Official Jelly Bean update announced!General

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  2. Steve B.

    Steve B. Active Member

    That's GREAT !.

    Of course this is the Tab 7.0 Plus forum, not the Tab 2 forum, so this means zip here.
  3. I'm sorry. I forgot to mention you have to look at the end of the article. It lists the tab 7 plus as one of the other devices named by Samsung to also be getting the official update! I hope everyone else is as geeked as I am. Even though it could be another 6 months (or more) before we see it.
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  4. Steve B.

    Steve B. Active Member

    Got it.


  5. 8 corez

    8 corez Active Member

    I hope we get it soon! :)
  6. 0ark4ngel

    0ark4ngel New Member

    man! this annoucement was released months ago ! nothing new :(
  7. At least we know their intent! I bet we will see it in another month or so. We could be SOL like the poor people that have 7.7's!
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  8. 0ark4ngel

    0ark4ngel New Member

    keep waiting i've heard the jelly bean for tab 7+ will be released in the end of march in ukraine.

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