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  1. exclamation_mark

    exclamation_mark Well-Known Member

    On the top of your bill :D

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  2. dgreen

    dgreen Well-Known Member

    There is a UPS app you can use to track your packages. I just downloaded it to make it easier to check when it ships.
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  3. dgreen

    dgreen Well-Known Member

    So while checking the tracking on my phone I noticed the button to change the delivery address. Might want to wait til you actually get the tracking info so you know for sure where its going to but looks like you can fix it.
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  4. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Well-Known Member

    this way didn't work for me, but simply plugging my acct # in did. says 2nd day air, here by fri. still hoping it gets reverted to overnight, like it was originally supposed to be.
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  5. 2krazee2

    2krazee2 Member

    It works but it still goes to the original address first and then forwarded to new address - no one at UPS could explain why this happens but nothing they can do.:(
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  6. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the email from Sprint.
    This is on a business account so not sure if everyone will get the same
    one or not.

    Your order is on the way!

    We've shipped your order today. To find out when it will arrive, please review the important order, billing and shipping details below.

    To help make your Sprint experience even better, be sure to review the tips and information provided.

    Please save a copy of this email for your records.

    Tracking your shipment:
    Product Name: HTC EVO 4G LTE

    Tracking number: 1ZX
    Shipped via: UPS
    Click to track: Shipping, Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Management from UPS FedEx: Shipping, Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management www.usps.com
    Shipping method: Overnight: Next Day PM
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  7. dgreen

    dgreen Well-Known Member

    Did you try to get them to revert the change and see if they'd hold it at your nearest UPS store or something? Could get it sooner that way.
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  8. slamjet

    slamjet Well-Known Member

  9. Lowbird

    Lowbird VIP Member VIP Member

    Slamjet summed it up. Got the confirmation email from Sprint!
  10. hsh.shawn

    hsh.shawn Well-Known Member

    Yea I like that the Sprint e mail calls it overnight PM shipping so the optimist in me says as long as these get out of the warehouse today we should have them by tom night? Especially for me only 3 hours from the plant in KY:D
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  11. 2krazee2

    2krazee2 Member

    Tried that - can't revert, have to go back to Sprint - went back to Sprint, nothing they can do. I have instructed the person that will get my now misdirected EVO to refuse the package. So ends the journey, on the bright side I never lost my temper and remained calm. I will walk into a store and buy one - either at Sprint, BB or RS.
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  12. slamjet

    slamjet Well-Known Member

    Now that really, really sucks. Have you tried the UPS online thing?
  13. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    My only worry is they will not leave it if I am not there. I am going to put a note on the door but for high value items I heard they might not accept that. It depends on what the shipper (Sprint) allows.
  14. dgreen

    dgreen Well-Known Member

    Now that I have a tracking number I find myself refreshing my UPS page every few minutes hoping to see it moving. :p
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  15. slamjet

    slamjet Well-Known Member

    I've put notes on my door for UPS stating that I'm out of town and asking if the package can be delivered on XXXX date. They've always honored my request.
  16. GiftedPlacebo

    GiftedPlacebo Well-Known Member

    Cheapskates. Downgraded to 2nd day delivery? That's pretty lame. At least I have a tracking number though!

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  17. 814 htc evo

    814 htc evo Well-Known Member

    Am I the only one who has yet to receive a tracking e mail from Sprint? And I even went to the website to track it and my status still says May 24th NO TRACKING # :( :( :( :( ????
  18. crow11ad

    crow11ad Well-Known Member

    Well now the site on Sprint's site is updated with a tracking number.
  19. rkkeller

    rkkeller Well-Known Member

    Did you get the email from Sprint saying it has shipped?

    Mine had a tracking number for days but just today I received the email from
    Sprint saying it shipped.
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  20. hsh.shawn

    hsh.shawn Well-Known Member

    IF you sign up for UPS my choice on your home page you can click on schedule delivery and under special instructions you can choose to "authorize shipment release". It is still up to the drivers discretion but you have a higher probability of the driver leaving it with that than a note because you are taking away liability from UPS with the my choice option where as a note they have no proof or legal grounds. Or try both;)
  21. dgreen

    dgreen Well-Known Member

    Might have to give it a few hours. If you pre-ordered right away you'll get one. I'm sure they have alot of emails to send out.

    Also use your Sprint account number as the reference number on UPS to track your shipment. I was able to do that before I actually got the email.
  22. REEF

    REEF Well-Known Member

    I just received the email from Sprint. Friday cant cone soon enough! It's gonna be a great holiday weekend. A new gadget, BBQ, and good beer. :D :thumbup:
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  23. windsorclarenc

    windsorclarenc Well-Known Member

    I haven't gotten one either. I don't even get the May 24th update, mine just says it's being processed in the warehouse. But when I went to ups.com I got a tracking number using the above mentioned method. It says there's a label made.

    I'm not really sure what to think of this.
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  24. crakkajakka15

    crakkajakka15 Member

    WOOT used my acct number as a reference and a package and label was created
  25. Blewis13

    Blewis13 Well-Known Member

    OK, so I'm psyched that the phone is on it's way!!!

    But, do any of you experts know if i should believe Sprint that says it will be shipped "Next Day PM" which would put it in my hands tomorrow or.... UPS that's saying "2nd Day Air" which means a Friday delivery?

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