official k-touch w700 ICS update in september

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  1. simmer

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  2. abhishekayyaga

    abhishekayyaga New Member

    Hi I am new to this forum I own a Micromax a 85 from the past one year I have rooted it and has a costume ROM running on it after tweaking the kernel and scheduler settings it is giving me a full day of battery life on 3g with heavy usage and the ics for this devic is going to be released in 3weeks .
  3. samiqrawa

    samiqrawa Member

    It doesn't say that its for W700?
  4. chetank628

    chetank628 Active Member

    hey abhishek which rom and kernel tweaks last ur battery for whole day mine able to last for half day
  5. thitikub

    thitikub New Member

    The end of September already. :'0
  6. salimrk78

    salimrk78 Member

    I have bought a used Micromax A85 that has already been upgraded to 2.3.4 but I have severe battery and network issue. Can you provide me with a solution ?
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    Thanks in Advance


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