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Official Kies Mini for the US

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  1. ageros

    ageros Active Member

    Kies mini now on samsung usa site - xda-developers

    Saw this on the XDA site, just installed it. Appears now we don't have to download a kies app from the international site. I just finished installing it so I'm not certain how well it works.


    For the download, go to the bottom of the page.

    Edit: I've now installed it and used it. Didn't do anything the first go around, I'm not sure if this is because of the original usb driver being installed or since i wasn't using touchwiz.

    I uninstalled the old usb driver and rebooted the computer. I then tried a usb connected and storage mode worked, but kies did not. I then changed my default usb connection to kies and received a message on the screen saying I needed to be on the "idle" screen and to close my applications. I then changed my launcher back to touchwiz(via home switcher) and then tried it again with kies as default. This worked just fine.

    If you were already using kies don't bother with this. It appears Kies mini is strictly for firmware upgrading purposes as it doesn't appear to have any other options. I'd say this gives light to the idea that the 2.2 update will eventually come down through Kies.

  2. tazman171

    tazman171 Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up, totally missed it on XDA. :cool:
  3. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    How do you guys get to it? I selected
    Category: Cell Phones
    Sub-Category: AT&T Cell Phones.

    Model: I897 is not on the list that they give you.
  4. ageros

    ageros Active Member

    Don't worry about the missing box. Just click the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. You'll see a software button. Click that.
  5. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    First it says, there is no downloads, then on the bottom it comes up with "Page Not Found", then the page tries to re-load and all you get is a blank page.
  6. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    same here page appears to be down. Anyone having trouble connecting to the international Kies after the alleged GPS update. Kies wont recognize my phone :-(
  7. LMaxwell

    LMaxwell Well-Known Member

    I managed to grab the url before the save dialog came up.

    Try this.
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  8. dantheman2

    dantheman2 Well-Known Member

    It is a stripped down version of KIes that only upgrades the firmware. AT&T crippling Kies basically. If you already got the OTA update, you don't need this.
  9. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Thanks for the link.....

    After the install I get a message that says min launcher not responding and my phone is not recognized.
  10. Franceso

    Franceso Member

    I saw that the OTA upgrade charged me for 13+MB of data. Will Kies allow upgrades without using OTA data minutes? Since I am most of the time at a wifi location I signed up for the 200MB plan and would prefer to use my minutes for my preferences rather than ATT.

  11. Prim8

    Prim8 Well-Known Member

    Since you're loading the update from your computer it wouldn't use your ATT data unless you were tethering.
  12. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Looks like it's been pulled from their webpage. The only thing under downloads now are USB drivers. No mention of Kies.

    Is anyone able to connect to the International Kies after the update? I cannot.
  13. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    The site is back working but I get...

    "MiniApplication launcher has stopped working" everytime I launch the program.

  14. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    This is freaking awesome. A whole program newly released for the sole purpose of UPDATING our phones. If this doesn't say Samsung will continue to update our phones I don't know what will.
  15. I used Kies Mini today to update my firmware. I have had no luck connecting to Kies "full" or via the ATT server via the phone. One thing that I needed to do was to place the phone into debug mode to get it to connect to kies. As far as the GPS its better but def not fixed. BTW the Samsung, level III tech that was helping me stated that they are aware that this firmware doesnt fix the GPS issue.
  16. bmoliver

    bmoliver Well-Known Member

    I think most people! The only solution is to do a "Driver Recovery" in Kies and then wait until the drivers are re-installed. Then, connect the phone for a one-time use. If you unplug and re-plug, Kies will not re-connect. There are quite a few threads on this problem on various forums. I think this is an AT&T kill feature.
  17. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Well...that's one way of putting it. Another way would be At&t wanted a stripped down version of Kies that didn't allow tethering.
  18. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Driver issue makes sense, I'll play around with it. Thanks.
  19. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    I prefer to see the bright side. At&t will do whatever it will do regardless. (unless of course we all band together, which will never happen, I'd wager that most ppl who own captivates don't even know it's made by samsung unless they look [ yes I am aware it says samsung on the front]
  20. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    I like your optimism but experience has taught me otherwise :)

    And yes, it does say Samsung on the front. As much advertising as Samsung has put behind it's galaxy S phones the Samsung badge is hard to miss. For all my gripes with this device (the good still outweigh the bad) I blame at&t, not Samsung.
  21. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    Experience has apparently taught me the opposite of what it taught you. So...out of curiosity: you blame the GPS issue on AT&T; the lag issues (e.g. file system I/O) on AT&T; and the variety of other bugs on AT&T? Where does Google and Samsung fit? I know you didn't explicitly blame those things on AT&T but...you implied it. AT&T is the whipping boy of the cellphone world - it's trendy/hip/cool to hate them. Everybody loves a good bitching. And it's synonymous with Apple who is another hip/trendy/cool company to hate (or love) - albeit for different reasons (hip to hate them because they are hip - the whole rebellious I-am-not-a-sheep-I'm-a-unique-person thing afflicts adults as well). I personally don't have a problem with AT&T, my coverage is great and I probably would lock the phone from non market place apps too. Just so the idiots don't mess up their phones and try to pin it on the company (hell the SMART people mess up their phones). The ones who WANT to sideload can easily sideload. And the tethering thing gone? No AT&T phone has free internet tethering (which boggles my mind why they don't...they have caps now on data...makes no sense) and I'm fairly certain other providers charge for internet tethering capabilities. Again there are hacks out there that can easily bypass such restrictions. I would argue that AT&T is the least party to blame. Apart from them choosing to not have a flash, front facing camera, and for not pushing, kicking, and biting hard enough to get Froyo and a real GPS fix out of Samsung, and fast (along with the other US carriers...they should have all said NO to Samsung until Froyo and GPS were on it / working (respectively).
  22. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    MiniKies does not work. it crashes EVERY TIME I plug my phone in.
  23. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Well...I'm glad you're happy with your coverage, I however am not. At&t's coverage isn't great in NYC and that has nothing to do with being trendy or cool. As far as the GPS issue goes, honestly, I never had an issue with it, albeit I don't use it much. As far as Google goes, no issues here either, I love the Android OS. I like Apple too far that matter, go figure. In fact, I tend to shy away from popular opinion (as I type this on my DELL, another whipping boy as you say). I don't like At&t for a myriad of reasons, but I don't want to take up several pages detailing my gripes, some of which has nothing to do with this particular phone. I'm happy you're happy, my views and opinions remain unchanged and when my contract expires I'll have options that I may exercise, it's as simple as that. Apparently you didn't like me pointing out your optimism, so....let's just forget it. You're entitled to your views as am I.
  24. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    I had the same problem running it on a Windows 7 64bit machine. If you have any 32bit machines try those. I was able to connect to Kies after installing it on my wifes netbook which runs Windows 7 Starter 32bit.
  25. ageros

    ageros Active Member

    I'm currently using Kies on a win7 64 bit machine. As far as working goes, I have to set kies as the default usb connection, and switch touchwiz back to my default home launcher, but after that mini kies works fine.

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