most of you said, something else WOW's me.
  25. Scorpion34

    Scorpion34 Well-Known Member

    After a bad charger killed my Inc I went & bought another. There's no other phone that I want right now & don't feel like being locked down for another 2 years right now. Jus sucks that I have to root all over again. Especially since this one has the OTA update.

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