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Official Kies Mini for the US

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  1. ChefNsm

    ChefNsm Member

    trollin-t-t-t-trollin in the forum! lol!

  2. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    Well...the theme of my last post was inspired by you blaming all the phones problems on AT&T which I found rather...odd. I'm curious about odd things you see. I found it odd because I thought it absurd. Hence why my whole post was challenging AT&T being the sole offender. However, I misconstrued your original post. "For all my gripes with this device (the good still outweigh the bad) I blame at&t, not Samsung." I took this to be a general, catch all, blame game on AT&T. Whereas you just meant it as just your personal gripes with your phone (or your service). Not the glaring problems that a lot of users share (that Kies being a dedicated firmware program would/could/hopefully fix). Going back to your original response to my optimistic comment about Kies it's obvious you have a bone to pick with AT&T, and for good reason it sounds like. So... basically I just used you as a spring board to launch into a rant about who's to blame. The extent that I care about your views and opinions extended insofar to just prick my curiosity on a matter that turned out to be a false assumption. I don't mean to hijack this thread but I felt compelled to respond given the tone (umbrage) of your last reply. This post I'm typing right now might have some of that in it too. Nothing against you my friend or your opinions. I'm sorry your coverage sucks. I was speaking much more broadly. About things that Kies mini can fix...
  3. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Understood, just a simple misunderstanding. We'll all be friends when Froyo hits :).

    And for what it's worth I hope Samsung stands behind Kies and not abandon firmware updates like it did for a few of it's Bluray players. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    I've seen it work on a 64bit machines as well but a few users on XDA forums have pointed out issues on these machines and recommended using a 32bit machine when possible. My machine is also heavily tweaked and may be contributing to the issues I've been experiencing, my wifes netbook is practically stock and it works well.

    [HOWTO] Update to JH7 using Kies Mini (USA) - xda-developers
  5. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    It works on my wife's laptop and it's running 64bit Vista.
  6. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    Not surprising, there were a few users who had several 64bit machines where some worked and some didn't. It's strange to me considering the International version worked great on the same machine. I also uninstalled the original drivers and let Kies mini reinstall them, still no luck. Either way, the recommendation made on XDA me helped through the installation process.
  7. kryichek

    kryichek Member

    Hmm. Sounds like this might solve my issues.

    Set default usb connection? Can you elaborate?

    How do you change the launcher back to touchwiz? I am using Launcher Pro.
  8. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not getting this to work. It sits there "Please connect your mobile phone" and never detects that it's been connected.

    Trying this on an XP machine that's never had Kies on it before. USB Mass Storage works fine.

    I've tried setting USB to "ask" then choosing Kies, as well as forcing USB to always be "Kies".
  9. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    Try putting the phone in Debug Mode.
  10. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    I had, but originally it didn't help. I tried a reboot though and then Debug Mode work.

    Eh, whatever. It's updating now. We'll see what happens. Did my Titanium Backup so I should be prepared for the worst.

    Anyhow thanks for at least confirming Debug Mode was necessary. :)
  11. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    No problem, glad to hear it worked.
  12. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    Well, I wouldn't jump to that conclusion quite yet. ;)

    Update applied, phone rebooted... now it's been on the pulsing "S" for a few minutes already, without progressing. Certainly longer than a normal boot, but I will pray this is just a normal one-time thing after flashing an update.
  13. George0211

    George0211 Well-Known Member

    If this doesn't work, pull the battery, let it sit for a couple minutes, then put it back and start. When it boots up, check the software version.
  14. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    All good now, just took forever to reboot. :)

    As for whether it fixed anything... we shall see...
  15. kryichek

    kryichek Member

    Finally got the phone to connect on windows 7 64 bit. Change Kies to be the default on the phone and turned on debugging.

    I am running unleash the beast v.02

    Here is what I got. :(

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  16. randy_c

    randy_c Well-Known Member

    Would be nice if we can have the one click Odin with JH7....
  17. tazman171

    tazman171 Active Member

    Well, still can't get mini to run past recognizing the phone. It always comes up with this error. I have tried everything I can think of, regular kies does work but would still like this to work for the simplicity of only updates.

    Edit: Just read on project voodoo that ext4 has to be disabled for kies to work which is strange because the full version of kies works for me in ext4 mode. Well, at least for contacts, pics, music, not for the update which I know is because of all the mods.

    Attached Files:

  18. ageros

    ageros Active Member

    This app only does updating so its entirely possible its just not compatible with ext4, which is a shame, but they didn't ask my opinion.
  19. lrs421

    lrs421 Active Member

    ^^Same error message I get. Had to install it on another machine.
  20. ScuroRaven

    ScuroRaven Well-Known Member

    According to Samsung customer service Kies Mini for Captivate is Compatible with the following OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windws 7 (32bit Only)
  21. Endoran

    Endoran Well-Known Member

    Christ I'm so tired of programs that don't support 64-bit! It's been around for a long while now, at least 5 years. XP has a 64-bit version. Anyway, kies mini seems to be working on my desktop running windows 7 64. I didn't have any installation problems and it detects my phone with the correct firmware and everything. It's not in compatibility mode either nor do I use a virtual setup.
  22. Fate0n3

    Fate0n3 Well-Known Member

    So I wonder now that it looks like the only option is for firmware, how the USB tethering works with 2.2?
  23. La Luna

    La Luna Well-Known Member

    Finally, FINALLY got JH7 via Kies Mini. Been batting my head against a wall for the last 4 hours trying to get the regular Kies to work. Phone wouldn't connect, then would connect, then got various errors trying to update. What a buggy program. Finally remembered Kies Mini and BOOM, update installed in less than five minutes.

    What a nightmare this is. I never got a notification about JH7 on my phone either. I hope Froyo is easier than this was. :eek:

    Forgot to mention, using Windows 7 64bit
  24. odindra

    odindra Well-Known Member

  25. tobiass

    tobiass Member

    im running windows 7 64bit and it ran fine

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