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  1. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    That's the same message I got when I connected the Photon to the Droid Bionic lapdock. If will get that message with the Lapdock 500 because the Photon has yet to receive its update that will make all the features compatible with the Photon. Word has it that an update is coming. But I can't tell you how soon though.


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  2. menteth

    menteth New Member

    Just got the Lapdock 500 to use with my RAZR - very nice, but there are features available that go beyond what the phone itself offers and there is no manual in the box or online. I called Motorola and got nothing but the tiny five page booklet on how to make all to the necessary connections. Nowhere does it mention that a standard laser mose works with the Lapdock but it does. I put a 32GB card in the Lapdock, but am having trouble addressing it. Is there any source of info for those of us without a day to figure this thing out?
  3. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    Good question.

    I would have suggested to check out the Motorola forums but they recently changed their format and its so freaking confusing to find anything over there.

    I haven't been in there recently, but if I see something, I'll post it here.

  4. pfmdesigner

    pfmdesigner New Member

    Hi all, just got my Lapdock 500 as a way to Skype when I'm on the road. When I launch the app Skype continues to use my Razr's speaker rather than the lapdock. Does anyone know of a way to switch that?
  5. Jntheir

    Jntheir New Member

    Hello, I am new to this forum but I feel the need to give a review of the Lapdock 500 Pro by Motorola.

    Overall its a great device. :D

    The screen is great for video watching. I am currently watching Netflix as we speak. Only problem with Netflix is you can't watch it in full screen mode it keeps giving me an error saying that It can't connect to Netflix servers. Now this does not mean you can't watch it on a large scale.
    You have to launch Netflix from your Mobile View. So what you can do is hit the maximize window in the top right corner that will give you a large enough view (about 85% of full screen). The problem is if you then hit the full screen button in the bottom thats when you get the error. The only major difference is the white bar across the top of the screen(which is what shows you the apps that are open on your phone) the top and bottom of the mobile view window and the notification bar. Overall great experience.

    The Firefox browser is great I have no real complaints. If you have a browser app like Dolphin on your phone you can still use in but I recommend changing it to Desktop view otherwise it will appear blown up and hard to scroll. Also I had never used or even knew what two finger scrolling was but I love it and it works pretty well on the lapdock

    The keyboard is above average. The only problem that I see is the board pushes in a little when typing. Nothing that would cause any problems while typing but an observation none the less. But you never feel that its not a keyboard.

    Remember if you put a SD card in, that anytime you remove it you should unmount it first or you will keep getting an error message on your phone when you disconnect it from the dock.

    The track pad is not as bad as some people make it seem. the only real down side is that the far left, left click and far right, right click are not responsive and sort of feel like they are not attached to anything. If you are used to hitting the very edge of the right or left click buttons you will need learn to adjust. I just tap the actual track pad ,instead of right clicking.

    Overall like I said this is the best thing that could have happpened to a cell phone. Any questions let me know I will test almost anything out if I can.
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  6. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    First let me say...

    1-Welcome to the forums
    2-I'm jealous.


    Ok, here are my questions...
    1-Have you tried connecting the Lapdock 500 to an external monitor? Curious to know how that looks on a bigger screen.
    2-Have you tried connecting other usb devices to it, since it has two usb ports?
    3-Does the keyboard have any other additional keys?
    4-Pics if possible. :D

    Although, Moto is planning on giving the Photon a update that will make it more compatible with the 500, until then, one may get minor error messages here and there.

  7. etpsa

    etpsa New Member

    I'm wondering if the VGA out supports an extended screen (Show an application on lapdock screen and Firefox on the second (VGA out) screen) or does it only mirror what is on the lapdock display?

  8. dhendriksen

    dhendriksen New Member

    I was at the VZW Store today grabbing a new sim card for my XOOM and I noticed they had the Lapdock500 finally (I had almost given up it ever coming to market!) so I bought it. I am actually typing on it right now.

    The thing is great. I haven't had time to test many features yet, but today I will test what you're asking about. I'll hop in my board room and hook it up to the projector, then see what happens. I'm guessing it will just mirror my screen, but we'll see.

    Here's one thing that I can't figure out. How in the hell are people are making use of that dock/tray thing that is supposed to hold the phone? The stupid cord is so long that it just bunches up and makes it almost impossible to insert it as shown in the "instruction booklet". Right now I just have the phone sitting on my desktop, but that isn't going to work for when I'm sitting at the airport trying to use this on my lap. I'd love to see/hear how others are doing that.

    I'll post more feelings about it after I spend some time with it. So far I am impressed. It is much better than the lapdock that I had for my Bionic (although the "dock" for the Bionic was far superior to this stupid cord).
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  9. dhendriksen

    dhendriksen New Member

    I just tried out the VGA out. It doesn't support extended screen, it just mirrors the display. There is a button on the keyboard you press, the toggles the VGA display on/off. One press is shows on the lapdock AND the projector, a second press it doesn't show on the lapdock and ONLY shows on the projector, and a 3rd press turns the projector off and only displays on the lapdock.

    It also (as expected) adjusts the resolution on the lapdock to match the projector, or vice verse...whichever is lower.
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  10. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor Moderator

    I figured that was the case that it wouldn't support extended screens. :mad: Damnit Motorola.
    Then again, for my purposes, I would just need to mirror the screen (to use at work).

    Too bad that Motorola or a developer do it like what the iDisplay for Android does. Because that would be so sweet.

    I might just hit up Lokifish over at xda to maybe see if he can do something like this using Ubuntop [Webtop] mod in a future version.

    TS out
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  11. Boffy1

    Boffy1 Member

    Hi everyone, first-time poster...

    I currently have an HTC EVO with Sprint and I'm quite happy with the phone. However, I,was disappointed to learn that it is not likely to get the ICS update. That started me looking for options. Since I'm not in a huge hurry, I have the luxury of doing a lot of investigation.

    I am quite interested in the Motorola Photon that Sprint offers, however I will not make the switch until I know that it will get the ICS update sometime.

    In addition to changing phones, I also started looking at tablets. My wife surprised me with an iPad2 for Christmas, but I have yet to find a practical use for it other than its excellent web browsing capabilities. Now my wife has learned that her home-based business will be supported with an iPad app, so that is my excuse to return to Android....:). Hence the exploration of tablets. Anyway, all of this background info to say that I'm thinking this lapdock 500 pro with the Photon will be more to my liking, especially since it appears to give tablet functionality without an additional data plan. My iPad is wi-fi only, and while I would love the added web access that a cell connection would offer, I still don't see enough practicality to justify the expense of an additional line just for data.

    One use I have envisioned is access to AutoCAD drawings for editing on a tablet (I already do a little of this on my EVO, but obviously a larger screen would work better). The touchscreen capability of the traditional tablets would easily allow such editing. Do you think the touchpad/mouse of the lapdock would enable a similar capability?

    Ok now.... So sorry for the long-winded post. What I am after is some opinions on whether or not you think I am thinking this thru correctly, that the lapdock would be the equivalent of a tablet without the additional data plan. I do realize that there are some limitations such as no touchscreen and a more bulky item, but I don't mind those downsides so much. What other downsides do you see vs. true tablet? What advantages? Thanks for any input!
  12. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    The tablet comparison wouldn't be correct, since the Lapdocks (either the 100 or 500) are not touch enabled on the screen and you're limited to the touchpad/mouse.

    I guess the appropriate qualifying question would be, how are you at using AutoCAD on a laptop? The experience would be exactly the same. I should also preface that by mentioning I've never seen AutoCAD edits being done on an Android phone period, so in that regard, I'm actually surprised that you're able to do AutoCAD editing on the EVO, let alone an android phone. Now, it should also be mentioned that others have been successful at using a USB enabled mouse connected to the lapdock (without issues).

    The other qualifying statement should be made about the Lapdock 500 that I believe not all functionalities have been made "completely" compatible with the MoPho, so you may run into issues there.

    Hope this helps a 'bit.
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  13. Boffy1

    Boffy1 Member

    Yes I have taken note that there are functionality issues with other than a razr. I assume, as many others on here have, that there will be an update to address those issues at some point.

    Regarding AutoCAD on android, Autodesk has put out an app for both iPad and android that is similar to their drawing viewer software except that it allows some AutoCAD utility such as drawing lines, etc. and being able to measure objects. I use it mostly on return visits to a site I have worked on (I'm a land surveyor) to verify that the mapping has been drawn correctly and nothing is missing. I occasionally add objects or notes which I can then download back at the office to make corrections. Not real useful on the phone, but very useful on the iPad and surely on an android tablet as well.

    Having said all that, 90% of the time I would be using whatever I get (true tablet or this lapdock) to surf, read ebooks, or read/answer email. The plus for the lapdock (in my mind) is that I can have a 3G tablet-like experience without having to pay for another data line. It's not as "elegant" as a tablet, but it gets me that other piece of the puzzle -- cell connection without paying for another line.

    Incidentally I dropped by a local Verizon store today and they had the 100 on display. It is the first time I had seen one in person. Pretty neat stuff. I liked the keyboard feel, and the screen looks just like a netbook.

    Something else that I like vs. the iPad is the full-sized USB ports. For my needs, this is a great plus.

    If I go the tablet route, I'll be paying around $500 without cell connection. With the lapdock 500 pro I'll shell out $300 (at Verizon) plus another $50 for the Photon (Best Buy and Amazon price), and have a larger screen than the tablets.

    The big question: will I regret this choice and wish I had just bought the tablet in the first place???. That's the discussion I am interested in. Thanks for any opinions, good or bad.
  14. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    I'm holding out for 100% compatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500 PRO,as you probably are.

    The only other sticking that I can see at this point is if you'll be satisfied w/4G WIMAX.

    SPRINT has promised to maintain existing 4G WIMAX areas until 2015,if that helps in your decision.

    Also,in the meantime,if you haven't already,check out some videos of the HD DOCK that is available for the MO PHO,on YOU-TUBE & MOTO'S website. Some pretty cool stuff you can do w/it,plus,you can pick one up on the cheap on e-Bay.
  15. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Okay, I think I have a better idea of what you're trying to do as far as deciding between the lapdock vs. tablet. Out in the field, I think a tablet that allows for writing notes on the electronic copies of plans (via autoCAD related app) is actually ideal because it would be more portable, touch enabled (to zoom in and out). Downside is that, unless you root to gain hotspot capability (which we don't recommend or condone here), you're looking at a $29.99 per month fee to add the "hot spot" functionality on the Photon. It beats any of the tablet plans around and doesn't hold you captive to whatever limitations are on any of the tablet plans (via Sprint, Verizon, or any other provider that offers tablets w/ 3G/4g connectivity).

    That said, I believe the lapdock 500 would have more advantages for the 90% range of activities you'd have, especially composing emails. My Dad is actually an architect, but he's old school, so autoCAD is something I know of and heard of for modern architecture, but I'm more familiar with him having to go visually inspect work being done in the field and have full blown hand sketched plans that he'd carry around. If he were tech savvy, I would absolutely get him BOTH a tablet and a lapdock 500. I'd tell him to take his tablet with him when he goes walking through a job site because it'll be portable, he can open up plans, zoom into particular parts of the building he's inspecting for proper measurements, etc...Then, if he has any notes, just carry the accompanying stylus that'll allow him to draw notes on the electronic copy of the plans, and save as a new document on the tablet. Then after going over all his inspections, once he gets back to his car, I'd explain that he should just connect the tablet and Photon to the lapdock 500 via USB connector, identify the tablet as a USB drive, and send the notes to whoever he'd need to send to by attaching the files from the tablet.

    That's just how I'd imagine it would be ideal to have both. With the lapdock 500, carrying that thing around a job site and actually having to open it to view plans, and then also having to use a small mouse pad to zoom in and out (rather than a simple pinch to zoom in and out on a tablet or ipad)...just seems more cumbersome for that type of puprose.

    I have both a tablet and a Lapdock 100. And I have specific needs and purposeful uses of both. All the lapdock 100 really replaced for me was having to bring my laptop with me anytime I travel. It's much more portable and easier to use, simply because of it's capability of using the phone's data connectivity. My laptop has now become my dedicated PC at home and I'll never really have to take it on the road with me anywhere. The Tablet, I use at work. It's replaced having to use scrap paper to jot down notes during meetings. It's also enabled me to do research while in a meeting, without having to be disruptive with a keyboard.
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  16. Jntheir

    Jntheir New Member

    Wanted to follow up with a couple things that I have learned since getting my Lapdock 500

    Netflix --- I mentioned an error trying to watch in Fullscreen mode. It appears the error was becasue I was trying to go into Fullscreen after launching my movie. What you have to do is launch fullscrren before selecting play to watch your movie. Then you can truly enjoy true 99.9% Fullscreen mode(remember the Full screen button is in the bottom right corner of your mobile view window not to be confused with the "maximize" button in the top right corner.

    USB Mouse --- I have not tried a wireless mouse but I have used a wired mouse and it works great. I have a small retractable Inland model# 07049, mouse that I picked up at Micro Center for like 7.99. makes a world of difference. Dont forget you can change the sensitivity of the mouse by going in to the settings menu located in the top right corner of the screen next to the Gmail logo (its the "gear" icon). I highly recommend getting a mouse for times when you are sitting at a table or desk.

    Extra Keyboard buttons ---- twospirits asked about extra keys on the key board. There are a few extra buttons located around the perimeter of the keyboard. Starting from the top left corner and making our way clock wise around the perimeter. We have the 4 Android function keys that work with the mobile view; Menu, Home, Back & Search.Then you have the VGA on/off button which allows you to shift your screen to a full size monitor in mirror mode or just completely on the new monitor. Then we have buttons to adjust screen brightness, control music on your phone and volume controls w/mute. Music controls allow you to launch your music without actually going to your mobile view all played in the background. Not sure if it works with third party music players. Droid Razr owners should know that there are two stock music players Google's and Motorola's. The music keys surprisingly launches Googles player, which I prefer anyway. After the Print screen key there is a weird Phone key. I have no idea what that key is for becasue as of yet it does not do anything. I saw the Droid Razr Press Conference video where they hit it and claimed it was to rotate the mobile view screen. That is not true. Going down the right side we have Delete, Home, Page up and down (only helpful when using Firefox browser), End and navigation arrows. Making our way from bottom right to the left we have. Control, another Android Menu button (I like the placement here I use it often in Mobile view), Alt, Spacebar, Alt, another Android Search button, Function key and Control. Ending the circle we have your standard Shift, Caps Lock, Tab, and Squiggy(?).

    Good to note I uploaded a picture I took of the keyboard if successful I woul like to say that it was done from my Lapdock 500 and it was pull form my phones memory. So if anyone is not aware when your phone is connected you are able to upload from it just like you were going into "my computer" on a PC to get your data.

    Sorry for the late reply any more questions let me know.

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  17. Boffy1

    Boffy1 Member

    Thanks very much for the input. I also envision using the lapdock while traveling, it seems more practical for email than typing on the touchscreen, in addition to simpler access to files for email attachments.

    You have a great point about carrying around something while walking around. The tablet clearly wins that debate. My situation is typically a little different, however, because most of my work is outdoors on open sites and I have the hood of my truck to use as a desk (or sitting inside the truck with the A/C or heat on....). :).

    I'll be kicking this concept around for awhile, I'm certainly not in a hurry at this point, I'll continue to watch the comments here.
  18. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    If that's the case, I personally feel that the lapdock wins (either 100 or 500). The beauty of that is, you can get a laptop bag, put in a wireless usb mouse and it'd just be like using a PC at a desk (except no mouse pad, which in some cases is atually better for the infrared mice).
  19. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    Since you're not in a hurry,you may also want to take a look @ the upcoming ASUS PADFONE.

    I don't think it's even out yet,or,if/when available for North America,or,a specific carrier.

    A search of PHANDROID NEWS for the ASUS PADFONE should turn up a couple of video demos.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there,it's always good to have choices,and,a bit of competition,to keep progress moving along.

    From the looks,it appears it will offer similar functionality as the MOTOROLA LAPDOCK collection.
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  20. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

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  21. I stumbled across this forum yesterday while I was searching for a tablet/laptop solution.

    Boy am I glad I found this place! :D

    From what I have read here it looks like a Razr MAXX and the Lapdock 500 just may be what I have been searching for. Prior to this I have been leaning towards the ASUS EEE Transformer Prime. The negative points of it are that it is wifi only and costs ~$700 for the tablet and keyboard.

    With my Verizon discount it looks like I can get into the razr MAXX and a Lapdock for ~$650 and I get 4G!!

    I'll let you all know if (when?) I get the setup and my opinion after I have a chance to use it.
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  22. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide


    I just about switched to the MAXX myself yesterday.One of the things holding me back is the lack of VZW'S 4G LTE in my area,&the unlimited data that we enjoy w/SPRINT.
    (VZW is currently running their DATA SPECIAL once again,BTW)

    Is your discount w/VERIZON as a VERIZON employee,or,your employer discount elsewhere?
    Just curious,as I'm certain BEST BUY/AMAZON/RADIO SHACK will likely have better pricing,as the MAXX will become available to most retail outlets soon,but,as for the LAPDOCK 500 pricing,VERIZON does have the best pricing,currently $299.97

    Most here w/the LAPDOCK 500 are green w/envy :p;),as us PHOTON owners lack 100% combatibility w/the LAPDOCK 500.Just holding out hope for a future update to the latest WEBTOP version on our phones.

    So,if you find that there isn't too much activity here,that would explain it.Most of us here w/either LAPDOCK are also on @ https://forums.motorola.com

    Enjoy your MAXX & LAPDOCK & once again,WELCOME TO ANDROID FORUMS!
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  23. Thanks for the warm welcome!

    My discount is because of where I am in my contract. I can get one for $299. I stopped by a Verizon store yesterday and was able to play with a Razr MAXX.... SOLD! I had to order it. The thing is just so many MILES beyond my HTC Incredible that it is unbelievable! I was able to get in on the Verizon unlimited data plan when I got my Incredible a year ago December. I confirmed that upgrading to the Razr and 4G would NOT take me off of that program. I am happy to report that I still have unlimited data with the MAXX on 4G.

    The 500 Pro is in stock and available for immediate shipment but I decided to wait to buy it until I have my MAXX in hand. Verizon has a 14 day return policy on accessories, which is what the Lapdock is considered to be.

    Once I get both items and have had a chance to kick the tires and take them for a spin I will report back. :)
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  24. Boffy1

    Boffy1 Member

    Well, I made the plunge. Since the Photon was only $50 upgrade, I decided to try it out. After I got a chance to play with it, I noticed there was an update available. The documentation said the update was providing a lapdock compatibility update.

    I have ordered a lapdock 500 pro, should be here early next week. I'll let you know if the phone update resolved any of the compatibility issues that have been discussed here.

    Incidentally, I love the phone. It's a bit different than the Evo - not bad, just different. So far I haven't noticed a significant difference in battery life from my Evo. I did go ahead and order an extra battery and battery charger. From what I had been reading, I expected better battery life than the Evo.

    One huge difference from the Evo is speed. Web browser refreshes are WAY faster! another thing is power-off/on is much faster. Ever since the Gingerbread update on my Evo, it would take a good 3 - 4 minutes to restart if I shut it off to change the battery or something. Photon is up and running in about 1 minute.

    Well, anyway, enough about the phone, that doesn't belong in this thread...:)

    I haven't been able to jump on here much in the past few days, been pretty busy. When I get my lapdock I'll give a full compatibility report ASAP.
  25. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    From one former EVO owner to another, once you get familiar with the differences between Moto and HTC, you won't even miss the EVO at all!

    One thing to check out is the stock battery saving settings. Use those appropriately and you'll definitely notice the difference in battery life!

    Oh and if you purchased through Best Buy, be sure to get that $50 gift card promotion that's going on right now!

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