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  1. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    HTC have already said that ICS will be rolled out in the UK at the end of March.

    I'm currently using an official beta release from HTC through their elevate.com forum.

  2. Fonzig

    Fonzig Well-Known Member

    If you have ICS, try it on your homescreen with 2 app shortcuts.
    Seems to work fine on mine:confused:
  3. Roxolid

    Roxolid Well-Known Member

    I've just received ice cream sandwich...............

    I wanted a strawberry cornnetto but the wife got it wrong... oh well....
  4. haddock

    haddock Well-Known Member

    Soooo.... Now I have no data connection. Full bars on all networks, but nothing can connect. No problems on Wi-Fi.
  5. fanboynot

    fanboynot Active Member


  6. Tattycakes

    Tattycakes Well-Known Member Contributor

    I currently have gingerbread 2.3.4 which I'm very happy with, especially the homescreen layout with the apps/phone/personalise arc at the bottom. If I upgrade to ICC will it change this layout dramatically? Will I have the option to change back to the 2.3 style? I have widgetlocker which will do it for my lockscreen but I don't know about the homescreen itself. Help please, thanks!
  7. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Where are you located please, screenshot?
  8. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Nothing here....still. Unbranded, running on 3 in UK, bought SIM free

    Bored of checking now, can understand if no one had it in UK, but loads do....
  9. biker74

    biker74 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I, well, it's no landed in Scotland then.
  10. haddock

    haddock Well-Known Member

    The Apps/phone/personalize arc at the bottom is gone (wuhuu!) - see the screenshot I posted above. I much prefer the new layout, especially because it's customizable. And I wouldn't recommend using widget locker. It didn't react very well to my upgrade, and became a battery hog. Hopefully they will update the app soon, cause I really liked it.
  11. Unbranded, stock, O2 UK. Nothing yet. 21:00. Patience beginning to wear thin.:mad::mad::mad:
  12. joemonkey

    joemonkey Well-Known Member

    i am in san francisco, california. just checked, no update here for ics
  13. Tattycakes

    Tattycakes Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ah thanks, I didn't see the screenie as workplace internet filters out pictures. It doesn't look bad, customisable is good but it's a bit bland and un-stylised, I guess we have no choice but to get used to it!?
  14. murzz

    murzz Well-Known Member

    Another day comes and goes and still nowt:mad:
  15. charliehowes

    charliehowes Well-Known Member

    When I spoke to HTC yesterday they told me that they'd not even started rolling it out yet and to be totally honest I was left with the impression that it wouldn't be anytime soon.
  16. fanboynot

    fanboynot Active Member

    Hi here is a screenshot as promised:cool:

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  17. ahmedahly5

    ahmedahly5 New Member

    i want to know is it ok to update mine when its available or it have any problems ?
  18. 1st_Paladin

    1st_Paladin Well-Known Member

    Just downloaded in Singapore. StarHub customer. Understand that SingTel customers have also received it.
  19. jmfryer1978

    jmfryer1978 Active Member

    Just looking on HTC's Facebook page and it would appear it's hitting a fair few countries today. With any luck the UK will be one of them!
  20. blackjacks21

    blackjacks21 New Member

    does anyone here have issue after installing ICS to sensation XE? mine is having white screen every time exiting applications. it goes to my home page once i quit an application. i don't know whether it's a compatibility issue, but i doubt it is the case. i'd been waiting for it since last year and totally disappointed it turned out like this. any suggestion?
  21. haddock

    haddock Well-Known Member

    Nope. I have had it for three weeks now, and that hasn't happened to me once. It did, however, happen often before I upgraded. But I never found a solution to it, sorry.
  22. Celyn

    Celyn New Member

    Question, what is unbranded and branded?
  23. jmfryer1978

    jmfryer1978 Active Member

    Branded is when you buy a phone through a carrier (Orange/Vodafone etc). They put their own bits of software into the phone. This means that when updates come out from HTC, the carrier will not release it until they have tested it, and also made any changes to it that they see fit (like adding more bits of their software in).

    Unbranded phones do not contain any carrier specific software and when updates are released they get them straight away from HTC's servers.

    In the UK unbranded handsets typically come from the likes of Carphone Warehouse and I also think O2 provide unbranded handsets (though I may be wrong on that last point).

    If you can get un-branded then do, as you'll get updates a lot faster and it wont be filled with the carriers software and changes, which often you have no chance of removing unless you root and install a custom ROM.
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  24. Celyn

    Celyn New Member

    Thank You. :)
  25. Rkool

    Rkool Member

    So no one knows when O2 will role out their ICS update in the UK then? :confused:

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