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  1. MNDaveC

    MNDaveC Active Member

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  2. ba1970

    ba1970 Member

    Can I do this while being rooted?
  3. plnavajas

    plnavajas New Member

    I downloaded ICS onto my Blaze via Kies. I like it overall: seems to work well and it's definitely an improvement. I was surprised and disappointed, however, to see that the home screen and app drawer are exactly the same as they were in Gingerbread 2.3.6. In the months prior to the update, I had been drooling over YouTube vids detailing ICS features. One of the things I noted was how different the home screen/app drawer looked. My question is: did T-mobile/Samsung give Blaze owners a watered-down version of ICS, or did something go wrong with my upgrade?
  4. plnavajas

    plnavajas New Member

    No you can't.
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  5. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    Unless you want to break root suggested not, just wait a few days for devs to base a Rom off of update

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  6. Jankis

    Jankis New Member

    Thanks for posting this.
  7. ba1970

    ba1970 Member


    Last night I flashed the stock ROM and then upgraded to ICS thru Kies. ICS, in my humble opinion, is a nicer ezperience than Gingerbread 2.3.6. Anyway, I look forward to rooting again in the future.

    Be well, folks, and thanks for all you do Devs.
  8. rbk123

    rbk123 New Member

    Do you lose all of your apps when you load ICS?
  9. Jankis

    Jankis New Member

  10. bhav1618

    bhav1618 New Member


    I have the same question as above. The display screen and app drawer looks the same! Is everyone facing the same problem?? What the hell is different about this upgrade then?
  11. bhav1618

    bhav1618 New Member

    There's no people app either! Its exactly the same!!
  12. Ubizmo

    Ubizmo Active Member

    Very slight interface changes, that's all. Settings screen looks different. No "software update" option anymore. Most differences must be "under the hood."
  13. dwitherell

    dwitherell Well-Known Member

    Yeah most of the differences are under the hood (and to be fair, those differences are rather large in number). The reason the home screen/app drawer look the same is that it's essentially the same Touchwiz 3 launcher as was in the latest Gingerbread release. It's too bad stock TouchWiz ICS for the Blaze didn't incorporate more of the UI stuffs seen w/ other iterations of ICS.
  14. donmeca2020

    donmeca2020 Well-Known Member

    i upgraded my folks phones with the ICS update, and i must say it looked compleletely the same as before. besides some icons changed and it ran a tad differently. other then that ics on the blaze phones look 100% different then from my GS3. I did however like that you can install Apex launcher onto it now.
  15. JerryTX2012

    JerryTX2012 Member

    Does anyone know if FoxFi will still work under ICS? I tether a lot and I don't want to lose that.

    By the way, what exactly changes with the update? More stable? Better security? Extra features? From what I see is this thread is not that big of a deal. Am I missing something here?
  16. Notice you dont have flash, resource use higher?

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