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  1. AlwaysSmile

    AlwaysSmile Active Member

    Anybody knows or heard a word about Jelly Bean to be released officially from Samsung to the Galaxy Reverb???
    Before the release some websites claimed that this phone will get a official Jelly Bean update but didn't hear anything about it since!
    So if anybody heard anything please post it here!

  2. RyanSupertramp

    RyanSupertramp Well-Known Member

    I just bought this phone on Virgin Mobile yesterday. Virgin mobile isn't known for pushing updates so if that's your carrier, I wouldn't count on it. I'm just waiting to see if someone creates an Unofficial Version for us.
  3. mb41186

    mb41186 Well-Known Member

    Having Jelly Bean on this phone would be pretty cool, although I hear jellybean itself is still barley being released to phones like the Galaxy SIII so don't think it would come out soon for this phone if at all.
  4. Rock101

    Rock101 Well-Known Member

    I don't think Virgin has ever released a new ROM for it's phones. Not part of it's (cheap) business model.
  5. Tighe

    Tighe Active Member

    I have my VM Reverb asking that I update the system. This is the LK2 Software Update. I just got the phone yesterday and I was planning on rooting it, but now I am worried if I update it will close the ability to root the phone. If I don't update it I am worried the it is some fix for some problem with the phone. Anyone have any info?
  6. PhilBilly881

    PhilBilly881 Well-Known Member

    You're still able to root after updating.
  7. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    This reminds me of that Allstate commercial,

    ------That can't put anything on the internet that not true!------

  8. madmikess

    madmikess Well-Known Member


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  9. Beezy1978

    Beezy1978 Member

    Yeah, there was one system update by Virgin that I know of, it was for the HTC Wildfire, which if anyone recognizes the phone, they probably know that by the time the system update came out owners were pretty screwed as far as internal memory- as in not even enough to install the update!

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